1. S

    Suggestion for next major update: Economy

    Hi there, I'm not sure if these suggestions are read by developers, but if they are, I've been sparked with an idea with the release of fleet carriers. Considering that these carriers are movable space stations more or less, my suggestion is to integrate a fully flesh-out economy. I know...
  2. T

    Demand/Production/Stock price dilemma, and Smuggling issues - Save the Merchants!

    Hey pilots. I was thinking for a while about how galactic economy works. I was first playing E: D with (don't laugh) Spice and Wolf in mind – a story about two smart people using their wit to turn in some tasty profit. So I did cargo runs, and deliveries, and smuggling, tried piracy (heh) and...
  3. EidLeWeise

    Community Event / Creation Speed Docking

    During lavecon people were in a sidewinder and the highly talented Mr Kerrash won with a time of 43 seconds. Results Sidewinder Dragonic - 33.465 Seconds - Sparkam - 33.467 Seconds - -Zalamander - 34.4 Seconds -...
  4. dobbo

    Pre-LaveCON (Friday) Meet Up

    May I request that this thread is made sticky please, but only for the next few days. Ta. This thread is to help those going to LaveCon 2014 on the Friday meet that evening. If anyone knows a good pub in the area¸or any other place to meet up, it can be posted here. It would be better if any...
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