1. Ian grant

    Sanctuary misson 2 paleobontey, Issue

    Hello, I have errors with Jurassic World Evolution, The dino is supposed to eat when it wont to make its paleobontey level go high. Am i the only one having this issue?
  2. D

    "Connection denied"

    Hi! Today I played Elite Dangerous (not Horizon's), completed the initial delivery quests (courier), and almost always boarded any stations without any problems. After a while, I realized that Horizon's opens up more features and switched to this server via the launcher. As a result, I stood...
  3. N

    RCT 3 PC RCT3 disc read error with expansions.

    I have owned RCT3 and the Wild expansion on disc for quite some time without complaints. I just bought the CD Soaked expansion brand new. I installed it but it kept saying wrong disc inserted insert RCT3 disc. Which I would then do but it would display the same message. If I inserted my Wild...
  4. K

    {reporting error} bugs in the message tab when I enter or leave the multi-crew

    error in the message tab during the entry or exit of the multi-crew, all buggy messages appear superimposed whenever I leave the multi-crew or enter so that I have to enter and exit the message tab to correct it always. demonstração here and here vote no reporte aqui here
  5. C

    Invalid machine ID

    greetings everyone need some help please! I used to play Elite dangerous Horizons with my Occulus VR...... When I used it I would change my screen resolution to min to help lower cost on cpu as I was in VR and not using my monitor. However the launcher now only loads the top left corner leaving...
  6. S

    Food Quality Error

    Food Quality Grades 2 and 3 are out of order. The middle Food Quality says Grade 3, however when you click on it the text says Grade 2. Same with the last food Quality. It says Grade 2, but clicking on it says Grade 3. See attached image. .
  7. C

    Please help. Keybindings for Oculus Touch

    Hey guys, I am trying to set my hyperspace keybindings to the original keybinding in the touch controls. Everytime I try to do this is wants to reset it to my new pitch control. How do I make the binding work using the touch control? I want the same binding when you Hold Y and press up in the...
  8. C

    Scarlett Krait error constantly.

    Hello everyone, I bought the game about 10 days ago and I constantly having Scarlett Krait errors on my Xbox One X. The firsts days didn't have any, but recently I have more frequently. I noticed that happens sometimes when I'm on the mission board and more commonly in hyperspace jumps. The...
  9. Enaiming

    Crash of the Game after open Zoo

    Hallo together, I've got a crash after I open a Zoo. This happend only at one Zoo. Everything else works. Do you can help me? I dont get a error or somthing. I have already lowered the graphics. I thought it could be because of it. I have a Geforce GTX 1070 and an Intel i7-8700 CPU. I dont...
  10. S

    Sorry, something went wrong - crash.

    Hi, when I press play the game doesn't even start. I get an error and message "Sorry, something went wrong." I've tried everything and it still doesnt work. I don't know how to fix it :'(
  11. A

    Endless scarlett kraits today?

    Anyone else battling scarlet krait errors today? From frame shifting to thargoid killing... it appears there is no shortage of triggers for it. Had a hard time logging in as well. Last night all was well, now this...
  12. C

    Display update error

    I couldn't add a image. I have display update error,ı can start launcher but when ı push to the start button ı have this problem "No 3D-accelerated display mode is avalible,please check that your display driver is up-to-date." and game closes. By the way ı have updated every lately driver...
  13. The Black Pearl

    so why can't I claim this bounty?

    Edit: it seems the forums keep going "oops" I have a 7,795,265 bounty by Sirius Special forces in my claims. In Serious at Patterson Enterprise, At Kyleigh McKenzie (Authority Contract) and I have no bounties to claim
  14. Z

    ugcPrecheckTimeout - help?

    Hello fellows of the forum, My model gets rejected with this error: An unexpected error occurred preventing the build from completing [ugcPrecheckTimeout] "Pre-check has exceeded maximum permitted time: 30 secs" I could manage uploading other models fine now, but not this one. I'm using 3ds...
  15. D

    BGS Influence System Issues

    Hello. Our in game minor faction has been experiencing odd % drops in influence despite our entire squadron completing appropriate missions and following system guidelines. We’re concerned that something might be wrong with our BGS system, but are looking for support either way on this situation.
  16. Raptor-88

    ASCII export keeps saying to small

    Hello Toolkit Artists, I have ha question, if i export it (blender) with the binary settings the animation won't work in the game. And if i export it as ACSII i always get the error object to small. Model is too small [ModelTooSmall] "Model is too small : {'ZExtent': '0.06328964000547095'...
  17. Irios

    It would be nice if FDEV could keep us updated on server problems. Please.

