elite dangerous odyssey

  1. Scaletho

    Hurry up, friends. It will be over soon.

    Considering the schedule and general info from Frontier, the beginning of phase 4 is 28th. The end of Alpha should be 30th. As long as no new info come up about delays, we will have 3 days of "testing" of Phase 4. No "Beta", I suppose. Perhaps, there was no "Beta" since the beginning...
  2. A

    Odyssey - Apex Interstellar Transport ideas

    First of all, I haven't played the alpha, and I know that the taxi service is a point of contention among alpha players, however, I like the idea of it, journeying takes time, but perhaps the execution needs fleshing out? I think it would feel more immersive if NPCs joined you on your journeys...
  3. Cosmo

    Low Polygon should be Smooth Curves

    The new assets look good, except for a few low polygon stuff such as this (screenshot by encrypted). Such details are more noticeable in first person. It's 2021, add an option for smooth curves.
  4. A

    Failing missions

    Whenever I have done several missions in a row without turning them in, and I manage to get killed, all my progress is lost, even though I technically failed the mission I was currently in. I find it very unfair to get punished on all the previous mission that were completed for just dying or...
  5. QuickyTime

    Odyssey expansion for those that got the game through Epic?

    Hey Commanders, I got the game a wile back through Epic Games but I really want to pre order Odyssey and hopefully take a look at the alpha an all that, but i'm not sure how to do that considering the game is through Epic and not Steam or Frontier themselfs. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. D

    ideas for Odyssey

    It would be amazing to see fighters be able to land on planets in odyssey and or have a new fighter sized ship (a planetary lander) that we can equip in the fighter bay that allows players to ferry themselves and crew onto planets without having to land their primary ship.
  7. T

    General Odyssey: Non-combat on-foot activities?

    I had a thought earlier today about what kinds of tasks there will be for Odyssey that might NOT be directly combat related. We already know there is going to be exploration type things going on, where you can walk around and explore features and terrain on foot, and enjoy the sights and sounds...
  8. P


    Hallo! Bislang ist die Odyssey Erweiterung, als pre Order, nur auf Steam zu finden. Ich spiele allerdings ohne Steam und frage mich nun, ob ich für Odyssey das Spiel, über Steam von vorn beginnen muss oder ob es auch irgendwann im Frontiershop verfügbar wird?!
  9. Fosdyke

    2021/3307 Elite Dangerous Odyssey

    New adventures awaits in Elite Dangerous Odyssey Commanders! o7
  10. M

    Ships Ship launched Transport

    What if they add little ships you can launch from your ship like the SLF but for going down to the surface and landing there like a dropship (think of the phantom from SW:Rebels) that way you dont have to risk landing your big ship and you could bring other people with you (i mean the srv doesnt...
  11. Fosdyke

    Perimeter Breached! - Elite Dangerous Odyssey (Concept Art/Fan Art)

    We are under attack! Perimeter breached! Send reinforcements on the double!
  12. Cosmo

    If you're Undecided about Odyssey, what do you want to see?

    Some people didn't pre-order Odyssey yet. What do you want to see that would convince you to buy it? Such as: PVE exploration gameplay on foot New ship or SRV Do Social hubs feel alive Do NPCs have dynamic routines (walk around, errands, sleep) Faction costumes to dress your avatar A club...
  13. Baklavah

    [Suggestion] Odyssey Ship Module - Drop Pod Bay

    Imagine if you will. Sizes 5 and 6. Size 5: 4 personal drop pods Size 6: 4 personal drop pods OR 2 personal drop pods and 1 SRV drop pod OR 2 SRV drop pods Only one Drop Pod bay per ship. These would allow for deployment into active combined arms combat zones without the need to try and find a...
  14. Fosdyke

    Fuel rats on the field! (Concept Art)

    Refueling done, Lakon Tanker echo romeo lima, we are back to mothership! A medium ship like this from some air to ground refuel/resupply and a more bulky two seated SRV like that would be awesome.
  15. Fosdyke

    Taipan Race on rocky planet with tenuous atmosphere

    PEEK of the Week? : Time for some low altitude speedrun! Let's have fun with some Taipan! ☺ Have a nice weekend o7
  16. Hazzmango

    How I imagine station interiors came into being

    A short video showing how I imagined station interiros came into being Don't take it seriously, its meant to poke fun at the similarities.
  17. T

    General / Off-Topic Firefly

    Can't believe it took me 18 years to watch Firefly then Serenity. It's criminal that they cancelled it after 1 season! Totally getting Firefly vibes in Odyssey off of those settlements and the way they described the scavenging mechanics. There's also a character named Inara!!
  18. DanGriswold

    Soooooo.... It's August

    So, Frontier, it's August now. How're those Dev Diaries coming along? I don't mean to be pushy or anything, but I'm practically foaming at the mouth with anticipation. Hopefully we'll get a good peek at what's to come.
  19. Cosmo

    Probable Surface Port Graphics Update for Odyssey

    In Odyssey we can walk on airless and tenuous atmospheric worlds. So all the surface ports as well as other structures need a graphics upgrade. Otherwise it'll look like low polygon blurry doodoo in first person view. The same applies to ship models since we can probably jump on top with our...
  20. Gully Foyle

    E3 Recap 2020 Quarantine Edition

    All new games shown at E3 this year, in one place. 2020 E3 ReCap
  21. Fosdyke

    Odyssey Ice planet Fan art.

    Hi commanders! I made this render of some ice planet waiting for the arrival of Odyssey. Do you think we will get what Fdev bring us to Lavecon around 2018. What are your thoughts about that?
  22. Cosmo

    New Odyssey Concept Art: Bar Area, Base Arrive, Security Room, Taxi Booth

    This is Odyssey concept art on the Czech IGN site (I don't understand Czech). The file names describe the artwork. It's about bases and the social hub. 1. Bar Area 2. Base Arrive 3. Security Room 4. Taxi Booth
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