1. V

    Voice Attack command causes game screen to jump back to Steam main screen

    I have HCS Voicepacks and the EDDI add on which is opened at the same time as the HCS Singularity Voice pack inside of VA. It all gets recognized and passed with green dots alongside. In the game, all commands are recognized and EDDI provides data (I don't issue EDDI commands and there are only...
  2. Hoksilato

    EDDI en español released

    Buenas comandantes, EDDI ha sido traducido al español, lo podéis descargar de aquí: Última versión: release 3.5.1-rc1 https://github.com/EDCD/EDDI/releases (Las versiones con internacionalización son la 3.0.1-b2 en adelante.) HoksiPack: release 3.4.3-3b...
  3. A

    Release EDDI with 2nd account

    Hey all, Now I have my 2nd ED account up and running I was wondering if it was possible to have a 2nd EDDI attached to it or do I have to change all the details etc whenever I switch between ED profiles? Thanks Andy
  4. Athan

    Discussion Data flow from CAPI/Journals via EDDN and APIs to third party websites.

    As I keep seeing people confuse EDDB with EDDN, and in general not know how game data gets from players to the various third party sites I've made an infrographic. As per the notes at the bottom this doesn't cover every possible interaction between every possible tool and every possible website...
  5. Steve 67

    UK Elite 17th Gurkha

    UK Elite ** Updated post, please remove mods. Many thanks
  6. Steve 67

    Elite Dangerous Intel

    Hi all, if anyone's interested in a UK based mature community that will form a little later, please pop in here, join the fB group, keep in touch & we will send you formal invites to our private HQ pre-release Elite Dangerous Intel a faction of 17th Gurkha. We game entirely for fun & are...
  7. dasuke

    The Black Hand - Guild beta recruitment

    The Black Hand are recruiting during beta so we can have a functional guild for the game's launch. We are predominantly a pirating force with a macabre twist and pvp skillz to pay the billz, though accept that the quickest way to riches and well-armed crafts is often through trading ourselves...
  8. JohnStabler

    Guilds in Elite Dangerous

    Is it going to be possible to join guilds or something similar? I understand that there is a proposed 32 player limit to skirmishes, but that doesn't rule out the usefulness of being in a team of people who share certain goals or values? For instance, you may all be lovers of the Federation...
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