1. Daniel Klimchuk

    Escape Pod Ejection

    Greetings Commanders! Currently, if your ship is destroyed, you get ejected in an escape pod into outer space - but instantly get respawned at a station or detention centre. I think that it would be more realistic and immersive if you got ejected and had to stay in your pod until someone...
  2. Mjmannella

    Unpopular Opinion: I Hate the Fact the Rangers are Destructable now

    I genuinely enjoyed being able to manage my park duties in peace without having to worry about the food refiller not busting on me. Now I do, and I'm going to hate it. I hope it's only limited to certain vehicles, and not a universal change.
  3. O

    Capital Ships MUST Be able to be DESTROYED

    Capital Ships must actually be capable of being Destroyed/Blown Up. We as Players, are no longer mislead to believe that you can kill a Power-Play Boss. We get it, you don't want to have to actually change Characters upon the movement of the Galaxy by the players of Elite Dangerous. Even though...
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