    The last 24 hours we have been plagued with "CONNECTION ERROR - Could not connect to transaction server" disconnects. The game is unplayable in its current state, and it is impossible to find any information whatsoever regarding this issue. (Are you even aware of this problem?). The same goes...
  18. zackplanetcoaster

    Database error

    I'm trying to put picture in my Fun Houston timeline park forum. when i put the picture to forum , it says "Database error". can anyone help me please? [sad]
  19. O

    Карта галактики выбивает игру

    Карта галактики выбивает игру Привет! Подскажите пожалуйста как вы решил проблему с открытием карты галактики? Я не могу играть, каждый раз при открытии карты игра слетает. Что делать?
  20. C

    Mission Completion Issues

    When completing missions, I often get stuck in a process that ultimately boots me from the game. It doesn't seem to be tied to any mission type, but reliably happens when I go to turn in a mission. The process goes something like this: Launch the mission board Wait 30+ seconds An error appears...
  21. A

    Unrecoverable error on transaction server

    Please forgive me as I am sure that this is already in a thread elsewhere but this website is very difficult to navigate and I have no other way of ensuring I'm seen. I am in the middle of a very long run with a stack of missions all heading to Colonia totaling about 7.5 million credits and I...
  22. dAlexis

    Have no comments - just see the bug report in the thresd. 3 exceptions from normal BGS in row We expanded from Los to Kopernik completely errorously! 1. More, than 20 LY in one step 2. 8th in the system 3. No retreats were in the target...
  23. C

    "Can't connect to matchmaking server" Need help resolving this

    I was playing at about 9:15am - 9:30am (EST) 1/04/2018 All was going fine until l logged out (was in Solo play) I was in the Community Goal system, at the Samson Bulk Cargo ship when I logged out and now when I try to load Open play, Private play or Solo play I get "CONNECTIONS ERROR Could...
  24. W

    Keep having connection errors when coming out of supercruise at particular station! >:(

    This keeps happening to me at a specific station. When doing evacuation passenger missions, the "coming out of supercruise" phase keeps freezing randomly, then I will get a connection error. And like every second time I redock at the damaged starport the passenger lounge experiences a server...
  25. H

    Error de Conexión / Connection error

    Soy Español / I`m Spanish Hola buenos dias. Desde hace varias noches he vuelto a jugar Elite D. y me está pasando algo extraño. Cuando llevo jugando unos minutos aparece un carte de Connection error y me tira al menu principal. Tengo una conecxion de 300 Megas de Yoigo, no me debería de pasar...
  26. Aslinkal

    Its not RPG but an MMO. Yes?

    Obviously theres no leveling up in this game. But is it possible to see 100 players or say 50 docking at the same time in a station? After all, the game is restricted to only 55 accessible systems at this time with each system having only one station. It shouldnt be hard to come across such...
  27. I

    What do YOU think about all this?!

    I am interested to know what you, the community, think about some of the things or problems that Frontier is going to have or have had and the way they have dealt/are dealing with them. The first question that come to mind, and which I have seen been discussed all over the forum is whether or...
  28. A

    [= New Space MMORTS: Novus Aeterno - Releasing after Kickstarter =]

    Fellow Frontiersmen, I was frustrated by the lack of a true MMORTS that emcompased space empires and though EVE and Sins of a Solar Empire and Homeworld etc are great ... We've created a new sci-fi MMORTS - Novus AEterno, and launched a Kickstarter to polish it for our public release (it's...
  29. Bungarus

    Danger of no persistent MMO world, seriously?

    I was just starting to get ehtusiastic about ED from what I have read so far because I got the impression that of course there will be an out-and-out persistent MMO-version of the game (plus options for people who prefer single player or conventional multiplayer to stay out of the persistent...
  30. deMangler

    ED Server / Servers Down problems discussion thread

    Probably a bad thread title but here goes. There has been some discussion of using cash for credits to fund the game server. I would probably never purchase in-game credits even if I were a millionaire and I wanted to support the server. Here is a suggestion for an additional server financing...
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