1. Goddess Raven

    Recruiting with my Squadron VoA/VLoA - Open/Private Group

    We have Decided to Open recruitment for this Squadron. and have supplied a Discord link for anyone who wishes to visit and speak with me first. Proper Etiquette is required, and respecting Server Rules. short Description of VoA/VLoA: We're a Private/Open group of players who love ED, we...
  2. MagicD3VIL

    [ALLIANCE] Alliance Pilots Enforcer Corps is now recruiting enforcers

    Who are we? Alliance Pilots Enforcer Corps (APEC) has been born on June 11th of year 3305 after the rising threat of pirates and anarchistic powers, which often made visitors and even native pilots feel unsafe in many systems under Alliance power. For this new corporation, a leading team...
  3. Nimmo

    Post Disaster Evacuation Service - PDES

    Good afternoon commanders, Recently I discovered that I rather enjoyed evacuation missions and thought it could be interesting to try to work with other commanders in evacuating damaged stations. After a bit of digging around I discovered that there didn't seem to be a squadron or group...
  4. IamNickMan

    [ALLIANCE] Flat Galaxy Society Searches for New Believers

    About Flat Galaxy Society Flat Galaxy Society was founded by war-weary and politically savvy Commanders who wanted to change galactic politics in the core bubble. The search for a suitable system was long and hard but we finally settled on HR 2926. Most of the founding Commanders were Alliance...
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