1. C

    Discussion Rate my setup! Spaceship Control Panel: DIY USB Controller

    First of all, sorry if this is the wrong forum subsection, I found this one to be the most "fitting". Since my posting in the Facebook group got an overwhelming response, I thought I'd post my new build to the forums as well. The perfect addition for my ED setup, ready to go for the next Season...
  2. Atlan Dragnir

    Discussion DIY Control Panel for XBox One

    Hi I would like to build a control panel that also works on the xbox but unfortunately it doesn't work. I play elite with the T Flight HOTAS One and would like to build my control panel on the basis of a simple XBox controller but the game does not accept the input of a controller. It would be...
  3. Archvillain

    Community Event / Creation Custom Warthog HOTAS face-plate panels; laser-cut label your own controls

    If you're interested in a customized panel / face-plate for the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS Throttle, labelled with your own controls and using the Warthog back-lighting (as seen below) then keep reading; I stopped procrastinating about requests to make my Warthog laser-cutting/etching template...
  4. Brigetiol1

    Community Event / Creation Uncle Brigetiol's DIY Playground. Tips,Tricks and Unicorns

    Hi, I've learned a lot, since I play Elite. There are lots of small things, which can improve the gaming experience. I really enjoyed to discover all this, and was thinking a lot about sharing them. But what is better: to make a good Chili con carne for my friends, or teach them, how to make...
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