1. G

    My Experimental Dinosaur Enclosure Tests

    This is my experimental enclosure on Isla Nublar, a map I've had for way over a year and a half on my main saved game on the main Jurassic World Evolution campaign. This is where I do all of my "experiments" with dinosaur enclosure stuff, and is my hub of my main save, the game where I plan to...
  2. Joe99

    PZ suggestions (Animal behaviour and enrichment items)

    Here are some ideas I came up with regarding the PZ animals to make them feel either more realistic or change some gameplay mechanics, PZ really has some of the most realistic and incredible animals in video game history and these ideas are really only minor ways to expand that, plus new fences...
  3. G

    Mixed habitats.

    Just out of curiosity which animals did you put together (even though they don’t get a enrichment bonus from the other species)? I was kinda wondering about maybe ‘unlikely’ (at least for the game) combinations if they would work. More specifically tigers and wolves. One carnivore, one omnivore...
  4. Ladyreaper

    Mamenchisaurus super bugged

    For xbox one but I imagine it happens on the other platforms too Also this site changed a bunch since I been here last and I cant find the bug reports any more so its going here I guess Basically, the picture below sums it up. Its drinking out of another enclosure beyond a fence, its counting...
  5. S

    building ideas

    I know a lot of this will be repeats but I figured I'd add to them and my take on how I would like to see them work. Or really, how I'd like to see them in game. Kinda hoping that one more thread/post will tip the scales and the devs will want to add them into the game somehow, sooner than...
  6. DinoMaster9000

    Carnivore Comfort Bonanza

    So I have this problem here and there on the other islands, but it really seems to go wild on Sorna. I’ve built nearly all of Sorna lacking a small space, and my enclosures have been completed for some time around the island. But for whatever reason I played today and all my dinos comforts were...
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