1. C

    Combat to easy now?

    Hello everyone, When I first started alpha I found combat impossible then I learned how to play and it became just difficult but not impossible. Now in phase to I find combat very easy and the NPC can die very quickly. Im not sure my thoughts on this. I like knowing I can complete most missions...
  2. CMDR Nathan Atterlein

    A simple solution to pvp in open

    Hello space faring lads and ladies! during a slow work day i managed to understand the deep psyche of the human kind, and figured out a perfect solution to the ongoing genocide that takes place in the universe. i had to apply anti ganker encryption though, to keep it effiecienet for longer, so...
  3. ebbrell

    what has happened to conflict zone since update

    I have just been in to 2 x medium and 1 high CZ, I won them all but they felt like the skill level of the NPCs has been turned down. both medium CZ, I came out with 100% shield remaining, there was no spec ops in both which I know can happen. the high I lost 2% shields having 1 pip to shields...
  4. CaptainCaboose

    New Module(to improve Quality of Life for long play sessions)

    Morning all While I sit here at work shirking all responsibility, I had a thought: Kinetic Ammo Racks as optional internal modules. If, as a PVE combat-oriented T-10 player, I wanted to sacrifice some HRP slots to ensure I was carrying extra ammo for extended runs through the HazRez, I...
  5. T

    SLF Aimbots.

    Yello Fdev and fellow space pilots. Can we please get a nerf (Yes.. You read that right...) On the Elite/Deadly ranked SLF's. At this point they are Aimbots. My beef with these little hellions is that, at least as far as PvP goes, They are one of the biggest click win assets in game, in such...
  6. Mastian

    Capital Ships way to weak!

    Today i was in Conflict Zone for our player fraction and a majestic class interdicter jumped in, first i thought it would be a real threat. After i destroyed some other ships (which actually done good damage) i realised the capital ship alone does almost no damage. I didn't even need a shield...
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