1. J

    Can we please fix the federal dropship.

    I really enjoy the federal medium ships. My favorite one is the dropship. It just has 1 major issue, its jump range is abysmal. There is a simple solution to this problem. It has a hull mass of 580T. The ANACONDA has a hull mass of 400T, 180 less than a ship a bit more tyan half its size. (See...
  2. Hyoscine

    Fuel tanks as an optional module should have an off switch

    About half the modules in my somewhat anaemic explorer are powered down at any given time, it feels like an oversight that I can't shut down an extra fuel tank. How cool it would be if you could explore without a diminished jump range, and turn on the spare from the module tab when you want to...
  3. Luna Valenwood

    Dangerous Dogs and Hot Discoveries

    Don't mind the title I was just hungry at the time. To give a little bit more clarity to this post I have been wandering around the galaxy on the Great Infernal Galactic Circumnavigation Expedition. This has given me some thinking time about exploration, and how the current mechanics could be...
  4. A

    Is Physical Multicrew's space-exploration usefulness non-existant?

    What is the reason that physical multicrew does not give teammates redeemable exploration data for themselves to turn in, or any credits at all for that matter? Unlike teleprescene, they are literally there in the seat next to me - onboard the ship, just like you; scanning and mapping things and...
  5. Aella Fess

    Add exploration data cloud saving as option internal module

    I find it really silly that in so technologically advanced universe as is presented in ED the concept of cloud saving is totally absent. You can order your ship to move from one system to another even if it is as distant as Colonia to Bubble but apparently if your ship is destroyed and it...
  6. B

    OOCHOXT-JI-C B19-0 1

    If anybody is interested there is Minor Wreckage and 4 Distress Beacons on OOCHOXT-JI-C B19-0 1 (unexplored system). No idea when I'll cash in the exploration / mapping data. Co-ordinates below. 2 of the sites are protected by skimmers. Minor Wreckage -23.2881 -25.1774 2 skimmers Tea...
  7. Alex Korr V

    Chance to make a discovery

    Question to all, but Frontier's comments would be especially appreciated: do players still have a chance of making a discovery, meaning, a small chance of discovering something that was never ever discovered by any other player before? This is obviously not about new worlds, but rather about...
  8. sleepfishl

    Max-Distance for Sysem names on Galaxy Map

    Hi everyone, I love exploration and I love to find systems through the names displayed on the Galxy map. It does bug me a little that the map doesn't display alot of names tho. Is there any way to increase the radius that shows these system names? it would make the process of zooming...
  9. M

    Newcomer / Intro The Dark Wheel *SPOILER* (kinda)

    The ingame lore describes TDW as some mystical/unknown association noone knows where to find and gives a hint regarding a certain system which I haven't figured out yet. But I did find TDW as a faction So my question is, how does that fit into the picture? Should I get friendly with those guys...
  10. marx

    Analysing ELW distribution over sectors, crowdsourced data from 2021. July

    This is an updated version of my earlier thread on the subject, with the data revisited after two years. Enough things have changed by now that I'd rather not necro it. First off, here's the updated version with data from 2021/07/19...
  11. IamNickMan

    Open Invitation to Monkey Head Nebula Survey

    Hi all, I wanted to extend an invitation here for a short survey of Monkey Head Nebula and the surrounding nebula's that I've tried my hand at organizing, and am hosting over on Discord through a group I coordinate for. The trip centers around a carrier that will be supporting our survey out at...
  12. GraphicEqualizer

    ED: O gameplay fixes - Exploration / Vista

    Glad to hear the effort is going to be put in on Odyssey PC woes before thinking of pushing it onto consoles. Here's my ten cents worth for what needs to be fixed for Odyssey explorers and how to ensure more that one dimension of gameplay to every feature (this will be a recurring theme...
  13. V

    System for logical, balanced, slow-burn "base building" without direct executive control

    TL,DR Create new stations/settlements at a slow rate based on emergent local properties, and collective CMDR engagement in logistical and survey activities (existing mechanisms). The systems built in, and how they are populated, emerge from properties of each of eight construction companies and...
  14. GraphicEqualizer

    General Fixes to make Odyssey live up to its name for exploration gameplay. Will any of this appear in Update 5 or before console launch?

