1. Pixelated Sparkster

    Buildings & Attractions Could we please increase the area of effect of the Advanced Storm Station?

    Very rarely do I ever use the advanced storm station in the game. It was introduced in the secrets of Dr.Wu DLC as an exclusive building. I never did like it because despite the near perfect protection it provides, it barely does protect the buildings around it as the radius would affect very...
  2. CMDR Zayn Till

    Operation IDA - Chapter 2 (OP-IDA Needs You!)

    Operation IDA: All Star-Port Repairs in The Pleiades are Complete. As of this morning, Copernicus Observatory in Asterope is back online after being repaired this past Monday. This means that repairs to ALL stations attacked in The Pleiades are now complete. The Totals: 17 stations including 3...
  3. T

    General Gameplay Slight Weather Revamp

    Wind could cause trees to rustle and cause waves in the water. Right now all we can create it stagnant ponds. Different levels of winds, like a light breeze or a strong wind, could cause light ripples or strong waves in our ponds and lakes. They would have similar effects on the trees. They...
  4. shrav

    The start of the war - MIR

    I have just received word that there have been more attacks. My heart goes out to the lives lost in Bhal and Nauni. I hope they will receive the same support we have in speedy evacuations. This guerilla warfare style hit and run tactic aims to keep us occupied and unaware. A bigger threat than...
  5. D

    New to frontier, played for a while on steam.

    Hi Cmdrs, this forum is a bit overwhelming for newcomers so apologies if this is not in the right section. I'm a fairly average player who's got 800 and odd hours under the belt most of it just doing my own thing and not really worrying about rep and making money so I still have plenty to learn...
  6. W

    Anaconda managed to out-maneuvre my Vulture???

    I'm kind of puzzled right now. For some reason, Federal Dropships and Anacondas always manage to out-maneuvre my Vulture. I have no problems with ASPs or Pythons, and other agile ships such as the viper. My strategy is to stick as close to them as possible while staying out of their line of...
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