1. P

    Animals in DLC Packs

    I will spend hundreds of dollars on this game if you put more animals in the packs. PLEASE.
  2. hayleymills

    All DLC Pack Predictions!

    I want to try "predicting" some of the DLC packs we'll get. Let's see if I get "bingo" on any of these! I assumed they're going by region, and I went roughly in a sensible order. I tried to limit it to 12 DLC packs, since that's the amount Planet Coaster got. Went somewhat over the limit. I...
  3. L

    Dinosaurs Buildings & Attractions General Gameplay A JPOG throwback ?

    Ide like to see a return of some features that really made JPOG the best park builder I've ever played . And why these features would make the already amazing game a bit better. 1. Dino decay , let's see them rot. In jpog I always liked to see my Raptors and ceratos come up to one of my rex...
  4. SanctusLupus

    What might come next for PZ?

    Source: https://youtu.be/3wt9v5YEYwo By Gamer Empire had some decent suggestions for what should be considered for PZ DLC. I agree that many more animals should be included into PZ along with additional themes. Game improvement is always welcome. In addition I would like more interesting...
  5. Y

    I really dislike the idea of petting zoos

    I've seen a few threads regarding the inclusion of petting zoos and domesticated animals in the game, with mixed responses. While I understand the appeal, I personally really dislike the idea, as I feel that petting zoos are pretty much "for the guests", while modern zoos and PZ itself are...
  6. John_Titor

    2020 Easter DLC

    Hello, Year 2020 gonna bring very much content for PZ! I'm gonna talk about easter update. Easter is associated with eggs right? what else is associated with eggs? birds of course! Easter update will contain brave new aviaries mechanic(built piece-by piece by big/medium sized elements,scripted...
  7. M

    Expansion packs

    DLCs like these really limit you since it's usually very small. I'd like to suggest larger packs that would include more animals and new game mechanics (that would allow us to keep aquatic animals or flighted birds) and that seems too big to put in a DLC. And good luck naming and selling 10...
  8. random goat

    Predictions for next DLC

    Title says it all. Now that we've had the first Planet Zoo DLC and we know what content is included in it, I wonder what you people think will be the theme for the next one and approximate release date. I'm not too optimistic about the acclaimed 'Aviaries+small animals DLC' and 'Marine DLC'...
  9. Y

    What do you think of DLCs?

    Honestly, I almost never buy DLCs, but my decision making is pretty simple. If the DLC is worth to me more 2$ per 1 hour of gameplay (in the case of the arctic DLC, 5 hours) I consider it worth it. I mean, in my country a movie ticket costs the equivalence of 8$, and that's usually only 2...
  10. A

    Mislabeled skins

    I don't know if this has been discused about before, but I think this is something that could be fixed easy So, a lot of skins are mislabeled along the game, even in this new DLC Return to Jurassic Park, and here I am gonna list them: Tyranossaurus rex 1.- 1997 a T.rex should be 1997 since the...
  11. B

    Worried about future DLCs and the paid content we will be getting

    So it seems like everyone is dissapointed in the new DLC. Mainly because it contains only 4 animals and one of them is an obvious reskin the animals that are in the DLC are not bad but if we get a DLC once every 3 months with 4 animals that means we are getting only 16 animals a year and im sure...
  12. Mjmannella

    Prediction Thread for Possible Polar DLC

    A new update is coming in 6 days! However, one line at the end made something very apparent: Yep, we're probably getting Polar DLC! With that, I'm gonna make a prediction list of just what animals could be added to Planet Zoo. I'll be using Jurassic World Evolution as a basis, and the animals...
  13. RedmundR2

    Steam Store DLC Deluxe Edition Pricing Issues

    Hi all, I am coming from the steam forums to talk about a frustration base game owners are having with the current pricing model on Steam, for Planet Coaster. https://steamcommunity.com/app/493340/discussions/0/1743386132100694073/ for reference I purchased this game in 2016, and while it...
  14. G

    I think it should be noted...

