1. Carc0sa

    Request to change voice in station: Alexeyev Hub

    Goodmorning Frontier, I’m CMDR Carc0sa Admiral of the Benelux Commanders (BNL), we’re a small Dutch independent player group that houses +60 Dutch CMDRS. It came to our attention that some stations have a broadcaster that has a very thick Dutch accent in some stations. For example : In star...
  2. J

    Dutch translation

    Hello everyone. I have a question. Does anyone know if there is and where i can find a Dutch translation XML file? I would very much like to install it for a friend of mine and my 8 year old son. Thank you in advance. Best regards, Jeroen Honingh
  3. RonkerZ

    Elite Dangerous Dutch Community Thread 2

    Old thread is locked: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/8956-Dutch-Community-Thread Hallo mensen, gezien de vorige draad gelocked is open ik bij deze een 2e nederdraad. Zijn er nog Nederlanders/Belgen/Luxemburgers op dit forum? Bij deze wil ik jullie er nog even op attenderen dat ik...
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