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  1. NestieBot

    The Game Needs more Dinosaurs

    Well with so many Mods of Omeisaurus, Sinraptor and Gorgosaurus replacing the Game Dinosaurs with Modded Dinosaurs, i think that would be cheating. so JWE needs more DLC Dinosaurs with proper Dinosaurs! Here is a List of Dinosaurs: Hadrosaur Dinosaur Pack: Shantungosaurus Charonosaurus...
  2. T

    Utahraptor concept art

    This is an old piece I had started that was my attempt at drawing a Utahraptor as I would like for it to appear in JWE, the ultimate goal being to keep it within the JP/JW style while making it more scientifically accurate compared to Velociraptor and Deinonychus which are obviously very far off...
  3. S

    Sea-Life Center DLC

    I know it's a bit of a long shot but a thought I had was that as a UK company, you could help spread the word of the conservation efforts of the Sea-Life center by teaming up on a DLC. Not only would it satisfy people's want for aquatic animals and scenery, but it would also limit the animals...
  4. B

    My own thoughts on the next big DLC

    Over these last few weeks/months I have seen a lot of attention drawn toward some things we're specifically missing. Things that, in my own opinion, are more of a "when they're coming" than a "if they're coming". These things being: Jurassic world decor, New JW-based skins/models(namely...
  5. hayleymills

    More Career scenarios, or allow players to make scenarios!

    Am I the only one who thinks the career levels are like, the best part of the game? It's the only mode where it feels truly like a zoo game, and not just a complicated box of creative tools. "Fix an abusive and shabby looking zoo, and turn it into a sanctuary!" "Take this limited space and...
  6. S

    Coaster in zoo, what you think?

    I know there is planet coaster to make an awesome park about attraction, but for me, normally in a big zoo. There’s every time a little section for a little water park and/or a little attraction park inside of a zoo. So I am asking if you have considering about add maybe water thing or like 1 or...
  7. G

    Dinosaurs "Site B Dinosaur skins" Designs based on behind the scenes of The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III

    Return to Jurassic Park gives seven dinosaur species legacy skins from the three Jurassic Park trilogy films. These skins, at least most of the primary ones and the alternate 1997 Rex skin, are based on what audiences world wide who've seen the movies will immediately recognize them by based on...
  8. P

    Animals in DLC Packs

    I will spend hundreds of dollars on this game if you put more animals in the packs. PLEASE.
  9. G

    Dinosaurs Buildings & Attractions “Carnivore Interactive Meat Feeder” idea

    I was just thinking about a small, simple concept for feeder / purposeful interact-able enrichment for your “smart carnivores”. The title says it all, inspired by the Indoraptor’s feeding animation sequence from Ludia’s mobile app game, Jurassic World: The Game. When you unlock the Indoraptor...
  10. R

    Future DLC, animals and features

    Hello Planet Zoo-fans, I have come to a list of ideas for future DLC-packs, but just animals we really need. Including animals and other features. If someone call add some ideas, would be great! Yes, I'm Dutch so I wrote the translation beside and sorry for some bad English. Please tell me what...
  11. G

    Dinosaurs Carnotaurus Camouflage, as a big DLC exclusive feature

    I truly never ever thought I would be suggesting this but, perhaps it would be cool if the Carnotaurus gets some kind of camouflage ability gene from a big DLC as a special rewarding feature. You see, Frontier Developments confirmed elsewhere to strive to provide the best Jurassic World...
  12. hayleymills

    All DLC Pack Predictions!

    I want to try "predicting" some of the DLC packs we'll get. Let's see if I get "bingo" on any of these! I assumed they're going by region, and I went roughly in a sensible order. I tried to limit it to 12 DLC packs, since that's the amount Planet Coaster got. Went somewhat over the limit. I...
  13. G

    Dinosaurs Buildings & Attractions General Gameplay “Welcome to Site B” big DLC concept

    Return to Jurassic Park has really opened a door for more possibility concepts I could potentially think of. And since there is plenty of time for at least maybe four more big DLCs (two per year) like the Dr. Wu, Claire, and JP DLCs before. There are four basic idea concepts I have that could...
  14. G

    Dinosaurs Buildings & Attractions "Second Phase/Phase Two" DLC Concept

    Through my observations, big DLCs take many many months for completion. With three ideas of that kind in mind, it kinda feels a little arbitrary to a part of me for each and every one of them to have a separate DLC, combined with rumors I hear that it would be until sometime in 2021 when this...
  15. G

    Waterpark Expansion?

    Does anyone here think there should be a waterpark-style DLC for PlanCo, akin to RCT3 Soaked back in 2005? I think there should be to make th entertainment package a little more complete!
  16. E

    DLC: Small pack

    Planet Zoo small animals. Like meerkats, otters, koalas, ferrets and animals that size, maybe some birds can fit in also. Maybe it also can have building materials for like playgrounds for kids and shops for kids like face painting, t-shirts and stuffed animals. It can also include small...

