1. Jeminyne

    3 or 4 DLC per year? (Also: Please increase species per DLC, or decrease the copy-paste species.)

    The first point is a question for other players: Do you guys think they will release their next DLC in December again, and then carry on with the same release dates from 2020 into the future? This would mean we'd have 3 DLC packs per year. (early Winter, mid Spring, late Summer?) Or do you think...
  2. Jeminyne

    What African animals would you still like to see added?

    Africa is the best represented in the game, but I don't think we'll be surprised if we get an Africa DLC anyway. What African animals do you think are worth squeezing into the game? My absolute top picks are meerkat, fennec fox, black or white rhino, red river hog, fossa, aardwolf, secretary...
  3. G

    Dinosaurs Camp Cretaceous Dinosaur Skins

    Not sure what is planned right now, but I feel this is still worth bringing up, whether or not it's so. During this timespan, their heavy focus is bringing this game to the Switch to bring this game's experience to the Switch players, so they have nothing to give out right now to other...
  4. Old Duck

    A question about DLCs in ED (including Odyssey)

    As I understand it, there is just one actual install package for Elite Dangerous, which is the same whether or not you bought Horizons. In other words, Horizons is basically an "unlock" code that enables players to partake in all the extras in this DLC, but even those who only own the base game...
  5. 1

    Any thoughts on future DLCs?

    I personally wouldn't mind a pack (or two) more from each continent (I was underwhelmed with the amount of animals offered in the south america and australia packs so 5 more animals isn't asking too much) Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, and Oceania (I know a lot of people...
  6. D

    More Animal variety in DLCs...

    I guess and can imagine that I am probably not the first coming up with this.. but I feel like the focus of the DLCs is too much on the buildings... Sure.. all the decorations are beautiful, fine and I would want them... but only 5 animals from each continent we got DLCs for so far? For some...
  7. KaoRu

    Petting Zoo type of DLC?

    Thought it would be a cool idea to maybe add some sort of petting zoo DLC like alot of Zoo's have an area where kids (and adults - you know you love it too 😉) get to interact with like Goats, Pigs, Chickens/chicks, Ponies, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, etc. I don't mean just have it like in Zoo Tycoon...
  8. KaoRu

    What time will the Australia DLC be released?

    Like the title says. Will it be 12am tonight or sometime tomorrow? I think one of the other DLC's was released at about 4pm. 🤔
  9. Jeminyne

    The new biome?

    I heard some users say the new biome is a type of desert-- not sure where that information came from. Now that I think of it, I'm not sure if it was supposed to come with the new sandbox map, one of the new DLC scenarios, or what... we're getting so much new content, it's all starting to blend...
  10. E

    DLC speculations

    Hi guys! Now we have an attic pack, an sout America pack and soon a Australia pack. What do you think we will get next if frontier continue whit this red thread? My guesses (wishes) is: Nordic pack - Moose, fox’s, beaver Oceana pack - otters, seals, penguins Africa pack - meerkats
  11. G

    Quantity or Quality - What I Think We Need

    Without doubt Frontier and their employees do tremendous work on the animals in the game. Each is animated beautifully (excluding the climbing bugs but those are easily fixed thanks to a trick I saw Rudi Rennkamel do!) and has unique and interesting behavior... But sometimes we’d really like a...
  12. Cosmo

    1 Expansion for All Ship Interiors or DLC per Ship?

    The devs are considering to add walking in ships post-launch of Odyssey. New gameplay mechanics are required such as for zero-g and ship boarding. There are 2 viable options: A big expansion that includes all ship interiors. This would be 1 or 2 years after Odyssey. Separate interior DLC per...
  13. Jeminyne

    Suggestion: Use colour variants in place of sub-species (habitat animals).

    (I changed my mind. How do I delete a thread?)
  14. Jay070490

    Jurassic World: Evolution (Still In Development?)

