1. Vurrath

    NEW type of pseudo-black-markets ( & dynamic details - idea already done, frontier! )

    the idea here [ https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteAntal/comments/980krv/guardians_of_harmony/e5d5avj/?context=8&depth=9 ] . is one i've had before, and does seem SUITED, to different locations, where something just doesn't MAKE SENSE, when you look at it, especially when you're a new player, and...
  2. T

    Engineers Core Dynamics Composites - A more reliable way?

    Im currently getting Core Dynamics Composities, by looking for High Grade Emissions in Sol. The drop rate has been appalling. I’m now even struggling to find the HGEs at all. Is there a more reliable method or a different system I could go to? What works for everyone else?
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