1. Lancer_206

    [INDEPENDENT] Dijkstra PLC

    Dijkstra PLC [DPLC] is a PS4 squadron who specialises in the BGS aswell as Mentoring. DPLC offers our services to other factions who are struggling with their own BGS work. If you are interested in joining our Squadron follow this Inara Link. This link has details on how to join and links to...
  2. Lancer_206

    Dijkstra PLC Squadron is looking for more members

    Hello fellow CMDR's. Dijkstra PLC is currently looking for cmdrs to join their ranks. We have a faction ingame with a good amount of systems under our control which is supported by our squadron! DPLC specialises in the Background Simulation (BGS) and mentoring new or less experienced CMDR's...
  3. Lancer_206

    Dijkstra PLC is recruiting ps4 players

    Hello and thank you for opening this post. We at Dijkstra PLC are currently looking for more ps4 members to join our Faction and squadron! We are a group of players who are friendly, dedicated and generally have a laugh whilst playing for our PMF. We have members mainly from the UK, US and CA...
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