1. loki12345

    Limpet Drones counts as cargo

    Something i just realised while playing the beta (so i dont exactly know if this is a beta or a general problem): Limpet drones counts as cargo. This is 1. unrealistic, because no other "ammo" works like this 2. is a big problem because you can't just switch to a different ship with smaller...
  2. Bluebone


    Im mostly in exploring interested and in VR. Every now and then Im flying inside some deep craters or equivalent things. And it's often very dark. Now my Asp has these lights but they are kind of weak and they aim allways to the front. In VR you can walk around the ship, turn your head in every...
  3. Daish

    Skimmers Drones

    Just an idea, it would be nice to introduce our own skimmers / Drones fitted to our SRVs or maybe any new SRV that may or may not be coming along in the future, these could be used for scan missions of flying ahead to scout dangerous mountain rangers or small outposts etc etc. At the same time...
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