1. shadow133

    Ships Vette PvE build advices

    About to grind for a long due updated build. Any thoughts? I used 2 huge beams but found it takes too much power and time to finish off a target, so switching with MCs instead while using the smaller ones for lasers.
  2. don carnage1

    Can the double-engineered FSD be re-engineered?

    UPDATE: THE ANSWER IS “NO.” Do NOT attempt this or you will ruin your module! Since no one seemed to know the answer, and no one appeared willing to try and find out, I decided to take one for the team and test it myself. Unfortunately, the 2-second reboot time is NOT hardcoded as a base...
  3. Deadly Vindicator

    Ships Elite Dangerous Efficient Engineering using Colonia Engineers and Fleet Carriers An Independent Defence Agency guide: Elite Dangerous Efficient Engineering using Colonia Engineers and Fleet Carriers Extract from the introduction: " In this guide, it’s shown how to have a fully...
  4. T

    Double engineered CG rewards have the potential to ruin the game

    With the release of the latest CG, Frontier is providing the second limited edition "double engineered" module, this time a FSD. This is extremely alarming. The cornerstone of a game's longevity is accessibility. That's why tutorials and starting areas are so important, why the Cobra 4 is a bad...
  5. Old Duck

    Invisible Lasers

    I would love a special effect that makes lasers invisible. Technically lasers should be invisible in the vacuum of space anyway, but these could be infrared or ultraviolet. It might not do much with PvE, but for my PvP stealth build, I would enjoy having this SE. Just a thought! While we're on...
  6. Isana Jabaani

    Selene Jean Quiery

    Hey folks... Can yall help me out here? Been engineering my PvE combat Viper. Mostly done. One more engineer I need to go see; Selene Jean. But now that I'm here, I'm not sure what to tell her... My instinct is to play to my Viper's strengths; it's speed, and go with some of the lighter stuff...
  7. Random Player

    Engineered Death?

    What happens if I Engineer a ship, then get killed? I have noticed that Engineering is not, as far as I can see, increasing my Buy Back Cost amount, so, if I die, do I get my ship back with ALL Engineering that I had done to it? Thanks!
  8. AgingGamer

    Colonia bound: mixed bag of questions

    I’ve unlocked Etienne Dorn, so I’m on my way to Colonia in my slightly mis-configured Anaconda to work on getting G5 sensors. It will likely take me a few weeks to get there, and I plan on spending some time (a few weeks?) in that area when I arrive. I’ll have to ’level up’ my engineer friend...
  9. [VR] Goooost

    Basic Engineering Module for Fleet Carrier: includes tier 1 blueprints & remote engineering, material trader, experimentals

    I want to have a Fleet carrier that has basic engineering services. Any blueprint rolls could have a transaction fee or additional material cost The extra materials taken from players engineering would help stock a material trader. I could also specify a price for selling high-grade...
  10. Part-TimeWarrior

    Simple proposed fix to PVE and PVP balance

    So, as many of you undoubtedly know, the current balancing of this game is... let's go with poor, bordering on broken. Engineering is completely overpowered, many upgrades are just unusable and pointless, while others are just too good. A large part of this has to do with the way shields work...
  11. Old Duck

    Self Restraint

    I unlocked Selene Jean last night on PC, and I brought my fleet to her to engineer the hull and HRPs. As with many aspects of ship design and engineering, I just could not bring myself to maxing out most of my ships. It just doesn't feel right. People complain about the game lacking challenge...
  12. Old Duck

    Provide Engineering For Mining Tools

    It sure would be nice if we could engineer our mining lasers, etc. Selene Jean would be the perfect engineer for this. I personally would like to light weight my lasers and charges for my explorer ship, but efficient mods, range mods, "damage" mods (making size 1 mining lasers more viable), etc...
  13. Adept

    A question about engineering changes.

