1. TorvalStrategyTeam

    Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Cycle 182: NZT declares war on Aisling Duval

    Shortly before the tick beckoned in Cycle 182 the hobos who call themselves NZT did reveal their true intentions to the galaxy by declaring war on Aisling Duval without attempting diplomatic liaison & pushed a 5C Expansion against her highness’ assets. This dishonourable sneak attack was however...
  2. J

    Message to Aisling Duval

    The feds are attempting to Prepare Talitha and exploit further with lies about equality when every one can see it is very well a tall-lie. (read on) Most media goes unheard in the area and is brushed under the table and hidden from the eye of the mass' People from all over can be witnessed...
  3. Komrad Toast

    Community Event / Creation Aisling Duval "Media Materials"

    For the Empire, for the Princess!
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