1. S

    General Odyssey Galactic Expedition Decal

    Hi Frontier, The majority of us in the Odyssey Galactic Expedition have returned to the bubble. It certainly was a journey to remember, and we were wondering if we could have a decal in game to do just that. It meant alot when you recognized us in super cruise news and the newsletter. I've...
  2. Richard Brannigan

    I have pre-Odyssey decals on my suit that I can't remove

    The decals that I put on my flight suit in the Holo Me configurator are still visible on my Odyssey suits. And now I can't take them off, because that config option in Holo Me isn't there anymore in Odyssey. And no, I have no decals selected in the suit config screen for Odyssey. Am I missing...
  3. von_der_breut

    decal adjustment please

    i love this decal on my anti-bugs ships, but the lower part of the blades of the swords should be white, instead of black, please fix it :p thanks
  4. Kailoren

    It's probably been requested already but we should be able to make our own decals

    I'm tired of not only seeing the same bland decals for my ships in the store but also having to pay for them in the first place. Why can't we have something in the way of the Forza vinyl group editor where CMDR's can make their own decals and save them for their ships? Obviously there would need...
  5. Spades Neil

    Decal pack suggestion - Playing Card Suits

    After all these years, there's still no way for me to slap a Spade emblem on my ships. This saddens me. Come on, you all know it'd be neat. A bit cliché but who cares! I want to put Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and even Joker emblems on my wings. Light and dark versions would be nice too...
  6. AL TARF

    Explorers nameplates

    Been surfing a new Frontier Shop today to find some cool stuff to decorate my exploration ship with, but found the choice of nameplates for this particular activity is still...quite disappointing. To begin with — there're very few of them. I believe there're 2 sets, one of which I have...
  7. F

    Another decal suggestion (inc. hazard symbols)

    Hello Okay, okay, I know some of these have come up before, but I have a few extras so... Could we get a decal pack(s) that contain some or all of the following (mostly globally recognised) symbols: Red Cross (white square, red cross) Green Cross (green sqaure, white cross) Recycling Triage...
  8. Curtis R. Prophett

    Quad Elite and CQC Decals

    Suggestion: Please give CQC pilots the ability to display their CQC ranks with pride on their ships as decals. CQC remains the only rank without representation as decals, and it would be really nice have those ranks available for display in game, especially on fighters! There is also now a...
  9. The-DemonWolf

    Beagle point and Livingston point decals!

    Hi everyone and fdev, O.o long story short I’m not sure if we have these or not. But I think we should be able to get decals for going to these points like the Hutton orbital decal. Just a cool suggestion I thought might work? if you Like the idea please support! It is a big accomplishment...
  10. A

    No more CG decals!

    No more CG decals! If you are proud about your achievements and want to show off all hard earned decals on the ship there is just no way due to the limit of decals possible on the ship. I'd rather like to see CG badges on my cmdr suit. Maybe similar or slightly different to the ones they used...
  11. Kyra Mystique

    MobiusXUS group members?

    Participating in the CG this week at Ross 310? Our wing is there fighting alongside the Natural Services faction in the Mobius private group. We're night owls, so we're usually on in the wee hours. Our wing is Snow Crash and can be found on both INARA and in the Xbone Clubs. Hope to see you...
  12. CMDR Vic

    PS4: Buy Cosmetics WITHOUT Frontier Points

    I don't know how to start this so I'm just going to go right into it. On PS4 (and, assuming, similar on Xbox One), it's gimmicky and irritating that we have to PURCHASE a PACKAGE of Frontier Points, so that we can then PURCHASE COSMETICS from the Frontier store. I, myself, feel like I would be...
  13. F

    Decals / Logos

    I have enjoyed watching the Educating Ed series. There were a number of groups he met with and he indicated there are many more as well. Can you look into a way to add decals for various groups other than the standard ones already present, so that players who align with a specific faction...
  14. Justinian Octavius

    Ships should have more decal slots and custom decal layouts

    Would be cool if larger ships, such as Condas & Cutters had more decal slots as I've basically run out of places to stick the ones I want to have on my ship! Also, it would be fab if there was different layouts, eg if you just wanted your Cobra to be one giant flying decal then you could select...
  15. W

    Advanced Livery as a future purchasable item

    As title suggests, as a purchasable item, i would really like an Advanced Livery where i can move or rotate the Decals, re-colour any already purchasable paint-packs, etc. An example would be the pirate paints, i would be able to make the black bits yellow and the the skull decal chrome or black...
  16. RaSenche

    Can we get more Diverse Decal packs?

    Its been bugging me for a while that all my Favorite Decals are locked behind the Kickstarter backers. (Aspecially The Tiger Decal personally even if it isn't my favorite tiger pose) whilst it sucks i wasnt able to back at the time and personally wish id get another chance on some of them. I...
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