1. Camisade

    Oh what a wonderful world (galaxy)...without famine.

    Dear FDev: I'd like to issue a golf clap for your starry-eyed BGS fiddlers, who've finally created a galaxy without famine and managed to keep it that way for MONTHS! Truly a remarkable achievement. Now, please task one of ye olde underlings with an assignment to clean up that short-sighted...
  2. Karaya1

    The New Darwin's Legacy (Beagle Point 2) - After Update 3.0

    Greetings Commanders! INTRO: Two weeks ago I visited Darwin's Legacy, the second planet in the famous Beagle Point system. As a participant of DWE 1 I was interested in the changes that happened during the 3.0-update. So I took pictures of the new surface, added some reference coodinates and...
  3. Erimus Kamzel

    Some ideas on getting the most out of the upcoming content

    THIS IS AN OLD THREAD FROM JAN 2018. THE EXPEDITION PROPOSAL AS OUTLINED BELOW HAS BEEN REFINED AND POSTED HERE : LINK Distant Worlds II An expedition proposal... The 14th January 3304 marked the 2nd anniversary of the launch of the first Distant Worlds Expedition. Although DW2 won't launch...
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