1. TransTechGirl

    [INDEPENDENT] Independence Separatist Fleet: Mercenaries Wanted

    "A new player has entered the game" Do you play regularly? Looking for a small group of UK based players? Enjoy mercenary work? If you answered yes to the the above then the Independence Separatist Fleet could be for you. We are a dedicated group of UK based players who specialise in...
  2. S

    [INDEPENDENT] [RFMZ] The Resonance Fleet are recruiting!

    RESONANCE FLEET Who are we? The Resonance Fleet is an independent squadron based in the Mazahuanses system. We were founded almost a year ago and since then we have recruited a good deal of great CMDRs and fantastic people. We continuously strive to improve how we function so that all our...
  3. FatalSuperior

    [INDEPENDENT] --GreyBeard Delta Squadron-- -OV40- Are you looking for a more experienced.. more adult..PS4 CMDR squad? Look no further.

    We are a predominately over 40’s group of commanders from all over the Earth who have come together to enjoy the Elite Dangerous universe to enjoy all aspects of the game. We are a PvE focused PS4 squadron and invite and encourage newer players to join as we have a wealth of experience to...
  4. S

    Looking for discord active player!!

    Hi, We are a large squad but we are looking for more discord active players. The Bright star dominion has about 20 to 30 player online most evening, but only few on discord, we would like to get a few more discord active players to have more social activities. If you are looking for a place to...
  5. MagicD3VIL

    [ALLIANCE] Alliance Pilots Enforcer Corps is now recruiting enforcers

    Who are we? Alliance Pilots Enforcer Corps (APEC) has been born on June 11th of year 3305 after the rising threat of pirates and anarchistic powers, which often made visitors and even native pilots feel unsafe in many systems under Alliance power. For this new corporation, a leading team...
  6. Zaxoosh

    New group (EMCT Cats)

    Hi guys, last night I had a great idea, 'what if we setup a new ED group', so I did lol! Here we go: We greet with 'meow' We travel solo or in packs We explore We mine We are trained in combat We know trade, We are the EMCT Cat The back story of how the elite cats meet is on the discord...
  7. R

    Planet Zoo - deutschsprachiger Community Discord

    Planet Zoo - deutschsprachiger Community Discord Discord: https://discord.gg/ynKQvQ7 Wir bieten der deutschsprachigen Community eine Plattform, um neue Mitspieler zu finden euch mit neuen Informationen über Planet Zoo , zu versorgen Tipps und Guides, die euch das Leben in Planet Zoo...
  8. SpyTec

    Community-run subreddit and Discord

    Hi all! We got the r/PlanetZoo subreddit up and running, as well as the r/PlanetZoo Discord! The subreddit itself is moderated by a mix of r/jurassicworldevo and r/EliteDangerous mods. Whereas the Discord is moderated by several mods from Elite Dangerous Community Discord and Jurassic World...
  9. IamNickMan

    [ALLIANCE] Flat Galaxy Society Searches for New Believers

    About Flat Galaxy Society Flat Galaxy Society was founded by war-weary and politically savvy Commanders who wanted to change galactic politics in the core bubble. The search for a suitable system was long and hard but we finally settled on HR 2926. Most of the founding Commanders were Alliance...
  10. MAD-7

    Guide / Tutorial The Danger Zone Galactic Archive

    The Danger Zone Galactic Archive Designed to be the one stop consolidated information library for Elite Dangerous. For the new Commander in search of Where to go, and What to do when you get there, and for the Veteran that may need a bit of reminder. The Archive consists of an A - Z library of...
  11. Swizzy o7o7

    PvP The Bug Exploiting of FleetComm.

    Blocking Exploit in Elite: Dangerous Links to evidence below. All reference to names have been covered to prevent naming and shaming. I recently made a post referring to the current block exploit circulating in Elite: Dangerous, on the Frontier Forums. It was immediately brigaded by members of...
  12. MAD-7

    Guide / Tutorial Danger Zone Reference Library

    The Danger Zone Galactic Archive Designed to be the one stop consolidated information library for Elite Dangerous. For the new Commander in search of Where to go, and What to do when you get there, and for the Veteran that may need a bit of reminder. The Archive consists of an A - Z library of...
  13. MAD-7

    Danger Zone - Elite Dangerous Discord Reference Library

    New CMDR's and Veterans alike. For all things Elite and Dangerous in the galaxy, refer to the one stop consolidation library for Elite Dangerous. Danger Zone A-Z categorized library of reference material. Material gathering sites, Thargoids, Guardians, News & Updates, expeditions, engineering...
  14. ScolioTheMost

    Independent Raxxla Hunters!

    Hey all, I created a simple discord just for all the Independent Raxxla Hunters out there. We can at very least keep ourselves from going insane in the void. No membership required we are not an organization We are not affiliated with any organization or faction All are welcome...
  15. Bazinga!

    PvP League Season 4

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls! We are proud to announce that Season 4 of the PvP League is upon us, organised by the community for the community. For people who don't know what the PvP league is, it is a tournament where groups participate to prove themselves and show off their skills...
  16. D

    Discord rich presence

    I've been thinking about discord's rich presence, then realized elite doesn't have integration with that. This is a missed opportunity since there are many large thriving elite discord servers and the potential usefulness of rich presence would be awesome. Think about it, being able to see if...
  17. Koniglet

    The BIT-D reports its first large scale success and opens its doors to new members

    Brosnatch Imperial Transportation Department A short-lasting conflict between the Caledo Network and the Caledo Progressive Party had come to an end, and workers across the Imperial star system of Caledo were just beginning with repairs when a new threat hit the already weakened system...
  18. Justinian Octavius

    Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Official Zemina Torval Powerplay Group Discord

    Official Zemina Torval Group Discord https://discord.gg/01208H0qcjUPFPbm6 The official Zemina Torval Powerplay Group is on discord and this is where we coordinate supporters' actions & socialise. Thus, if you are interested in learning more about the Empire's Trading & Mining Power than...
  19. K

    Federal Democratic Command, looking for new members

    The Federal Democratic Command is looking for new members to join its ranks. If you're interested in a casual group with an active discord and even a few people who use a microphone come check us out. Our Inara Page: https://inara.cz/wing/2575/ Chuck in a request and while you wait for your...
  20. DestAngel

    Живое общение (Discord, Teamspeak)

    Живое общение (Discord, Teamspeak) Во первых всем здравствуйте. Кратко и по сути. Есть ли у кого информация о коллективах, группах, сообществах, в всем известным программах (указанных в заголовке)? Ибо, ну устал искать, а это всё-таки живой... но космос. Большинство согласится что Элитка это -...
  21. J

    The Feros Initiative recruiting

    Founded in 3304, the Feros Initiative is a organization, created to send scientists, explorers, and colonists on a expedition to find a suitable system for the Feros corporation. With powerful benefactors lending their support, the organization is in its starter stage and is mainly recruiting...
  22. Orbitalai

    E:D and Discord overlay

    I heard many say that its not good supported for ED. Does anyone knows if it has changed with latest Discord version and when running from Steam?
  23. AEterna426

    Ogólnopolski serwer discordowy poświęcony grze Elite Dangerous zaprasza!

    Serdecznie zapraszamy na jeden z największych polskich serwerów discordowych poświęcony w całości grze Elite Dangerous o nazwie: Elite Dangerous Polska. Opis serwera: Przeznaczony jest głównie dla naszych rodaków mieszkających zarówno w Polsce jak i poza jej granicami. Obowiązującym...
  24. OneViGOR

    General / Off-Topic Dr. Braben

    According to a recent tweet, David Braben has received an honorary doctorate! Congratulations, Doctor David Braben!
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