1. Faelendh

    mini game : make it an option, do not trash it

    Mini game in exploration is fun. I understand lot of players dislike it but can't you make it an option instead ? Thanks to the dev team
  2. Sysmon

    It's great that exploration has been polished, but...

    ... does anyone else have this problem? Here is what the DSS looks like it in the live game: The vector for firing probes is conveniently attached to the centre of the body in focus, and all we have to do is set the azimuth and distance from centre to lob a probe at the planet. It works. Here...
  3. B

    A different perspective on exobiology

    Since it's all so doom and gloom around here... The exploration "career" in Elite has never been my thing. I'm just a few percentage points shy of an Elite rating, but it's all from rather shortish trips, around 5,000 LY max to specific destinations I wanted to see. The rather passive game play...
  4. GrumpyAnimal

    Already tired of seeing the same plants everywhere. Suggestions for variety

    I know I'm not the only one who feels like this, nor am I the first to complain about it. But exploration has been my bread and butter in Elite up until Odyssey, and I'm a little disappointed in the execution of the atmospheric worlds and their biodiversity. Which is almost non-existent so far...
  5. [VR] Goooost

    Improve exploration player retention by leaving behind black box upon death.

    I've known a couple players, and seen the threads for countless others, who have given up on Elite after dying during a long exploration session. My idea is that after collecting more than 500k in exploration data, any ship death will leave behind a signal source with all that data in the form...
  6. GrumpyAnimal

    Life found! Photos, descriptions, and location included

    Edit: I have been informed that we are late to the party on this one. These lifeforms and a few others have been discovered already, but here's a short story about our journey anyway Location: Adityan A 9 B LAT: 59.4041 LONG: 19.5386 Specifically, that little patch of green Strange structures...
  7. Y

    Intruigingly low-mass sector

    In exploring during the Odyssey Expedition, I found near waypoint 8 that the systems in the Hypou Briae sector are unusually low-mass for their mass class. I was informed that the mass classes in a sector are scaled based on the heaviest system in said sector, so this means that the whole sector...
  8. S

    Wich ship is best for exploring?

    Anaconda, Asp Explorer, Diamondback Explorer, Python. Wich one is better for exploring? ( I have seen this types of tread, but they were form 2018-2017, too old)
  9. GetOffMyLawn

    I found an amazing canyon racetrack!

    I don't know who else loves a good canyon run but I've spent the last half hour running this track in my fighter. Amazing place if you like canyon running and quite close to the bubble! It's too good not to share with ya'll! Outopps JI-B d13-26 C 2 a
  10. Heart Kicker

    Elite Dangerous Travel Guide v1

    Hi Cmdrs, It was a little tiring, but very good. I hope it has been a useful content. I will publish a new version, if there is something you want to add, you can comment. Thank you o7.
  11. C

    The Things I've Seen (v2)

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQYiqK66lFE
  12. C

    Newcomer / Intro Odyssey exploration question

    Hello, fellow comanders. Right now I am outside of the bubble, coming back from traveling to Beagle Point. My question is, will I be able to land and explore planets on foot without returning to some station, to buy the gear, or it will be similar to Horizons DLC, and my ship will automaticly...
  13. wutzai

    Can't recall ship from SRV

    I'm a bit upset. I've got two months of exploration data, now possibly lost due to the fact that I can't get my ship to land on the surface. Because my Planetary Vehicle Hangar is active, the power limit is exeeded, so it just crashes to the ground whenever i recall the ship. I don't know what...
  14. Sleep Runner

    [INDEPENDENT] 🔬 Ended Development - Recruiting in the name of science!

