1. K

    Black dwarf

    Hello, I have one idea. How about adding black dwarfs? Black dwarfs are white dwarfs that have cooled and therefore do not emit (or weakly emit) in the visible range. They represent the final stage of evolution of white dwarfs in the absence of accretion. Although our scientists believe that...
  2. Spooli

    Dwarf T.Rex gene modification

    A lot of people have been asking for movie related stuff in the game and I think I've came up with an idea that allow players to incooperate one of the dinosaurs from Jurassic media without actually making direct reference to it (even though the T.Rex from JP3 wasn't exactly a unique character...
  3. B

    Thank you for some great times but game over.

    Played this wonderful game for quite a while, 3 billion assets, all the ships, all the engineers, done the grind. Only needed Elite in exploration so I get my Connie and set off with 5 passengers to do my first long range mission. Previously couldn't face 250 jumps to get out here but I was...
  4. T

    FSD 100% hyperspace jump failure rate at 78% Integrity

    Title says it all. I supercharged at a WD, my FSD is down to 78 after a few charges because it takes ten percent per charge whenever I try, which is bull in and of itself. I can understand a couple points, but not 10 per charge. Anyway, as the title suggests, I am receiving a 100% hyperspace...
  5. T

    Best WD classes for Boosting

    Alright, I'm still new to Boosting, but I was curious if the class of white dwarf, has an effect of the length of the cone and the turbulence on entry? I feel like it might, because every time I've been to a standard DA class, the cone is relatively short distance out from the exclusion zone...
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