    Hi All, Got to say, I love this game. I got all the DLC and such and just find it pretty chill out type of game really, plus Dinosaurs! who doesn't like some sort of prehistoric life xD Anyway, I just wanted to know if anyone was able to shed some light on whether they are actually still...
  15. Spinony Gaming

    Dinosaurs Jurassic World Evolution 2 (PART 1 = DINOSAURS SPECIES)

    NOTE: This is a fan-made list so it's not official. Like it so it might be official in the future. ;) Dinosaurs Base Game: Ankylosaurus Apatosaurus Brachiosaurus Camarasaurus Ceratosaurus Chasmosaurus Chungkingosaurus Corythosaurus Deinonychus Dilophosaurus Diplodocus Dracorex...
  16. B

    Star Wars DLC

    Adding star wars theming, rides, characters, music and voice lines to the game from all eras and to pull content from the clone wars and rebels tv shows as well.
  17. R

    Kinect: Disneyland Adventures Petition: Paid DLC for Disneyland Adventures - no better time for it!

    People are missing Disney parks something wicked right now, and there's no opening dates in sight. Please sign the petition to see if we can get the publishers to release some Paid DLC for Disneyland Adventures! So much is possible with this excellent game, and it never truly reached its full...
  18. L

    A few ideas for FC and space legs dlc

    Fellow commanders, Probably I don't have the same amount of played hours of ED as most of you have just because I feel the game just as a single player game with a bunch of multiplayer features and thats why I decided to bring you guys my ideas: Fleet Carriers - give it to a sub squadron. A...
  19. S

    Suggestion: Future Australian DLC.

    Hi all. First I'd like to say I'm a big fan of Planet Zoo and like the majority of players of the game, absolutely love nature and animals. However, one thing I have noticed about media regarding Australian flora and fauna, is that it is grossly under-represented - most nature documentaries...
  20. 1

    African Animal Packs pt. 2

    In these current times of uncertainty I think there's one thing we can ALL agree on and it is that there isn't enough African content in Planet Zoo. So here's my list of African animals that desperately need to be in the game... Fossa Gelada or Hamadryas Baboon Great Kudu Hartebeest...
  21. 1

    African Animal Packs pt.1

    In these current times of uncertainty I think there's one thing we can ALL agree on and it is that there isn't enough African content in Planet Zoo. So here's my list of African animals that desperately need to be in the game... Aardwolf African Crowned Crane or Goliath Heron African...
  22. S

    future DLC to include new mechanics

    I don't know what the future holds for Planet Zoos DLC, if it stays as it is or they will offer both small and larger ($$) DLC in the future, but I personally think it would be great to have a larger DLC that's a bit more expensive that offers a new mechanic for the game as well as some animals...
  23. Jeminyne

    More Career scenarios, or allow players to make scenarios!

    Am I the only one who thinks the career levels are like, the best part of the game? It's the only mode where it feels truly like a zoo game, and not just a complicated box of creative tools. "Fix an abusive and shabby looking zoo, and turn it into a sanctuary!" "Take this limited space and...
  24. Y

    South American DLC Appreciation thread

    I'd like to use this thread to thank Frontiers for this new DLC. Each and every animals looks amazing, the scenery is awesome, and the free update adds a lot of necessary tools to the game. I especially want to see the Anteater. It has always been one of my favorites. I have my concerns...
  25. Y

    I am worried about the game's lifespan

    With the new pack, we apoarently covered South America. If 4 animsl packs continue to be the trend, we would've the world "covered" in a short while, with only ~100 animals at the end of it. The focus on scenery pieces really makes it feel like a theme park game instead of a zoo. I am excited...
  26. 1

    Australia/Oceania Animals pt. 2

    Animal ideas for Oceania and Australia. Give me some packs and I'll give you some money! (As long as they are plucked from this list...) Koala New Zealand Sea Lion Numbat/Bandicoot Perentie Platypus Quoll Red Kangaroo or Eastern Grey Kangaroo Tasmanian Devil Wallaby...
  27. 1

    Australia/Oceania Animal Packs pt.1

    Animal ideas for Oceania and Australia. Give me some packs and I'll give you some money! (As long as they are plucked from this list...) Cassowary Dingo Dromedary Dugong Echidna Emu Fiordland Penguin or Rockhopper Penguin Flying Fox Kakapo Kiwi
  28. P

    Animals in DLC Packs

    I will spend hundreds of dollars on this game if you put more animals in the packs. PLEASE.
  29. Jeminyne

    All DLC Pack Predictions!