    Ender Development [EDEV] Squadron looking for new members! The main responsibility is to maintain peace and security in our systems, the well-being of our pilots, and the development of our company. We also providing support for new pilots, such as defense and carrier services, performing...
  15. CMDR Junagu

    In Search Of Gwydion - Core Region Expedition 3307

    [FCOC #131-blodeuwedd’s-branch_junagu-jhz-6tz] will be heading to SagA* and Explorers Anchorage, but taking a curved route up and across the Sagittarius-Carina Arm and the Scutum-Centaurus Arm taking in the Circinus Transit and parts of the Norma Expanse and Arcadian Stream before heading into...
  16. Earthserpent

    Jörmungandr's Odyssey to Beagle Point

    F.C.O.C. Jörmungandr is looking for willing and able explorers both experienced and new to join for an Odyssey to Beagle Point! With the next expansion, we will be able to experience all the galaxy has to offer like never before. Jörmungandr, of the Fleet Carrier Owner's Club (Discord Invite)...
  17. B

    Exploration missons

    "I see you're heading out into the black - can you help us CMDR?" One thing that's missing (passenger and Colonia courier missions aside) from the smorgasbord of BGS mission types, is exploration. I'd like to see missions giving relatively high rewards (increasing with distance to objective)...
  18. Syd_Tenebrous

    Anyone with a Carrier who's headed to Rackham's Peak want to graciously pick up a CMDR in HIP 50943?

    So I fired up the game for the first time in weeks (if not months), tuned in to Galnet and promptly heard about Rackham's, which could be reached "with ships with long jump ranges." Surely, I thought, my Asp X that took me to Sadge A* and Colonia qualified. NUUUOOPE. Therefore I'm stranded in...
  19. norlin

    Add a way to name firstly-discovered (first walked?) planets or even systems

    That would be great if a Commander will be able to name a whole system or at least a planet which is first discovered by them. Or, to couple it with Odyssey, those where they are first walked by a surface. To keep space civilized and at the same time not add any moderators to the team, it...
  20. marx

    Marx's guide to finding Ammonia worlds

    Welcome to my guide to finding Ammonia worlds! This was adapted from my guide to finding Earth-like worlds, but it seems there's more and more of an interest in finding Ammonia worlds as well. If you read this little text, you'll know how to improve your chances of finding Ammonia worlds. Note...
  21. Coldmaster

    A simple feature to add

    Hello to all commanders, I don't know if this has already been discussed, but I have a simple feature that would be interesting to put in the game, especially for explorers. Put some compendium with the systems that the commander was the first to discover, the planets that he was the first to...
  22. P

    [XBOX][Recruitment] Cartographers of the Abyss

    About Us: We are Explorers. Who like to explore and conduct business in the farthest parts of our galaxy. We are pilots of All skill levels from all around the world! I'm Commander PAPAHOFF420 and I'm an explorer by heart. Space Legs: With our Space Legs coming in 2021 I'm hoping we'll be...
  23. CMDR Zentrierer

    [EMPIRE] [ISTG] Imperial Special Task Group [GER/ENG]

    Wir sind die ISTG, ein bunt gemischter Haufen vom Anfänger bis zum Veteran. Du suchst noch nach einer Gruppe für Unternehmungen? Na dann komm doch einfach mal zu uns ins Discord und überzeuge dich gerne selbst davon, ob Du zu uns und wir zu Dir passen. Anfängern wird auf Wunsch...
  24. R

    Operation Ida leaves its mark on the galaxy

    Source: https://i.imgur.com/VseXdC6.png Yesterday, Operation Ida welcomed the esteemed CMDR AstroSnufkin back to the Bubble! AstroSnufkin departed from Malthus Terminal - Pleiades Sector HR-W d1-41, home of Operation Ida, on April 6th, 2020 to make his mark on the galaxy. Equipped with a...
  25. J

    Lander Launcher?

    I had this strange brain worm while at work thinking on exploration outfitting for a potential early-Odyssey exploration endeavor, and I thought about how difficult it is to land on high-G planets even in small ships. From that, I started thinking 'Would it be possible to implement a low-mass...
  26. Poperrap

    [INDEPENDENT] [Recruitment] Acquire knowledge, master the unknown, defend humanity

    Hello Commanders! I am Poperrap, a person of many trades and the leader of The Galactic Archive in Elite Dangerous (PC & XBOX). We are a group of mature attitude players of many ages and countries. We are a friendly PVE focused squadron which is great for new people to Elite Dangerous...
  27. D

    [ALLIANCE] ACEN needs you!