    I did all my engineering before the system was changed. Now I’m wondering whether I need to go re-do everything. Are the new caps higher, or can there be a benefit to keeping legacy tweaks?
  14. Old Duck

    Ship Builds & Load Outs A question about Thermal Shock

    Is Thermal Shock a set number, or does it scale with damage? In other words, will a size 4 weapon generate significantly more heat than a size 1 weapon, or is heat generated the same? If the former, is there any point to using TS on size 1 weapons? I don't expect to explode a ship via heat...
  15. Old Duck

    Engineers, engineering, optimal mass, and max cargo

    Does Coriolis give any warning if our thrusters can't handle a full cargo load? I'm specifically thinking of the Type-9 with 7D thrusters engineered with Dirty Drives. I want to make sure I don't nerf my cargo carrying capacity by taking the hit to optimal mass. I know I could go with bigger...
  16. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    Another Engineers QOL Suggestion

    Would it at all be possible to allow us to view (only view, not pin, or apply experimentals), all available (unlocked ranks) blueprints for any selected engineer, from the engineer page on the right panel? Currently, if I need to engineer say, shield boosters, I look up which engineer does...
  17. D

    Redesign the Engineering Grind

    Overview The Engineering grind is widely considered one of the most soul-sucking chores currently in the game. I believe simply restructuring the grind, without necessarily reducing it, would dramatically improve the player experience while making Engineering in general feel more rewarding...
  18. TWolfJaeger

    Electronic Warfare

    This is gonna be a long read. As most threads go that try to tackle fundamental changes to the game for the nth time, I expect few views, mostly downvotes, and replies to "git gud", but I gotta put it out there or it'll never leave my head, so here we go: tl;dr 1) Increase the utility of the...

    Guide / Tutorial Material & Data Guide Tutorials for 2019 Summary

    Doing a Post with all Info to efficient Material / Data Collection for 2019 /2020 There is a lot of seperate Info, but no whole one where people can easy find stuff, so non of the linked guides and videos sheets are from me credits belongs to the creators ...
  20. K


    Well, not a true fix but a bit of a workaround until its patched. If you go to the engineers base, you can freely upgrade all your modules UNLESS you cursor over an upgrade that you are missing mats for. Have not yet tested this remote. Does that make sense? Say I am upgrading G5 MC at todds...
  21. Q

    DSS engineering suggestion

    Module: Detailed Surface Scanner (D.S.S.) Experimental Modification: Safety Override Effect: Player may now choose to hold fire-trigger button for 5 second spool-up period (similar to liftoff sequence from planetary landings). After spool-up completes, vessel launches a single DSS probe as an...
  22. Old Duck

    Make Inertial Impact Usable

    I just tried the Inertial Impact SE on my burst lasers, and I was impressed with the stats, but in the actual field they are USELESS. Well, if you can talk a T9 into sitting still as you shoot it from 100 meters away, then I suppose they are usable, but come on, this jitter is insane. If...
  23. T

    Visit an Engineer before your invited.

    Try it, you might find it an, enlightening, experience. (You might need to DSS the surface to reveal it, or be in range, I couldn't tell, it didn't show until after I did.)
  24. P

    ASP Max USABLE Jump Range

    I think I have pushed my ASP as far as I can, in terms of jump range, whilst keeping her usable, but wanted opinions on if I have missed anything, that would help me squeeze an extra couple of LYs out of her? My current max range is 70.92, but I only get 67.62 on a full tank. Ideally I wanted...
  25. P

    Private Data Beacons In Colonia Region

    Ok, so I'm starting to pull my own hair out.....! I'm out near Colonia, trying to get Mel Brandon to finish clean engineering my drives. For this, I need a load of Abnormal Compact Emissions Data. That's fine...I'll just hop around some systems, enter some Encoded Emission sources and scan some...
  26. FatalSuperior

    [INDEPENDENT] --GreyBeard Delta Squadron-- -OV40- Are you looking for a more experienced.. more adult..PS4 CMDR squad? Look no further.

