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  1. Qohen Leth

    [DW2] Post-Expedition | Final Fleet Numbers & Infographics

    LINK Alright, so this is it. Last entry in the long, long Distant Worlds 2 story (more than 600 days for me!) Following the closure of the official arrival timeframe I've crunched a few numbers to compare the arrived fleet to the departure fleet; and took the opportunity to cook a nice...
  2. derLichtkrieger

    The Great Return: The Voyager Route (PS4)

    After finishing DW2, the time came to decide which route to take home... The DW2 organisation team started a survey to determine which of the return routes was the most popular. The explorers voted for a route parallel to that of DW2 with a detour to Colonia. The Voyager route was voted second...
  3. CMDR Rusty Dog

    Hearts and Brains (video)

    Hi everyone. Just came across these stickly critters in the rings of a planet somewhere near Sag A*. Very impressive looking !
  4. dreampage

    [Video] Distant Worlds 2 In Pictures

    Commanders, I present to you the video I wanted to create for a long time. It's a photo collection from my Distant Worlds 2 journey (Xbox One) but everyone can enjoy it outside of the expedition as well. I hope you like it. Fly safe. o7
  5. Witzo

    Group jump-out from Beagle Point, Legacy Crater, dd. 19 May 3305.

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiaRuWyGiU0
  6. Allcrowsareblack

    The Great Return - A PS4 Initiative

    Sign-Up Now Open through EDSM: https://www.edsm.net/en/expeditions/summary/id/69/name/The+Great+Return+%28PS4%29 Cobra Mk. III asset created by Qohen leth (edited by Allcrowsareblack) PS4 Commanders! We asked the fleet of CMDRs currently out and around Beagle Point recently what you were...
  7. Qohen Leth

    The FLEET POSTER is out! You didn't think I could fit 13,600 ships in one image, did you?

    And yet! It fits! You just have to push harder hon. The image is 8K @72ppi, so not exactly print-ready but heh, you might try it, it just won't be large as a wall. Makes for a nice wallpaper though. Click on the image below for the full picture!
  8. V

    Akko's Mug

    Hello dear Fdev! I got a story about a guy namedAkko_Rishtar who delivered mugs to all who wanted them on PS4 DW2 from WP2 to WP8-9 And we are a lot of people on PSN who would love to get a Beacon(near our WP7-8) out for him. I got a mug at WP2 died at WP3, got a new mug on WP7 and got stuck at...
  9. Qohen Leth

    [New!] Post-event printable poster "Roadie"

    In preparation since late 3304... Had to wait until now to finish it :) Inspired by a John Baizley tour poster for the band Baroness, spotted in an episode of the show "Limitless"... Click on the picture below to download the full print file (13MB).
  10. MAD DOG MacD

    Early Arrivals at Beagle Point

    I'm receiving a lot of conflicting information in regards to a few of us whom have managed to make to Beagle Point. I was on my way back when I was told by a few CMDR's that they are going to announce an "Arrival Thread" in which to post a picture of you in system before you head back. I'm...
  11. Arbitration

    Season Two of the Broadcast Cobra Podcast!

    Hello Commanders! Season Two of Broadcast Cobra kicked off on our anniversary date, April 1st. We hope to bring you regular monthly updates through out 3305 and beyond! You can always find our latest episode here. Advisory: Broadcast Cobra is intended for mature audiences only. CMDRs...
  12. Livestream Distant Worlds 2 - The journey so far

    Hello Commanders, Join Paige and Sally this week as they take a look back at the Distant Worlds 2 expedition so far with the help of Dr. Kaii, AllCrowsAreBlack and WillTRiker. See you there! Livestream details Topic – Distant Worlds 2 so far - with Paige and Sally Date – 28 March 2019 Time –...
  13. CDR_WillTRiker

    DW2 PS Edition - Racing League

    Link: Logo by Qohen Leth (original concept by Hi-Ban) with assets borrowed from Frontier Developments PLC Animated by Placyde Welcome Commander! Are you seeking an adrenaline rush? Are you not sure how to explore the galaxy? Or do you just have an SLF with you and don't know what...
  14. ThatMykl

    Distant Radio 3305 - the dedicated Distant Worlds radio station

    LINK Greetings, commanders! This is Distant Radio 3305 - Making waves as you make history! "Broadcasting from secret locations all over the galaxy, we will be your invisible companions so you will never truly be alone". Launch date and time: December 28, 2018 - 20:00 IGT Click here to...
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