    Greetings commanders! Alliance of Casual Entrepreneurs is looking for....casual entrepreneurs!...That are allied, of course... Who are we? - We are a new squadron backing the same-named faction which is based on relaxed and casual gameplay without any pressure or high expectations. Members are...
  28. Alec Turner

    Going to Colonia

    My journey to Colonia and back is now complete. You can read the journal entries from each of the 46 days I spent on this incredible voyage of discovery by following the links below. If you scroll down past these links you'll find the original forum post where I gathered information about the...
  29. camenecius

    Fleet Carriers should honk systems when they arrive.

    I'm heading to Colonia with my fleet carrier. Sometimes my carrier jumps ahead of my survey ship into unknown systems. The carrier arriving in such a system should "honk" it and reveal all the bodies in the system.
  30. C

    New returning Player (currently at Deciat after some exploring) - Seeking Exploring/Trade - Relaxed/Chill Squadron

    Hi I am returning to ED after a 2 year break and I am looking for a welcoming squadron to join. I am not really into combat (at this stage anyway) and up to now I have been exploring, cargo carrying and the good old passenger missions (recently out of Robigo Mines where I am Allied with the...
  31. Old Duck

    Are fleet carriers disappearing from deep space?

    Shortly after I got my fleet carrier this summer, I took it out into a sector of unexplored space that I had discovered some time ago on PS4, a place I wanted to make my "home away from home". It's not that far away, under 10KLY from Sol, so while my little sector remained undiscovered, there...
  32. imaner76

    PvP Frontier created PVP gankers. By design.

    Frontier created PVP gankers. Discuss. For. All in game combat delivers no balanced/relevant in game reward. Once done with the forced/effective methods of "play" that got you the money to being combat ship build ready, you have no in game challenges left. You think back on your time mining and...
  33. R

    Come visit the Generation Ships with TITAN Contractors!

    If you want to come and check out further details regarding the trip, you can come over to the TITAN Contractors Discord! We also have a channel dedicated to Trip Epsilon with waypoint tracking. You can also check out the google sheet listing out the route below. Our Discord The Route o7...
  34. marx

    Subsector metallicity and ELW ratios - analysis

    I've been looking into subsector / boxel metallicity and ELW / systems ratios for some time, but then carriers and such put that on hold. Now, with some more data since then, I redid the analysis and finished writing things up so that I can post them now. First off, an intro to those who might...
  35. GKhan

    [FEDERATION] [PRIVATE] [The Khan Federation] Looking for new Members (BGS, Exploration, Mining, Trading, Combat, Mentoring)

    [PC] The Khan Federation - Medium Sized Squad (40+) looking for new members. We play many different aspects of the game, and are dedicated to building and sustaining an active Elite community. We have helpful guides, forums, discord, website and more. If you are new to the game - and have any...
  36. LairdMcC

    Looking for new members

    Hi commanders. I have set up a squad with the aim of getting an ingame faction. We are located in Wathi system. After reaching our goal, we will have a number of roles. BGS, Exploration, Trading, mining and most important Having fun. We are also in the Zachary Hudson Galactic Power Play, so if...
  37. zabbadak777

    In the footsteps of all the Great

    So ... this is it, we are trying to get as far as possible away from Sol. In a TYPE-9 HEAVY Follow me on my trip on Twitch. Even if we fail, it will be already a great adventure. The trip to Beagle Point and beyond
  38. Hoff 07

    Anyone want the a trophy bobblehead? Join CRYS1S squadron and turn in exploration data before the season ends

    we are currently in 4th place we just need a little boost in data. 3rd place and up get a trophy bobblehead. There's 3 hours left in the season.
  39. Hoff 07

    What is the highest payout for a single system in exploration data? My record is over 18 million CR

    Found this system worth over 18 million.. located between Colonia and Sagittarius A. It has 9 terraformables with decent mass and 2 water worlds. The system is SCREAKI BA-Y D1-337
  40. Random Player

    Ship Integrity Question

    Hello I have a question on Ship Integrity that I can't really find a definitive answer to. I went on a trip to finish off "Elite" in Exploration, and when I got back from what must have been a journey of 20k LYs, I found my DBX at 58% Integrity. I took two auto field maintenance units with me...
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