    We are a predominately over 40’s group of commanders from all over the Earth who have come together to enjoy the Elite Dangerous universe to enjoy all aspects of the game. We are a PvE focused PS4 squadron and invite and encourage newer players to join as we have a wealth of experience to...
  27. ScriptedSamurai

    [FEDERATION] The Armada - Valyn's Dragons

    The Armada is a small group of seasoned players that are willing to help new players with anything they need. We need more people for combat missions to further our in game faction. We can help with ship progression, money making, and engineering. We love the game and the community and just...
  28. GoalieHoff-G08


    (I apologize if this has been discussed already) Questions to the community: Would you get into the idea of being able to take the role of an engineer and specialize mods to offer for sale? Maybe have a special system of leveling your ability and also be able to sell pre-engineered modules for...
  29. ZiggyGG

    Material gathering for engineers?

    Hello there fellow Commanders! 07! I need your guidance and/or help. I currently own 37 ships in the game with over 2500+ hours of gameplay and I've decided that there is time to engineer all my ships. Engineering in ED is my last favour type of gameplay. OK maybe not engineering itself, but the...
  30. Abysinth

    Fast Track Engineering

    I would like to see an addition to the current system: a] a button to allow me to fully engineer a single module as far as it will go based on the mats I have collected rather then click, click, clickety-click [yawn], possibly with an "are you sure Cmdr?" msg with a response from the eng...
  31. Silv3rDragon

    Chaff resistance engineering

    I know you can just use fixed weapons but for those NPCs that seem to have 8 chaff launchers and just spam them all day with unlimited ammo I would still like to use gimballed weapons for the convinience. I would like to see sensor engineering or an experimental effect (or both) that diminishes...
  32. CMDR Takuforts

    Bridge Crew Feature for E.D.

    Fellow CMDRS and Devs (if your reading) I have a gameplay feature id like to put forward, wether or not it's been mentioned in the past i don't know. // Bridge-Cockpit crew // So my idea would be that at stations, you can hire NPC CMDRS to fly with you on your ship, the amount of NPCs you can...
  33. Daniel Klimchuk

    Engineering or Guardian Technology?

    Greetings Commanders! I just fully A-rated my Conda and, as the title suggests, I am wondering what I should go into first - engineering or Guardian technology? I don't mind some grinding. Which should I do first? Which requires more time? Which is most effective? Sorry if this was posted...
  34. Baba_Ghannoush


    Proposal: Create a unique Module Exchange where Commanders can buy and sell engineered modules. A Galactic Module Exchange - GALMEX. Gal-MEX is an exchange board where modules of various engineering levels and functionality can be bought and sold, completely anonymously. A Commander who has no...
  35. W

    Remember when FDev promised more reduced cost engineering weekends? They dont...

    The material trader requirements were halved and each grade required the previous grades mats. FDev said they planned to do the event more often. Do you remember? FDev doesnt.
  36. Old Duck

    Engineers Best Effect for Small / Medium Cannons for PvE

    While it sounds crazy, I've been enjoying fixed cannons on some of my small fighters, and I'm wondering which special effect gives the most bang for the buck. The ones of particular interest to me are: Thermal Cascade High Yield Dispersal Field My other question would be if Thermal Cascade and...
  37. A

    Request for Thargoid/Guardian materials to be tradable at material traders.

    Since there’s currently very little use for these materials beyond unlocking tech broker modules and restocking specialty weapons, I think it would be very good to be able to exchange them for more useful materials. If possible (within the game’s programming, I mean), you could make exchanges...
  38. A

    Small feature request: auto-add engineering materials to ignore list while storage is full.

    And it should auto-remove them from the ignore list as soon as we have space for them again, of course. Just a minor quality-of-life improvement.
  39. F

    in game ship planner

    going off what does and what ed engineer does, i though what if we had a little of both in game so you'd go to the shipyard and select a ship then you'd select a button something like plan ship customization or something and it would go to an special outfitting screen, where you'd...
  40. F

    please allow us to buy materials from mats traders with credits

    as it stands even with trading and picking sites to optimize your mats gathering its still a bit of a long grind to engineer well anything i suggest that we be allowed to buy materials for grades 1 through 3 from the mats traders directly 10 credits per 1 mat at grade 1, 50 at grade 2 and 100...
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