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    Two Earth-like worlds in a system

    Pretty cool discovery.
  2. S

    Founding own colony

    I think it would be cool if players could setup/start their own colonies or do so on behalf of superpowers by heading out into the black and finding distant suitable planets in unexplored star systems - could work something like this: cmdr explores; finds an earthlike or terraformable world that...
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    Helping explore the galaxy

    So I have elite dangerous for the ps4. But I want to help with the database of explored planets/ RTR and stuff. Is there a thread for posting systems/ planets that have valuable planets in them so PC players can scan and upload into databases for others?

    Moons close to Earth-likes/ammonias?

    I absolutely love the famous shots from the Apollo missions framing the planet behind the Moon, and i end up really wanting to visit their moons. Unfortunately, it turns out that in reality, your eyes are not actually a telephoto lens, and the earth is REALLY tiny behind you. There's no way you...
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    Multicrew needs something more

    First off, the idea of multicrew is great, fantastic, revolutionary even! However, there are so many limitations to it that multicrew often becomes a hindrance if you're doing anything other than just flying around blowing stuff up. Here are just a few of the ways that multicrew could be made a...
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