    I am mainly focussing on exploration gameplay here to help actually live up to the definition of the name "Odyssey" Live up to the name dammit, especially given the extreme disappointment from the hype that we thought exploration gameplay was finally going to get some long overdue work (the...
  15. Vernon

    Finding Bacterial colonies - quickly

    I made this video that shows an entire loop of me starting on one planet, travelling to its neighbour and then finding and scanning the bio signals. The entire video is 17m long but the action in terms of locating the bacterial colonies starts at 8m31. All in all, it takes about 9 minutes for me...
  16. Wulfrim

    Why Can't I Find All the Organics Sometimes?

    Hello CMDRs, I've been very excited about the addition of Odyssey's exobiology, and while I've figured out most of the basics I've been encountering a problem that no one else seems to be talking about. When I scan a planet with FSS or DSS I of course am told the number of biological signals...
  17. A

    Accretion Disk Boost

    Not sure if this has been suggested before but here I go A new feature called Disc Boost, which is similar to jet-cone boost How to perform a Disc Boost Step 1: Outfit your FSD with the experimental effect “Drive Shielding”. This effect eliminates damage from jet-cone boost and allows for...
  18. N

    Finding bacteria is a bit too difficult and suggested improvements.

    Most of the bio signals are sticky uppy things, sometimes easy to spot glowing sticky uppy things, however bacterial aren't, so they they are harder to spot. This means gameplay wise I'm currently: Try and scan using the hand held scanner thing The scan is really close range, so nothing is...
  19. Noduran

    Paladin Consortium: Paladin Support Initiative

    Dear cmdrs, Paladin Consortium is proud to present our latest project: Paladin Support Initative The Paladin Consortium has decided to open its expertise to pilots and organisations, independently of their affiliation. If you are in need of help, or simply seeking advice, do not hesitate to...
  20. S

    Feedback and questions I had during Odyssey gameplay

    Hello everyone, I really hope that someone from Frontier will actually read this. I´ve spent many hours in Odyssey already, so I consider my feedback valuable. I also have multiple questions that could be considered feedback as well (since its not clear to me). Note that I like Odyssey even if...
  21. marx

    Exobiology and its missed opportunities

    There was an interesting post by @Ian Doncaster in the Distant Worlds 3 expedition is postponed indefinitely thread, and I would like to touch on the subject: however, I'm banned from posting in that thread, and the subject would be off-topic anyway, so I'll do a new thread on it here. The...
  22. Suni

    Please allow explorers in the black to acquire an Artemis suit to be able to scan the new biology

    I'm in the black, thousands of light years from the nearest station and almost as far from the nearest fleet carrier. I have no way of doing the exobiology thing (scanning plants) since I don't have an Artemis suit, and it will take weeks or more of play time to get to where I could purchase...
  23. Tonchor

    [UNAP-EC] Exploration Mission “Growing Moon"

    Information about the expedition Where: Jirani -> Colonia -> Sagittarius A* -> Colonia -> Chakaia. Objective: To study new biological species and planets in places remote from the main halo of human habitation Criteria for joining the expedition: none Description of the expedition: Greetings...
  24. B

    Fleet Carrier Quality of Life and exploration

    1) exploration: first of all I want to say that in my opinion exploration is undervalued, I think the community should be encouraged to explore more, greatly increasing its value, I say it because a person who was going to explore It had been a long time, but now that the odyssey is here, the...
  25. R

    Medium Gutamaya Ship Idea: Imperial Surveyor

    There was an error with the image, this is meant to house a Class 6 FSD to achieve the numbers found within the calculations Above is something I drew up because it was Sunday, I was bored, and I want a Gutamaya exploration vessel. You may find a full res version of the image here. I was using...
  26. Yurika Shirayuki

    Suits / Equipment Needed For Exploration

    Any consensus on what equipment / suits will be needed for explorers outside the bubble? I know the Artemis suit is a must have for exploring footfall enabled planets outside the bubble, but will there be any need for the Maverick suit to salvage wrecks of crashed explorers that were outside...
  27. Mysturji

    Cannot plot route, & Neutron stars are big blobs

    I haven't played much since the Odyssey beta, but today I decided to go exploring. (Currently in Colonia) I went to Los to get an Artemis suit, then to Magellan to get a neutron boost. The star was a big white blob with jets coming out. After scooping, I tried to plot a route down to the Neutron...
  28. R

    Found crashed ship far from bubble but can't loot it !

