1. Junksick

    Newcomer / Intro Finding a USS

    Well particularly high grade... but lately, just in gneneral. I remember these things popping up just about everywhere no matter where you were or what you are doing but nowadays i cant seem to find any whatsoever? Sometimes i will get like one or two in a system or something like that but then...
  2. netchild

    Proposals for the "too many FCs in some systems" issue

    Pre-face: The are a lot of FCs parked in systems of high interest (e.g. in engineer systems, crystal shard sites, or at the Peak). Some of them do not move at all during an extended period of time (months), and do not offer any service for the public (or the owner). Some of them are simply...
  3. Hudownik

    Request for PIN function for engineers (Odyssey and Horizons)

    In horizons we got some sort PIN function for blueprints. Why there is no that function for Odyssey? Every time i want to upgrade my suit or weapon i take a picture of materials that i need to find, rather press "PIN button". Great example Fallout 4. It has "PIN button", if you use it, every...
  4. Bionic Bytes

    Jude Navarro - won't accept Genetic Repair Meds

    Anyone else having trouble getting the UI to allow the passing of Genetic Repair Meds since update 6.1? I had previously managed to pass 4 prior to update 6. The arrows are just not accepting a click, and thus I can't get his referral.
  5. drushapedblurr

    Issues with bookmarks

    I have an issue where a bookmark for an engineers settlement will appear in the settlement tab and and a different engineers will only appear in the systems tab, I've tried to delete and bookmark them again but this seems to do the same but with different engineers appearing in different...
  6. Salen

    Small Update Suggestion for Ground Engie Locations

    If Oddy is going to remain as grindy as it is right now, the least FDev can do to help with the issue of going to a Ground Engineer to upgrade their equipment is to implement 2 TINY changes to the Engie Bases. Put a Pioneer Supplies shop in the base, so folks can upgrade their equipment in case...
  7. Cosmo

    5 of the 9 Odyssey Engineers are Clones

    Fdev copied 3 engineers and 2 look identical. Some are nothing like their Horizons versions such as Lei Cheung. See this thread by oomcommander.
  8. Baklavah

    Engineers Appalled at the "falling back" to old engineering for space legs upgrades...

    I cannot even fathom right now... WHO thought this was a good idea? And why? Also, permanent upgrades that can't be swapped? The hell are they slotted in with? Old-school superglue? This is pretty sad to see. So now you're re-adding tedium that EVERYONE hated in the first place, and offering no...
  9. S

    Does anyone know if enhancing the range of a plasma weapon improves the projectile speed?

    Title, basically. As I've not noticed any significant damage falloff with the pistol or sniper. Haven't used the rifle much as the damage is a bit too low for my liking, although the falloff is definitely noticeable on the shotgun. So, yeah. Does anyone know?
  10. Gizzard

    Odyssey engineer unlock broken or am I doing something wrong?

    So trying to unlock Hero and Tera. I've done around 30 ground conflict zones, and today did at least 6 heists on the ground also. Nothing, logged out went to another system and nothing, still both greyed out. Am I missing something here or are these engineers bugged? :(
  11. Daniel Klimchuk

    Why Sale of Engineered Modules should be Allowed

    Allow players to sell engineered modules to stations or to other players via fleet carriers for high prices. If someone wants an engineered module but doesn't want to collect materials and engineer it themselves, they can go to someone's carrier and buy the module ready there. It's a win-win...
  12. Cmdr Lone-Starr

    Replacing Engineered Modules

    Hi :) So, I've not posted to a forum before...let alone this if I commit a faux-pas please let me know. Anyway! My question concerns what happens to an engineered (enhanced) module if you replace that module with another. Do you have to get the new module done as well? Or does the...
  13. Daniel Klimchuk

    Engineering or Guardian Technology?

    Greetings Commanders! I just fully A-rated my Conda and, as the title suggests, I am wondering what I should go into first - engineering or Guardian technology? I don't mind some grinding. Which should I do first? Which requires more time? Which is most effective? Sorry if this was posted...
  14. L

    The Bubble-Engineers must not be worse than the Colonia-Engineers. Equal but not worse.

    If someone wants to go to colonia that is fine and admirable, yet not everyone does. And with all the grind in ED, asking me to go to Colonia to get me G4-Shieldcells is a bit much to ask ... Surely I could just pin the recipe and get the experimental somewhere in the bubble but will I then have...
  15. M

    Clean drives rework

    Clean drives don't really seem to help much with what they are "supposed" to do. The increase to thermal spread is counteracted by the increase in power draw, which leads a near insignificant change. All you end up with is a marginally faster ship with significantly increased power requirements...
  16. Rexoplex

    Ideas to Buff/Much Further Implement Powerplay

    1. Allow Empire and Federation associated powerplay activities to contribute to the Empire or Federation rank grinds for ship access. 2. DRASTICALLY increase merit gain from all sources (and add more sources) so that the merit grind for rating 5 is actually even remotely worth it for every...
  17. Old Duck

    Engineers Engineering Rant

    While Engineers were improved in 3.0, the actual logic behind them bothers me to this day, and I really wish Frontier had implemented an entirely different system. Engineers feel like a copy-n-paste of the crafting system in games like ESO. In that game, you "farm" materials - plants for...
  18. Tigir

    Raw engineering materials as mission rewards

    The addition of raw engineering materials to mission rewards would help cut out a lot of the griping over grinding in the game. Material grade offered could be linked to mission ranking, and with the traders even getting lower grades of materials that can be traded up could make for a happier...
  19. Grisbane

    Lavian Brandy

    something needs to be done.. some group or faction is giving the middle finger to the ENTIRE Elite community by doing everything they can to keep the system in Lockdown. I know many of us who bounty hunt there a lot to try and keep it down but what we can do is limited compared to what the...
  20. T

    ACTUALLY buff HGE spawns.

