1. Cmdr_Ajay31091

    Escort wing 'Vanguard Initiative' (Xbox one)

    Redacted, see new post plz. Can a mod delete this one please! o7
  2. B

    Escort Missions (sort of)

    Lets say a small group of players are having an event, or running missions, or whatever, and they are prone to disruptive commander attacks. How about a system to alert nearby player when another player falls under attack. My idea is like this: Its similar to the wing beacon under functions...
  3. sleoj

    Escort missions

    I remember some of my favorite (and frustrating) missions back in the days of X-wing were the escort missions. It'd be nice to have something like that. Escort high-value cargo/passenger between points, possibly having to drop out of supercruise to defend them against pirates that interdict...
  4. L

    Relativistically Accurate Animation

    Watching the visual effects during frameshift, I startet thinking about how travelling at superluminous speeds would be. During my little reasearch I stumbled upon a video (link below), which I found pretty interesting. It's a NASA-made relativistically accurate animation of what travelling...
  5. kenwshmt

    General / Off-Topic Atomic Rocketships of the Space Patrol - REFERENCE

    This page is fairly thorough on science and lack of it in common fiction. It is a good read for how things might work or why they wont. There are many links of reference to the stories where what ever the technology was from is, or to better explanations. Atomic Rocketships of the Space...
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