    Hi all, I am on an exploration mission doing some exobiology and plan to stay for a long time, going around the galaxy to beagle point then colonia and then back to the bubble. I found an crashed ship in an unexplored system around 2000ly from the bubble, opened the maglock but can't loot the...
  29. CMDR WozToons

    DSS Shrubs?

    I have a planet that lists 4 biological. In the DSS the options are Bacterium, Tubus, Tussock and Shrubs. I have easily found the first three bur the 'Shrubs' are eluding me. Perhaps it's me being dense or perhaps it's a bug, both are equally possible. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  30. camenecius

    Add DSS filters, bio-sample markers, and element grades to SRV Wave Scanner.

    The new DSS contact filters are a good addition to exploration, and they need to be added to the SRV wave scanner. The current scanner tries to fit too much information into a few visual and sound effects cues; the ability to filter for a particular signature is a realistic solution to the...
  31. omnicognate

    Do neutron jumps not work any more?

    Any time i try to use a neutron jump to go beyond my normal jump range i get a plotting error saying the route is unavailable... Am I just using the new UI wrong or have they somehow managed to break this?
  32. S

    [INDEPENDENT] Paradise Lost, new nomadic community

    We have no ties to any power, faction, or system. There is no mission statement you're required to follow, no leadership ranks to climb. Nothing but your ship, the stars, and a community to help build. I plan on creating a website and maybe even an in-game squadron but my focus currently is the...
  33. Voivre

    [ALLIANCE] Alliance Exploration Corps

    Founded in 3305, the Alliance Exploration Corps is the exploration arm of the Alliance and a joined collaboration of Elite Commanders trusted with the exploration of the unknown regions of the galaxy. As a secondary mission, the AEC also engages in mining and security details as means of funding...
  34. marx

    Marx's guides, research, data, and various other stuff

    I wanted to make a collection of the various threads I've made over time, with the guides, research, data, and so on, but it wouldn't fit in my forum signature, so I decided I'd make a thread summing them up instead. Here they are: Guides: Marx's guide to finding Earth-like worlds Marx's...
  35. [VR] Goooost

    Improve exploration player retention by leaving behind black box upon death.

    I've known a couple players, and seen the threads for countless others, who have given up on Elite after dying during a long exploration session. My idea is that after collecting more than 500k in exploration data, any ship death will leave behind a signal source with all that data in the form...
  36. Y

    Intruigingly low-mass sector

    In exploring during the Odyssey Expedition, I found near waypoint 8 that the systems in the Hypou Briae sector are unusually low-mass for their mass class. I was informed that the mass classes in a sector are scaled based on the heaviest system in said sector, so this means that the whole sector...
  37. S

    Wich ship is best for exploring?

    Anaconda, Asp Explorer, Diamondback Explorer, Python. Wich one is better for exploring? ( I have seen this types of tread, but they were form 2018-2017, too old)
  38. GetOffMyLawn

    I found an amazing canyon racetrack!

    I don't know who else loves a good canyon run but I've spent the last half hour running this track in my fighter. Amazing place if you like canyon running and quite close to the bubble! It's too good not to share with ya'll! Outopps JI-B d13-26 C 2 a
  39. Heart Kicker

    Elite Dangerous Travel Guide v1

    Hi Cmdrs, It was a little tiring, but very good. I hope it has been a useful content. I will publish a new version, if there is something you want to add, you can comment. Thank you o7.
  40. C

    The Things I've Seen (v2)

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQYiqK66lFE
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