1. Frankie Fornacis

    Some flight suit decals from horizons are missing in odyssey, but still present on suits? (suit pirate decals)

    Right now in odyssey after I moved from Horizons my onion head pirate decal on my space suit/flight suit is still currently on my suit in Odyssey since I had it equipped in Horizons. It is the decal of the smiley face that represents pirates, and Onion Head. I noticed that the decals are no...
  2. Curtis R. Prophett

    Quad Elite and CQC Decals

    Suggestion: Please give CQC pilots the ability to display their CQC ranks with pride on their ships as decals. CQC remains the only rank without representation as decals, and it would be really nice have those ranks available for display in game, especially on fighters! There is also now a...
  3. Kyra Mystique

    MobiusXUS group members?

    Participating in the CG this week at Ross 310? Our wing is there fighting alongside the Natural Services faction in the Mobius private group. We're night owls, so we're usually on in the wee hours. Our wing is Snow Crash and can be found on both INARA and in the Xbone Clubs. Hope to see you...
  4. C

    Player group decals

    Sooo... i've got involved with the player group called Wolves of Jonai (which is a very friendly and helpfull group) on yt? He xbox and i see almost everyone with their logo as a decal. They explained to me that it was an event reward, but it was long before i joined them. Cmdr Kosmos (one of...
  5. Justinian Octavius

    Ships should have more decal slots and custom decal layouts

    Would be cool if larger ships, such as Condas & Cutters had more decal slots as I've basically run out of places to stick the ones I want to have on my ship! Also, it would be fab if there was different layouts, eg if you just wanted your Cobra to be one giant flying decal then you could select...
  6. RaSenche

    Can we get more Diverse Decal packs?

    Its been bugging me for a while that all my Favorite Decals are locked behind the Kickstarter backers. (Aspecially The Tiger Decal personally even if it isn't my favorite tiger pose) whilst it sucks i wasnt able to back at the time and personally wish id get another chance on some of them. I...
  7. F

    General / Off-Topic Artificial Intelligence

    Having recently read the archived DDF thread regarding contacts in Elite Dangerous, I've seen some comments regarding the realism of contacts in-game. Allen Stroud in particular has spoken about reducing the obviousness of the difference between NPC's and people communicating in-game. This has...
  8. A


    Is there room for any AI within the new game?
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