    General Gameplay San Diego

    What if you could unlock San Diego as DLC Includes New Campaign Fix Up San Diego and run a park like what Ludlow wanted But you have guest lawsuits because of the incident with the REX New Dock yard To import Dinos from ALL Islands Add Baby Dinos Like,Rex , para, Indom, Indo Raptor...
  18. G

    Dinosaurs General Gameplay *NEW* Concept of an Owen Grady themed DLC

    (Many months ago, I posted a thread for an Owen Grady DLC concept. Now, because of the release of Update 1.12 and the new Return to Jurassic Park DLC, and knowing what they both had to offer, I can now confidently layout the basic concept a little better. Basically, I'm reviving an old dead...
  19. E

    DLC Land of the lost lands

    My idea for a new DLC is one that allows players to recreate defunct rides and theme parks. For example, Chessington world of adventures in the UK used to have a fantastic ride called Prof Burp's Bubble Works. A dark ride where people boarded boats and were taken on a tour of his factory...
  20. Y

    Egyptian DLC

    Egyptian theme and animals: Nile crocodile Jackal Hamadrayas Baboon Sand Cat Striped Hyena Exhibit animals: Dung Beetle Yellow Scorpion Egyptian Cobra What do you guys think?
  21. Y

    Night Life! Nocturnal animals DLC

    Who doesn't love nocturnal houses in zoos? Also a great chance to teach guests (and by extension players) about light pollution. Animals which could fit: Aye Aye Galago Slow Loris Giant Cloud Rat Clouded Leopard European Hedgehog Margay Sugar Glider Panamanian night monkey Indian Porcupine...
  22. Mjmannella

    A Collection of 3-Animal Packs for Each Continent and Biome

    Biomes: Aquatic Pack: Eurasian Spoonbill, American Alligator, Water Buffalo Desert Pack: Perentie, Hamadryas Baboon, Greater Roadrunner Grassland Pack: Blackbuck, Emu, African Leopard Taiga Pack: Bobcat, Japanese Crane, Bighorn Sheep Temperate Pack: Indian Leopard, American Beaver, Scottish Red...
  23. Y

    Underground Animals

    With all the DLC ideas being thrown around, I haven't seen anyone talking about underground/cavee animals. How would you guys like a DLC for digging and undeground animals? Just a few fitting animals from the top of my head: meerkat groundhog shrews moles digging snakes Olms and other cave...
  24. G

    Dinosaurs Buildings & Attractions Concept of a "possible" marine dinosaur inclusion update/DLC (and how it could work in depth)

    I must confirm something first!!! Frontier Developments confirmed countless times their focus right now are the land based stuff, especially since they’ve confirmed on the official JWE Twitter account there are so many land dinosaur options to choose from. This means their focus now are the land...
  25. S

    New dinosaurs Suggest in Jurassic world evolution

    Hello there, My name is Max, i'm newcomer, and i'm very likes about dinosaurs game like jurassic world evolution, there is so many dinosaur's species in this game but there is some not exist in this game. for that i have a suggest for a new species in this game like : Pachyrhinosaurus...
  26. G

    Buildings & Attractions General Gameplay Blue the Velociraptor (and her possible inclusion)

    I know a lot of people from all over the place wherever I go on internet say that they would want to have "their own Blue, as a velociraptor cosmetic option" for their parks, but the point is this: Blue is a unique velociraptor specimen with her very own design and personality that both Frontier...
  27. Ancientdragon

    Location DLC's

    I hope that one day (after more generic zoo DLC like Marine Life DLC, Aquarium DLC, Nocturnal house DLC, ...) we would get area specific DLC's. I will use as an example an Australian DLC. I imagine it would be something like as the animals we would get Australian animals that we don't already...
  28. F

    Jurassic World Asia

    A new dlc expansion that shifts gameplay to a set of new islands (Mariana Archipelago and or something else) that centres around the worlds largest continent Asia, This could tie into the story well as in real life major businesses and theme park tycoons expand their brands all around the world...
  29. G

    Major Owen Grady (Dino Behavior) Focused DLC Idea

    Since Claire's Sanctuary is one of those big DLC expansion packs that provides more gameplay progression mechanics, which was the Paleobotany mechanic for your herbivorous dinosaurs (which also helped me so much in making a five star park on Sorna) in this case, an Owen Grady DLC could do the...
  30. Endskull

    Next paid DLCs wishlist and content summary

    Hi everyone, since I've seen a lot of Owen Grady dlc wishes and requests, alongside the pretty much confirmed 1993 DLC coming at the end of the year, I wanted to sum up all the most requested features for those two plausible paid DLC, with of course some of my own ideas. I tried to balance them...
  31. TheGoldblumLaugh

    The Next DLC Idea (Owen Grady's Dino Environment)

    I have an idea for the Next DLC for Jurassic World Evolution. Synopsis: Claire has asked Owen Grady to visit Sanctuary Island to review and help prepair a better enclosure for the Sauropods. Owen has to work with Cabot to create the best comfortable environment for them whilst Cabot always in...
  32. zackplanetcoaster

    Coney Island's Steeplechase Coaster in Future Planet Coaster DLCs and Updates?

    Did you want to wish that Steeplechase at Coney Island's Steeplechase Park in Future Planet Coaster DLCs or Updates? Here's a images: Here's a screenshots of POV Shot of Steeplechase at Pirates World from the movie: Santa & the Ice Cream Bunny (1972) Here's a...
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