    I want to try "predicting" some of the DLC packs we'll get. Let's see if I get "bingo" on any of these! I assumed they're going by region, and I went roughly in a sensible order. I tried to limit it to 12 DLC packs, since that's the amount Planet Coaster got. Went somewhat over the limit. I...
  30. L

    Dinosaurs Buildings & Attractions General Gameplay A JPOG throwback ?

    Ide like to see a return of some features that really made JPOG the best park builder I've ever played . And why these features would make the already amazing game a bit better. 1. Dino decay , let's see them rot. In jpog I always liked to see my Raptors and ceratos come up to one of my rex...
  31. SanctusLupus

    What might come next for PZ?

    Source: https://youtu.be/3wt9v5YEYwo By Gamer Empire had some decent suggestions for what should be considered for PZ DLC. I agree that many more animals should be included into PZ along with additional themes. Game improvement is always welcome. In addition I would like more interesting...
  32. Y

    I really dislike the idea of petting zoos

    I've seen a few threads regarding the inclusion of petting zoos and domesticated animals in the game, with mixed responses. While I understand the appeal, I personally really dislike the idea, as I feel that petting zoos are pretty much "for the guests", while modern zoos and PZ itself are...
  33. John_Titor

    2020 Easter DLC

    Hello, Year 2020 gonna bring very much content for PZ! I'm gonna talk about easter update. Easter is associated with eggs right? what else is associated with eggs? birds of course! Easter update will contain brave new aviaries mechanic(built piece-by piece by big/medium sized elements,scripted...
  34. M

    Expansion packs

    DLCs like these really limit you since it's usually very small. I'd like to suggest larger packs that would include more animals and new game mechanics (that would allow us to keep aquatic animals or flighted birds) and that seems too big to put in a DLC. And good luck naming and selling 10...
  35. random goat

    Predictions for next DLC

    Title says it all. Now that we've had the first Planet Zoo DLC and we know what content is included in it, I wonder what you people think will be the theme for the next one and approximate release date. I'm not too optimistic about the acclaimed 'Aviaries+small animals DLC' and 'Marine DLC'...
  36. Y

    What do you think of DLCs?

    Honestly, I almost never buy DLCs, but my decision making is pretty simple. If the DLC is worth to me more 2$ per 1 hour of gameplay (in the case of the arctic DLC, 5 hours) I consider it worth it. I mean, in my country a movie ticket costs the equivalence of 8$, and that's usually only 2...
  37. A

    Mislabeled skins

    I don't know if this has been discused about before, but I think this is something that could be fixed easy So, a lot of skins are mislabeled along the game, even in this new DLC Return to Jurassic Park, and here I am gonna list them: Tyranossaurus rex 1.- 1997 a T.rex should be 1997 since the...
  38. B

    Worried about future DLCs and the paid content we will be getting

    So it seems like everyone is dissapointed in the new DLC. Mainly because it contains only 4 animals and one of them is an obvious reskin the animals that are in the DLC are not bad but if we get a DLC once every 3 months with 4 animals that means we are getting only 16 animals a year and im sure...
  39. Mjmannella

    Prediction Thread for Possible Polar DLC

    A new update is coming in 6 days! However, one line at the end made something very apparent: Yep, we're probably getting Polar DLC! With that, I'm gonna make a prediction list of just what animals could be added to Planet Zoo. I'll be using Jurassic World Evolution as a basis, and the animals...
  40. RedmundR2

    Steam Store DLC Deluxe Edition Pricing Issues

    Hi all, I am coming from the steam forums to talk about a frustration base game owners are having with the current pricing model on Steam, for Planet Coaster. https://steamcommunity.com/app/493340/discussions/0/1743386132100694073/ for reference I purchased this game in 2016, and while it...
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