1. A

    Better trade system

    Dear Frontier, For God's sake, please fix the current trading system! I pick up 3-4 trade missions, I go to pick up cargo, then go back to the original system, and I'm interdicted immediately. Which is OK, but as soon as I evade, there's the next pirate. I counted 11 interdiction...
  2. R

    Rework Crime and Punishment

    Yeah, crime and punishment needs some serious rework. The fact that in case you loose your ship you get treated equally and are send to a detention facility, no matter if you got a 5 million credits bounty on your head or just a laughable 200 cr fine - that's just stupid and ridiculous. After...
  3. andrak

    Game Moved Me to Detention Ship for No Reason

    I logged out in an orbital station after having a mission that just would not complete. It kept giving a transaction error when trying to hand it in. When I log back in I'm in a detention megaship with no fuel scoop and now a considerable set of jumps to get back to my base of operations...
  4. Barking_Mad

    Idea - Black Markets & Smuggling

    I thought it would be nice if a) smuggling had a little more depth and b) players had the ability to create black markets. After a collision of brain cells I came up with the following non-fully thought out ideas. Any suggestions or comments welcome - I’m sure there’s plenty sticking points I’ve...
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