    Due to a raising of arguments of "why is feature A or B from the pictures not in the DLC!?" from a thread here, and before it expands further beyond that, I feel like I must putt his out here right now. Because, you need to understand that what was shown in the event where people played them...
  15. Y

    Arabian DLC (what do you guys think?)

    It can include arabian theme and greatly expand the desert biome. Animals: Addax Arabian Oryx Scimitar Oryx Dromedary Camel Gray monitor Striped Hyena Caracal Fennec Fox Persian Leopard Nubian Ibex Barbary sheep Dorcas Gazelle Exhibit: Field's horned viper (it is super cool) Ornate Mastigue...
  16. Y

    Egyptian DLC

    Egyptian theme and animals: Nile crocodile Jackal Hamadrayas Baboon Sand Cat Striped Hyena Exhibit animals: Dung Beetle Yellow Scorpion Egyptian Cobra What do you guys think?
  17. Chris11

    What do you think when will we finally get back a Planet Coaster DLC

    When do you think when we will get a Planet Coaster DLC again Frontier has carved out the last Planet Coaster DLC a few months ago, it's time again for new scenery and rides I know that currently Frontier is working on Planet Zoo but it's not the Frontier the whole company has to work on Planet...
  18. Y

    Underground Animals

    With all the DLC ideas being thrown around, I haven't seen anyone talking about underground/cavee animals. How would you guys like a DLC for digging and undeground animals? Just a few fitting animals from the top of my head: meerkat groundhog shrews moles digging snakes Olms and other cave...
  19. Spades Neil

    Decal pack suggestion - Playing Card Suits

    After all these years, there's still no way for me to slap a Spade emblem on my ships. This saddens me. Come on, you all know it'd be neat. A bit cliché but who cares! I want to put Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and even Joker emblems on my wings. Light and dark versions would be nice too...
  20. T

    Parking and Visitor Access

    First of all, I love your games, especially your management park, THE references for me. Hoverwer, in my point of view, it 's missing an important and realistic point : - Management of Parking and Visitor access. I mean by that how do people to come in the park. As the Price and Weather, I...
  21. SamBePunkt

    Animal Wishlist + Petting Zoo + Herding and more interactions

    Porcupines, Prairie Dogs, Penguins, Seals and Sea lions, Mooses, Tamanduas, Manatees and my all time favorites Capybaras. A petting zoo area would be cool as well and of course birds like eagles, owls, vultures etc. Maybe even like the vivariums so you can build different sizes of aviaries and...
  22. A

    Future update (dlc) to make an full aqua zoo

    There is not much to say, just a full aqua zoo with all animals and new fences or whatever :)
  23. DinoMaster9000

    Dino Pack Pick or Pass Polls!

    I’ve put together some Dino pack ideas based on speculation, and I’m interested in seeing which versions of the same pack could be more popular. I have not included a Triassic pack since there is only one real logical combination. Simply look through and reply to the number you’d take if you had...
  24. G

    Major Owen Grady (Dino Behavior) Focused DLC Idea

    Since Claire's Sanctuary is one of those big DLC expansion packs that provides more gameplay progression mechanics, which was the Paleobotany mechanic for your herbivorous dinosaurs (which also helped me so much in making a five star park on Sorna) in this case, an Owen Grady DLC could do the...
  25. N

    Issue with accessing the Claire's Sanctuary Dinos

    Hello everyone sorry if im missing something here, but I finished the Claire's Sanctuary DLC, 5 starred the island, i've completed all the missions. After completing it, i went back to my original campaign save, to make a brand new cool park in sandbox mode (in my original campaign save) It...
  26. F

    Allow the Deluxe Edition Bundle on Steam to be purchased by users that already have the base game

    So here's the issue: As someone who has had the base game since before the first DLC was released, why is there no option to upgrade to the Deluxe Edition with a DLC bundle pack? I can only purchase the Deluxe Edition on Steam as a gift, but I can't get the bundle for myself, minus the cost...
  27. G

    General Gameplay Idea for far future possible Pterosaur Aviary Plans

    Currently, the team at Frontier Developments have no plans for anything pterosaur related for Jurassic World Evolution, as they even stated this months before the game launched. But if (and only if) this were to change, as things can change over time, for this particular game, I would still like...
  28. B

