1. yoav_r

    In-game generated zoo map like ZT2

    In zoo tycoon the game could generate a zoo map based on paths, facilities and barriers, and I think it would be an awesome feature for PZ.
  2. Pixelated Sparkster

    So the attention to sound detail is mind boggling. (This game is better with headphones)

    It goes without saying that JWE has some great sound effects, but it is really astounding how much detail goes into the sound alone. I play on the PS4 and would normally hear the game from the TV. Only recently have I started to use headphones to play PS4 games such as Tetris Effect, I also...
  3. Pontus Frykter

    I've made a redesign of the game launcher

    Hello, Commanders! As the title says, I've made a redesign of the game launcher... I've tried to bring the design as close to the game interface as possible (along with the beautifullness I hope). I hope that you will enjoy my vision! ^_^ Fly safe! 07
  4. D

    Lack of features

    I recently got the game and yes it's amazing but I feel it lacks a lot compared to RCT3 shops designs are horrible, staff rooms are horrible I get you can customise them but if you want something quick it's not the case. Rollercoasters are also crappy in terms of features I think in every RCT...
  5. Old Duck

    Ship Shape - Round or Square?

    I have another fiction verses reality question for the experts. Rockets are round and aerodynamic, and I understand why, but would a ship designed and constructed IN space be better served by a square / rectangular hull? Two things come to mind when I think of this. First, constructing anything...
  6. Dutchie

    Parks Seven Seas: Exploring the Germany Pavilion

    Welcome to the Germany Pavilion! Walking underneath the Brandenburg Gate, visitors are treated to a vista of German architecture. None of the buildings are exact replicas, but they are based on recognisable landmarks... ...and each structure helps to recreate that typical German...
  7. Kailoren

    It's probably been requested already but we should be able to make our own decals

    I'm tired of not only seeing the same bland decals for my ships in the store but also having to pay for them in the first place. Why can't we have something in the way of the Forza vinyl group editor where CMDR's can make their own decals and save them for their ships? Obviously there would need...
  8. Werewolf13

    Well - that was - Uhmmm - Exciting...

    ... and quite possibly the most fun I've ever had playing ED. Better even than when 2 Cobras piloted by CMDR's jumped me. Anyway - out of the clear blue sky (I didn't search on the topic) YOUTUBE recommended a video about how to do FED/EMPIRE ranking - fast, real fast. I was in the business at...
  9. Shinji Ikari


    Why did the ADS have to go for the FSS to come here? Could we keep them both and avoid all this controversy? What balance or gameplay reason justifies this decision?
  10. Kigre

    I give up on distress calls.

    They should be called bandit calls. The last three, whole days of playing, the one distress call where there were no enemies, i fixed him up, he said nothing then he left. Not dropping a single thing. So completely and utterly SICK of having enemies on me for EVERY. SINGLE. LITTLE. THING. I...
  11. Y

    3.2 Patch Feedback - Transport Missions

    The 3.2 patch has introduced a change to the way that basic transportation missions operate. Instead of selecting a mission and having the station computer automatically load cargo to your ship, it is now necessary, once you have accepted the delivery contract, to manually select and load the...
  12. Thebadmf

    Greg Street Interview A good interview with the former wow class designer and current league of legends Design Director. The whole interview is interesting but I’d like to discuss his thoughts on engaging with the community (13:45) and how it relates to Frontier. Personally I feel FD...
  13. Yamiks

    [video] The GRIND : how to make good gameplay bad

    < Video removed due to Swearing > ...ok Here's a link if you wish to watch it then : LINK
  14. D0lphin

    Quality of Life: When Themes and Mechanics Collide

    JWE has clearly had a lot of love poured into it to make it operate the way it does. The attention to detail is impressive in every respect. Jurassic Park was the reason I started drawing, and later started modeling in 3D. It's my favourite film, and in a roundabout way, it got me into the games...
  15. CaptainCaboose

    Quality of Life improvement

    Downloaded the game yesterday, started playing and after 6 hours, had to peel myself away from it at 1am so I could get a few hours sleep before work. 4.9 stars on the first island, just need more dinos to make the crowds happy. I'm having a really good time with the game, excited for the next...
  16. Camisade

    Silly GalNet Article "Aegis Responds to Concern over Thargoid Incursions"

    So the GalNet Article today seemed to be yet another attempt to "further" the sadly underbaked Thargoid-invasion bolt-on narrative. If somehow you missed it, you can read it here. In the article, one anxious Councillor, Rasmus Tseng, does some dramatic hand wringing, finishing his quote with...
  17. B

    The contract UI is slowly killing me - Anyone else feel the same?

    I have developed a real hatred for how the Elite Dangerous UI handles claiming the rewards for completed contracts. For the most part, the UI for Elite Dangerous is really well designed and intuitive. And because of this, I don't understand how frontier can miss this crucial design flaw. When...
  18. Qohen Leth

    Grand Tour wallpaper + printable poster

    Greetings Cmdrs, I've mocked up this advert for Sagittarius Eye a few weeks ago, and I thought it would make a cool poster and a nice wallpaper. It's totally "inspired" from NASA's "Grand Tour" poster from the Visions Of The Future series :) Print files are A3 format (29,7 x 42cm)...
  19. V

    Lack of scaling in Elite Dangerous

    Hello commanders, While I have nearly 600 hours clocked into the game and while I have always silently watched the forums for a couple of years I finally decided to reach for the keyboard myself and write about my experiences with Elite because I can finally say that I can now bring a well...
  20. Justinian Octavius

    Ships should have more decal slots and custom decal layouts

    Would be cool if larger ships, such as Condas & Cutters had more decal slots as I've basically run out of places to stick the ones I want to have on my ship! Also, it would be fab if there was different layouts, eg if you just wanted your Cobra to be one giant flying decal then you could select...
  21. O

    One Limpet One Controller. Programmable Limpets.

    Limpets are one of the few ways Cmdrs have of directly interacting with other ships, whether NPC or player, and have the potential to make for interesting interactions (e.g. the Fuel Rats!) but limpet controllers are strangely specialized. Controllers all use the same limpets, but demand their...
  22. Bingo Brewster

    What is the Elite logo?

    What is the Elite logo? I always assumed it represented a phoenix, but looking at the 3d versions that are out there now, I'm not so sure. :S Probably I'm the only one who doesn't know and will look a right dumbatz crank for posting this. :p UPDATE: In the real world (this one) the Elite...
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