1. E

    To Boldly Go

    Hey all, I'm a very new Elite player (I just started 2 days ago) and, as an avid Star Trek fan, there is nothing more in this game that I would like more than to be to the person who discovers a whole new system, the person who travels the furthest ever travelled in this game. I understand that...
  2. C

    [Fleet Carriers] Exploration Fixes/suggestion

    OK, so, there's a significant uproar from the Exploration community (myself included) about carriers. They seem, at the moment, literally useful for miners, minor combat applications, traders aannnnndd...... that's it. So, what do we get out of it? Well, nothing, other than a 5 billion credit...
  3. A

    Fleet Carrier changes. (Feel free to add your own)

    Couple things need to change: More jumps per full tank, maybe four. Time spool-up and cool-down needs to be half an hour, not an hour. (maybe if exploration is speced into only) my engineered ship can do 500ly in about 2~ hours if I push it with guardian FSD Boosters. Fleet Carriers should be...
  4. The Chairmaker

    Fleet carriers able to purchase exploration data, store it then sell it to universal cartographics.

    My proposal would be for Fleet carriers to have an exploration data secure storage utility. The fleet carrier commander would set a percentage figure which would be a cut of the value that would normally be received by a commander on sale of exporation data to universal catorgraphics. Data...
  5. Valcain

    Where Do You Want To Park Your Fleet Carrier?

    This is not meant to be a post on the costs or upkeep of an FC. I want a more optimistic ideal about them. Something we know is that FCs can jump 500ly at a time. And they can be modified tailored to Exploration, Mining, Bounty Hunting. Etc. Where do you want to park yours? I’m thinking of...
  6. R

    General Exploration and scanning

    After exploring and scanning 1000's of planets I have stopped even looking at resources on the planets. There are no surprises as each resource is always within a very limited range. Just once I would like to find a planet that is abundant in something that is rare elsewhere in the galaxy or...
  7. Badmiker

    Draw back the curtains?

    I would like to suggest that the ‘high wake’ jumping animation is revised. The galaxy of Elite is just quite incredible; to be able to go and explore a 1:1, astrophysically accurate simulation of the Milky Way is amazing. The number of screenshots and shared stories created by Cmdrs shows just...
  8. H

    Best Exploration Ships!

  9. C

    Inner Scutum-Centaurus Arm

    Anybody out here?
  10. H

    What inspired YOUR playstyle?

    What got you into doing the part of the Elite Dangerous, that you love the most :)
  11. C

    What are the 2 closest separate systems close to the bubble that have been found?

    The systems have to be separated, and cannot be visited using SC.
  12. Old Duck

    Mysteries, or just bugs?

    I sometimes discover things in this game that are mysterious, especially when the rumors of Raxxla and The Dark Wheel dance around in the back of my head. Yet when I investigate these things, nothing comes of them, making me think these are just bugs in the game. Here are a couple of examples...
  13. Badmiker

    Newcomer / Intro Exploration - I'm missing something...

    Commanders, o7 Returning to the helm after 30 years. Disappointed to find out that my prized Cobra and that my prior ranking, 'Elite Archangel', are now obsolete. However, I'm nback in the black with my newly engineered Krait and looking for new stuff. And that's the problem; I cannot find...
  14. Mrgoodygumdrops4u

    Found this on a planet in Hip 17694 looks creepy

    😳😳Found this on a planet in Hip 17694 looks creepy It’s b 7 f if you want to see it
  15. TheOfficialRadium

    TITAN Contractors - Squadron Looking for All Types of Players!

    Hello Commanders! We are TITAN Contractors, a lore-based independent player Squadron seeking to be a diverse, comfortable and friendly environment for new and old players to the game. Although lore-based, and mostly based off role-play, we are really just a group of people who want to enjoy...
  16. TravisMcNair

    The Blind Shot...

    I, Commander Travis McNair have decided to search for Raxxla. Not by more conventional means of research and logical thought, but instead a more simple minded approach. From this day forward until Raxxla is discovered, I, Commander Travis McNair will be searching for Raxxla one system at a time...
  17. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    Going Exploring...

    Things are somewhat quiet in my squadron of late, so I'm tempted to get my biannual exploration trip in before anything particularly exciting happens. I'll be flying my usual exploration Krait Phantom, she'll be fully kitted, with a 50ly range, and the full 591m/s top speed, simply because...
  18. F

    How to report Notable Stellar Phenomena?

    I am new to the game and I have recently discovered a new Notable Stellar Phenomena while I was out exploring. I didn't know what it was until I jumped into it...scary at first but then I knew I had to go back to the bubble to report it. Once I got back, I searched for its data in the Universal...
  19. SmashBrown

    Returning player, new ship, more engineers... Where to start???

    Greetings all!! Recently picked up ED again... it's ok, life in the bubble is still....meh..... So I'm headed back out to the black, and decided to swap out the AspX for a phantom, more importantly... THIS PHANTOM!!! (critique wanted) https://s.orbis.zone/5cr3 However, I only have a few...
  20. CMDR Cosmic Spacehead

    Private Exploration Missions

    Just an idea, How about minor factions offering missions for you to explore a certain set of set systems, and offer you the usual variation of rewards in return? People like me, who don't particularly "wander" around deep space, like a nice destination to go to. And it'd be nice if I could...
  21. WR3ND

    Latest Suggestion for Integrating an Optional ADS-like Module

    It's an ongoing issue for many of us, but perhaps some progress has come from it in terms of sorting out the viability and compatibility of having a module like this. From the latest "debate" thread on the forums... Link Here I certainly can't speak for everyone, and bearing in mind that the...
  22. Ozric

    Let's get some issues confirmed

    So most of us here I imagine are hoping that there will be a lot of Exploration/Codex fixes in the December update... I was adding a couple of issues to the tracker last night and I noticed that a couple of the ones I was going to add were already there, but with only one or two comments on...
  23. R

    Is this a known exploration reward issue?