    Shooting Ride Targets as Triggers

    I was surprised to see that this has not been done already. Why can't i use my targets as triggers, so that when one is shot, i can trigger a light, animatronic or other triggerable items. Would be neat if this would work. I miss it Oh and while you're at it, please let me disable the countdown...
  29. Toastmas

    Jurassic World Evolution: Park Recreation DLC

    Greetings Park Managers, We're excited to share a brand new DLC (Park Recreation) that is coming to Jurassic World Evolution. The DLC is based around the 1993 Jurassic Park as requested by the community! The DLC will contain Iconic Features from the films. We'll be sharing more details with you...
  30. D

    Fatal Attraction DLC

    Jurassic World Evolution: Fatal Attraction DLC (Confirmed Fan Concept)
  31. H

    Dinosaur Mini Reveals

    One of my favorite things about Planet Coaster is the DLC hype build up. I really think this would translate well for Jurassic World Evolution as well with the little 10 second videos that show off something new but don't completely give away what you're about to release.
  32. Distantsic

    Cosmetic updates to the Infinite coaster.

    When the Classic Ride showcase videos dropped today we as a community couldn't help but notice these trains. It seems that you have just mixed The Smiler's Gen 1 trains with Hangtimes/monsters Gen 2 trains. I find this odd since you already have the style of the Gen 1 seats in game, on the Wild...
  33. zackplanetcoaster

    Did you wish devs will put Arrow Launched/Shuttle Loop in Next Planet Coaster DLC or Update?

    Okay guys, did you really wish Arrow Launched/Shuttle Loop will come to PlanCo? Yes? or No? Images of Arrow Launched/Shuttle Loop: Videos of Arrow Launched/Shuttle Loop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGa-v1gU4tM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oi37Ilhs3nc...
  34. G

    Population Description and tip

    I did an experiment with an exhibit filled with Jurassic period dinosaurs to test out their population stats. It was filled with stegosaurus, dilophosaurus, diplodocus, brachiosaurus, camarasaurus, and apatosaurus. Stegosaurus are not as social as the other dinosaurs in terms of their...
  35. Tyranno86

    Flying reptiles and Marine reptiles Dlc ?

    Hello Jurassic Park enthusiasts, Jurassic World, and dinosaur fans in general, I write in hopes of soliciting Frontier's friends, to complete the gaming experience, with the addition of two DLCs: one on flying reptiles and the other on marine reptiles. Obviously I realize that it is not easy...
  36. Nemesis1

    Interesting thread on Reddit regarding Frontier's current attitude to the game and updates/DLC packs

    Not saying I necessarily agree with everything here, but it certainly does some up a lot of the feelings people have towards Frontier at the moment regarding communication, updates, and the adding of requested features. The game currently has no (just to name a few): -Gerstlauer Infinity...
  37. LanceLord

    Is a Stellaris meets Civilization meets The Sims Sandbox Gameplay Content Possible?

    Now that the Milky Way galaxy just got a little smaller with the DW expedition: 1. is it possible to get space legs similar to the way this exists in X4: Foundations or (Candyman meets boogey man alert) Star Citizen? It would be great to be able to exit your spaceship/land rover when landed on...
  38. Dang8

    Backstage / Parking DLC

    I know ideas have been floated out there before about this, but here are my 2cents :) I love making parking lots and backstage areas to make my parks a little more realistic. I was thinking that a "Backstage" DLC would be neat and could change up the gameplay a bit. For example, Mechanics will...
  39. DinoMaster9000

    What Dinosaur Do You Want the Most?

    Just thought it’d be be fun to see what you guys’ most wanted dinosaurs are that you’d like to see in the game at some point. Not really looking for wishlists, so what is the one herbivore and carnivore that you’d like to see above any other? If you could only have your one and only thus far...
  40. krueger.freddy

    Bought DLC on Steam. can it show up as bought in Frontier Store too?

    Hi, during the last autoum sale on steam I did buy the vintage and Studio DLC though steam.. Is it possible that the Frontierstore reconiizes that somehow? I almost bought it double :-)
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