1. C

    Saving errors and crashing

    I have been experiencing problems woth saving in franchise and career mode. When attempting to save in career mode my game crashes. When attempting to save in franchise mode an error displays stating " Failed to save 'Eaa6069c-080f-4f6e-8f33-d7e5a689a9f9' " and I also cannot exit the game in...
  2. I

    Launcher doesn't start. Error : The Konfiguration couldn't initialize

    Hi, after returning to elite dangerous after some while the launcher has been updated ofc but i tried as usual to install the new version but now im running into the following error : Exception at the start of the program: The konfigurationsystem couldnt initialize. Afterwards following error...
  3. M

    No 3D graphics adapter is available error....NEED HELP PLS!!!!

    Just bought this game and apparently have the necessary specs to run it. I have a GTX 750 ti and intel i5 and other people with the same specs can run the game. Ive tried multiple work arounds such as the screen resolution switch, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers and reinstalling the game...
  4. SkyWarrior

    Codex credit is not showing up after findings

    In Ship PC Game Codex entry...shows up and reports to look at find 1 panel does not show codex credits I have had 50 thous on a codex found days ago (one panel)
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