    I wonder why this terraformable high metal content planet "A 6" has such a low value. "A 7" is mostly the same (terraformable hight metal content) and gave a somewhat expected 2,127,755 CR. But "A 6" only gave 184,249 CR. How can this be? I've yet to see a terraformable planet rewarding so few...
  24. Old Duck

    Well it works, but I don't like it...

    I tried the trick of unlocking framerate to speed up POI scans in the FSS, and it does speed it up. It's still a bit slow, but nowhere near as bad as when FPS is locked to monitor refresh. However, I really, strongly dislike the screen tearing and stuttering artifacts this creates. I'll take a...
  25. Swizzy o7o7

    PvP Multicrew PvP.

    Distant Ganks 2. Swizzy's Multicrew Edition Source: https://youtu.be/GwtuQuU9NVc
  26. E

    Boosting Search and Rescue Payouts

    Search and Rescue lacking Releasing a search and rescue carrier, looking forward to it, problem is payout for missions are HORRENDOUSLY underpaid. Pay for players who kill other players isn't worth the risk at all. Players have more incentive to join piracy than incentive to stop that activity...
  27. TransTechGirl

    [INDEPENDENT] Independence Separatist Fleet

    "A new player has entered the game" Do you play regularly? Looking for a small group of UK based players? Enjoy mercenary work? If you answered yes to the above then the Independence Separatist Fleet could be for you. We are a dedicated group of UK based players who specialise in mercenary...
  28. Max Bothin

    The Conflux and Hawkin´s Gap (Part what?)

    I was wondering. As far as I have read yet, there is much of a hassle to the Formidine Rift, and the Zurara. There also are two more areas to be researched, yet. But...I did not find anything more that the abandoned settlements in those areas. There must be more to this! But where? I haven´t...
  29. Goooost

    More star variance.

    I've been thinking, since the star is the first and sometimes the only thing players see when they jump into a system, perhaps it would make sense to model multiple variants of each star type to keep things interesting. You'd still have the same star types, sizes, etc. This would be purely...
  30. CMDR Urania Minora

    [INDEPENDENT] Peaceful Explorers and Scientists - The Intergalactic Astronomical Union [IGAU] is recruiting

    Greetings CMDR's! The Intergalactic Astronomical Union [IGAU] is seeking like-minded CMDR's interested in PEACEFUL scientific and exploration efforts throughout the galaxy. We are a PC only squadron which collects, stores, and studies astronomical data. The Intergalactic Astronomical Union...
  31. Wayland Pentonville

    Thinking about Fleet Carriers & Rebuy...

    Suposing an Exploration FC makes a jump to a 500Ly distant star system, previously unreachable, and that system doesn't include the materials needed to fuel the beast... Does the FC have a suicide button, and will the player be faced with a rebuy for the FC and all of the ships/modules on board...
  32. Old Duck

    From True Explorer to Tourist

    I used to be a True Explorer, but since restarting on PC I've become a not-so-true Tourist. This means that I'm purposefully exploring the Bubble itself, without caring about my name on discovery or mapped tags or making zillions of credits through Stellar Cartography. In some ways, tourism is...
  33. Wayward Goat

    28,322 atmospheres? What?

    Is this even possible or is it just a bug in procedural generation? It also says it has a water atmosphere, and its 2,482K.
  34. Manuone

    The Neutron Path. Elite Game Music Video

    Hi cmdrs! Just made a short footage and I would like to share it with you. Hope you'll enjoy! Source: https://youtu.be/oH9aogjOC5A
  35. AL TARF

    Explorers nameplates

    Been surfing a new Frontier Shop today to find some cool stuff to decorate my exploration ship with, but found the choice of nameplates for this particular activity is still...quite disappointing. To begin with — there're very few of them. I believe there're 2 sets, one of which I have...
  36. W

    Explorer Phantom

    Hi Commanders, I am thinking of switching from the Annie to a Krait Phantom for exploring. It should hit more than 70ly. Not because I am in a rush in exploring, but because it is helpful to reach remote systems. And because it helps if you wanna get home quickly. I will optimise life support...
  37. FalconFly

    Did the Exploration Server just implode?

    Getting "Data Corrupted - please try again" Messages now, unable to reliably scan Systems. If that holds up, I'm literally stuck 8200LY out. (Result after a full System Scan and a "System Scan Complete" Message after 95% already)
  38. A

    I just made ≈300 ARX selling exploration data. I am ED!

    And by “ED” I mean I have no idea how this poopoo got through the initial brainstorming phase. Why, you ask? Simple. If the ARX income from exploration depends on SELLING THE DATA, this is ACTIVELY PUNISHING explorers. Great move, can we fix this please? Edit: oh, and the forum apparently...
  39. K

    Finding passangers that want to go to "Black Treasure" Traikoa FL-P e5-4

    Hi guys, to unlock Proffesor Palin and Chloe Sedesi one of the prerequisites is to travel 5kly away from SOL, so I decided to go to Black Treasure, which is about 5200ly from SOL. To make the most of the journey i thought it would be a good idea to first find some passengers that wants to go...
  40. Q

    DSS engineering suggestion

    Module: Detailed Surface Scanner (D.S.S.) Experimental Modification: Safety Override Effect: Player may now choose to hold fire-trigger button for 5 second spool-up period (similar to liftoff sequence from planetary landings). After spool-up completes, vessel launches a single DSS probe as an...
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