1. The Black Pearl

    How to claim a star?

    So I came across a system while exploring and noticed the first explorer missed two stars. I've scoured the web searching for a way to claim them all i find is using a DSS in a planet and turning in the data first, claims a planet. Yet unless my games broke, the DSS doesn't work in stars. I flew...
  2. CMDR Texas Stu

    Engine noise too loud when SFX high enough to hear ships/USS audio notifications (HoH)

    Greetings! Backstory: I'm an aging commander who was complaining about no audio notification for USS ('Discovered new signal source' in supercruise) BEFORE finding out that at ~30% SFX volume (options>audio on PC) I simply cannot hear them over ambient/engine noise. Turning up percentage to...
  3. D

    Is 2nd island bugged ?

    HI all ! I've been paying this great game for 2 days now and love it ! However I wanted to ask 2 questions, since I have noclue if it's how it meant to be, or is my game bugged. 1. On the 2nd Island once my finances reach to $5,122,317 money froze, literally I got unlimited tons of $$$ I am...
  4. M

    Could we keep original "First Discovered by" names when system is finally settled?

    I (Rovaniemi Koivula my main CMDR) happened to stumble on a system named Omega Sector VE-Q B5-15 on my way back from Colonia to Bubble (when taking part to that Colonia expansion CG to try and get my corporation there). It looked such lovely system in just lovely place nicely between bubble and...
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