    As we know, FDev claimed to have "buffed" HGE's a while back. Then a week later they were stealth nerfed back to a worse a spawn rate than before. Maybe stick to them being a little more common and have more players actively playing the game, and less getting miffed that they can't ever find...
  21. D

    Engineers rework...

    ... is a damn smart move. I must say that i really like the ability to have several modules or weapons engineered the same identical way. And i appreciate the new way of personalization by the experimental effects. Thanks FD.
  22. Soifua

    Engineers ED Engineers Travel Distance Chart

    It's always been a little frustrating trying to plot a route between engineers, especially right after picking up a new ship and outfitting it when everything needs to be engineered. So I made a little chart to see the distances between all engineers. Presented for your consideration: The ED...
  23. Jason Sefer

    Beam laser color changes with engineering

    I have 3 efficient beam lasers g5 with thermal vent on my vette (2x medium ×1 large) and for some reason only the large beam has changed its color to Orange and the others haven't? Is this a glitch or this is how it's supposed to be?
  24. T

    Engineers Emmisive. Broken.

    Just a quick issue i'd like to raise concerning emmisive rounds. Every other effect has a very short timer, why is it that emmisive lasts for pushing 25/30 seconds? This effect as it stands breaks any sort of SR builds any player can come up with. Now im not saying its a bad effect here, but it...
  25. Valen Zendaris

    Modes Legacy Modes in ED

    Currently we have the following modes in the game: a) Open b) Player Group c) Solo The idea is to add one new mode: Open Legacy with an optional mode of Legacy Player Groups The Open Legacy mode would be a duplicate of the current Open mode, however restricted to content available within the...
  26. E

    Engineers dont care about module size

    So why dont engineers take into account the size of the module their engineering? Would make perfect sense to me that a class 1A shield generator should take less mats to engineer to G5 than a 8A prismatic shield generator. Just seems like a one size fits all system where a little bit of...
  27. Jason Sefer


  28. Yamiks

    [video] Horizons "review"
  29. A

    Engineers Engineers are bugged after 3.0

    o7 I have grade 5 acces to Hera Tani, have used her before for Power plants, but now ive come back to the game, and i ended up needing more power for the chieftain, so i go to Hera Tani, and i only have grade 1? When i look at the engineers tab, it says i have grade 5 acces, but when i try to...
  30. M

    Frame Shift Drive: New vs Old Engineers

    Greetings CMDRs! So I’m 30,000 LY from home right now, a little over a quarter of the way into circumnavigating the Milky Way counter-clockwise. Point being, I’m too far to try out the new engineering since 3.0 dropped. I apologize if another forum addresses this but I couldn’t find anything...
  31. B

    Make the engineer modification informations bigger

    The new engineer modification informations are really smal and hard to read, do you plan on making them bigger ? Example
  32. L

    Newcomer / Intro Help I cant slow down!

    Hi, Well this is v odd. My thrusters work fine when I am cruising around space in or out of hyper cruise unless I am aproaching an orbiting space port or have just entered the system and want to refuel at its star. Then the ship refuses to slow down and blasts past the target. I have checked...
  33. S

    Engineers Overcharged is way more useful and powerful than anything else

    +70% more damage?! Why would anyone choose anything else? Nothing comes close. I consider this a really poor design decision as it kills variety. Or is there something here I just do not see or understand?
  34. B

    Engineers: Reality and Human Nature vs. Design Intent - Why the design Creates Tedium

    Imagine for a moment you intend to purchase a high performance sports car. Or perhaps a truck that specializes in hauling heavy loads, or long hauling, perhaps for your fleet. You purchase the vehicle. But it still requires modifications in order to fill its specific role to the best of its...
  35. H

    Suggestions to new Material Trader

    As a leader of a major player group, I'd like to bring the voice of around 500 people. The material trader is a much needed step in the right direction towards eliminating a significant portion of the grind with engineers. We really appreciate this, a lot. But I'd like to point out that the...
  36. A

    Horizons Make Materials Easier to Acquire Without Horizons

    Thanks to not all of the Elite community being rich enough to get the Horizons expansion on a dime, the game's MMO (not so much MSO) aspects such as Open Play have quickly and obviously become pay-to-play. Due to this, nearly everyone who does not have access to the ability to come into contact...
  37. M

    New upgrade System - "Your time is valueable"- is a pure grind and waste of everyones time

    If you watched the stream of today you saw that they showed off the new system.To make things short. Forcing us to roll a module 5 times to "complete" rank 1 to progess further to rank 2 is just a waste of time and material as it is waste of time finding all those material. The materials...
  38. K

    Engineering Repair Limpits/Advanced Scanner

    I was just wondering why I can't engineer both the repair limpit and advanced scanner from any of the Engineers. I'd like to think you can as you can engineer other scanners and limpit modules. Weight off both items would be great for the FSD range.
  39. CMDRTarkaDal

    Engineers - Further Feedback

    Hello Frontier I'm looking forward to seeing the new changes introduced and from the feedback I'm looking forward to seeing the improvements. Also looking forward to seeing the engineer bases on the new planets. I feel engineering would be a more rewarding experience with more variety. The...
  40. N

    Making minig more Intressting for engineering

    I just once again turned my anaconda into a mining ship and started mining. And then I noticed once again how boring that actually is abd thought about how you could change that. 1st: The first and easiest step would be to use music that simply conveys the feel of Wild West 2nd: A refinery...
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