1. JosefK

    Release Inara shows my fleet but no config details

    Both ships show "THE SHIP CONFIGURATION IS UNKNOWN". Not sure why. I started using Inara about 5 days into playing ED and I uploaded all of my logs. Is there a way to have EDMC pull the ship configs into Inara? Thanks for any help. Oh and using EDSM, my current ship has the coriolis and...
  2. Athan

    Discussion Data flow from CAPI/Journals via EDDN and APIs to third party websites.

    As I keep seeing people confuse EDDB with EDDN, and in general not know how game data gets from players to the various third party sites I've made an infrographic. As per the notes at the bottom this doesn't cover every possible interaction between every possible tool and every possible website...
  3. Cmdr Jonty H Campbell

    Astronomy / Space Space ****: Fill Your Moonboots!

    Space stuff.: Fill your boots! http://hubblesite.org/gallery/wallpaper
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