elite dangerous clan

  1. starman

    songs for odyssey

    What songs for the launch of odyssey?
  2. Kathulhu

    Dominion Special Operations is looking for commanders o7

    Squadron Name: [DOMINION SPECIAL OPERATIONS] ID: [DSO1] Platform: PC Join our growing Elite Dangerous community today, we welcome new and veteran players alike. As a clan we are relaxed where you can often find members in voice chat enjoying a beer or two 🍻 while chatting, but we also enjoy...
  3. B

    international clan/faction/Squadrons searching members....

    Welcome, our name is The Immortal Defense Force. We are an independent faction. We're coordinating our actions at our discord server which you can find here: https://discord.gg/6paeFZH You can also find our squadron under the IMDF tag in-game and apply. Our discord server contains NSFW content...
  4. Boston

    [FEDERATION] ACTIVE CLAN with DAILY EVENTS. Recruiting all skill levels. Apply at NovaForce.com today!

    Daily Events | Play How You Want | PVE or PVP | Organized, Yet Laid Back Apply at NovaForce.com/apply Today! Some of our members were the first to crack the Ancient Alien Ruins: We just won a fun open war against the Section 31 player faction: Fun Daily Events Apply at...
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