1. I

    PVE Piracy Bug

    I decided to do some more pirate runs to continue getting money to flush out my ship upgrades. I found a juicy type-7 with a good haul, interdicted it, lowered its shields and then used rail guns to knock the drives down to 0%. Upon closing the gap the NPC Type 7 started boosting and...
  2. M

    Clean drives rework

    Clean drives don't really seem to help much with what they are "supposed" to do. The increase to thermal spread is counteracted by the increase in power draw, which leads a near insignificant change. All you end up with is a marginally faster ship with significantly increased power requirements...
  3. Acen ONYX

    SPOILER! Thargoids are SPACE MANDALAS (Images in SpoilerTags)

    ... so PLEASE STOP KILLING THEM. :) Here's the "rear view" of one .. Note the central rearward opening we first saw in the early crashed ones... (500x495) You can easily see the 4 "drive units" / "thrusters" / "exhaust ports" (whatever they are), and of course you can still see the total of 8...
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