1. S

    Skin revamp/new

    What if in addition to or making new skins, old skins are given another look at? And I'm not requesting or suggesting a complete overhaul of one or all skins. But taking a few and enhancing them in little ways. Like adding banding on a tail in a brighter contrasting color or patches over the...
  2. Pixelated Sparkster

    Dinosaurs The dreadnoughtus needs to be scaled up

    I was holding off of this idea as I thought I was being nitpicky, but after some time and thought, I think we need to have the dreadnoughtus scaled up. One reason why I waited to fully commit to the idea was because the size of a large sauropod would be too much for the game to handle. Mainly...
  3. Castaway1

    Completed Castaway's creations

    Hey ! So this thread is where I'll post all my creations and packs. Jurassic Pack Ancient Egypt Pack Adventure Pack I'll try to make a Entertainers/mascots pack [happy]
  4. A

    Dino wishlist

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to publish this, but anyway I'm gonna do it. Here's a "short" list of dinos that I would love to see in the future: Liliensternus Herrerasaurus Siamosaurus Ichthyovenator Yangchuanosaurus Kileskus Therizinosaurus Riojasaurus Atlasaurus Amargasaurus...
  5. M

    the therinzinosaurus and dilophodaurus hybrid

    Lets be real, the zino is the most disserving to be in the game(although if going with the design from the other game please change the head). But if there is going to be another hybrid, how about it being a zino and dilopho hybrid? sure, the zino mainly ate plants AND BUG, but how about this...
  6. N

    Size Changes Proposal (Also, Size Chart of Every Dinosaur in Game)

    I posted this over on the JWE subreddit, and people said I should cross-post it here too. So, here we go. Whooooboy. Prepare for a long read. Devs at Frontier, this one's for you guys. As we all know, the community isn't particularly satisfied with the sizing of some of the dinosaurs in game...
  7. JonathanBurnage

    Meanwhile, over at Frontier HQ...

    https://youtu.be/G7MDrUG4cws Skip to 34:30 for the action. There’s even dinosaurs involved...
  8. The-DemonWolf

    Dinosaur bobble heads !

    I saw this https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/422879333384847381/437734282878779392/dinos.jpg A fellow commander posted this. Jurassic world is coming out and stuff and now I really want Dino bobble heads on my ship dashboard for elite! We need these :D Please help make this a reality !
  9. loopedchris

    Dinosaur Computer Tracking

    I very much would love a system where you can see where the dinosaurs are at any given moment via a map. It could even have a search function! This feature could also let you know when an animal is missing or even have faults and cause problems! This idea is taken from the novel of Jurassic...
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