1. Kezika

    Celebration of Early Astronomy Expedition

    Celebration of Early Astronomy -- Departing January 3, 2020 through March 20, 2020 "The early 2000s, they were often the speculative setting of early science fiction works. Early imaginings of interstellar travel, first contact with aliens, apocalypses, you name it, there was probably a movie...
  2. I

    Newcomer / Intro Where should I explore

    Hey Everybody! My name is izaznz and I am a newer player with about 50 hours of gameplay to my name. Ive been interested in exploring for a while and I just recently bought myself an Asp Explorer. My only problem is I have no clue where to go! My goal is to go explore some currently unexplored...
  3. Orbitalai

    Wing exploration?

    I we do exploration in a wing, will a detailed surface scan be shared with wing members? This post seem to hint at that: Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/a77r4m/road_to_riches_wing_edition_perfect_for_new/
  4. A

    About biological discoveries

    Hi Commanders! I've been exploring since a long time know, but I still haven't discovered any biological elements by myself. So I am wondering: can we know if a stellar body has biological elements using the FSS and/or the DSS? At first, I thought that it would be the case, since we can learn...
  5. marx

    To Frontier: what are multicrew exploration rewards supposed to be?

    Ever since it was implemented in the first beta of Chapter Four, multi-crew exploration never rewarded the crew's effort with anything. No credits, no rank progression. (Also no tags, but that is probably for the best.) To make sure, neither after the session, nor when the host sells the data...
  6. W

    Newcomer / Intro Navigation question - non-selectable stars

    I am currently on an exploration expedition on my own. While following my originally plotted route, I saw an interesting star cluster and now I want to fly towards it (or see if it is even reachable). Now, when in-flight, you can't just press A on the controller to select any star, and I can't...
  7. CMDR Rusty Dog

    Hearts and Brains (video)

    Hi everyone. Just came across these stickly critters in the rings of a planet somewhere near Sag A*. Very impressive looking !
  8. R

    Long Range Vulture

    Hi All, I just participated in and completed Distant Worlds 2 which was my first long range exploration trip. Prior to that my longest journey was about 17K ly in an Anaconda with no engineering, at the time I thought that was a long distance but that barely scratched the surface. As long, and...
  9. John Guevara

    show distance to codex-entry

    hi i love ED, i'm explorer and currently stay near "Beagle Point" after the best of my life "Distants World 2" travel. I'm trying to reach my personal goal of visiting all the codex entries in the "The Abyss" region. My workflow looks like this: i open each entry one by one, click on the galaxy...
  10. Shae Dalton

    Stellar Unknown Expedition

    Welcome to the Stellar Unknown Expedition page. Stellar Unknown will be an expedition from the bubble all the way to Sagittarius A*, We will travel through the eastern section of the Perseus Arm and through the Centaurus Reach, ultimately ending up at the core. This expedition is aimed to be...
  11. G

    Moonfyre Intergalatic Tours, now open for recruiting.

    Moonfyre Intergalatic Tours (MFIT) is now open! Specializing inpassenger relocation and sight seeing tours thruout the bubble and beyond. Based in the beautiful downtown of Hausdorff Terminal in HR 7925 system, Moonfyre Intergalatic Tours can be the squadron you can call home! Contact today...
  12. vinnieboJ

    Virgin Planet already mapped?

    I will be filing a report on this to the issue tracker of ED as well. but i wanted to ask around here and see if anybody has come across this issue as well? he issue is this: i am currently on a exploration trip out to the jellyfish sector. I come across a virgin system: not yet discovered, nor...
  13. MalForTheWin

    Voyager Trail Expedition - Gauging Interest

    Closely related to the awesome research Stealthie is doing, I thought I'd see what the interest is among DW2 participants for an official (or unofficial, or casual) expedition following the Voyager Trail back to the bubble. OFFICIAL VOYAGER TRAIL EXPEDITION OPTION? I couldn't find anything...
  14. HattoriHanzo7

    [INDEPENDENT] The Galactic Archive

    Formed to serve as the military arm of The Galactic Archive Faction in Kuntae, our mission is to safeguard the collective wisdom of humanity, for a time in the future when all hope has been lost. Whether the threat be from within, and humanity capitulates to self destruction, or from external...
  15. Cmdr. Puffler

    Dark/unexplored regions GalMap marker

    Hello, Can we have the visited regions/systems be highlighted using the galaxy Power Play "controlled", bubble-like markers? I think this would give deep-space explorers better visibility, and could help us increase that small percentage of (0.036%) visited systems, faster. This would be...
  16. N

    Discussion Loking for scaning and maping tool.

    Hi, I am looking for a tool to know what systems and stellar body I scan, with a interactive maps if possible. I know I have done some scanning a long time a go but I don't know witch one. Thanks
  17. Baba_Ghannoush

    Geology Matters!

    I'm really loving the new exploration mechanisms and tools. We're finding new and incredible things every day, and the Distant Worlds 2 Expedition opened my horizons beyond anything I'd ever imagined. But in spite of the sheer number of geological sites we can now discover, I feel like something...
  18. S

    Newcomer / Intro Satellites - Have they been removed? Please help.

    I've spent many, many hours trying to find the satellites (usually in orbit around earth-like worlds) that I've read about and watched on numerous videos, but I cannot find any, anywhere. I just want to know if they have been removed so I can stop wasting my time. I cannot find a definitive...
  19. CMDR DeCollis

    Newcomer / Intro Listening Posts trouble

    Greetings Commanders, I am currently cruising the Pleiades Nebula and am hunting down the Listening Posts I find there. I have fun capturing their messages and attempting to discover the location of the original signal. However, I need to admit that I have trouble doing exactly that. Until now...
  20. muroko

    Is this all we can discover?

    My question is simple: are all the geological and organic structures, anomalies, etc. discovered? obviously i'm not talking about finds, like "hey, i first discovered a planet and it has bark mounds", i'm talking about brand new stuff that is not in the CODEX, because nobody found them yet. are...
  21. Wayward Goat

    Stars colliding orbit?

    Anybody wanna come back here later and see if the brown dwarf morphs into its star? Seems like its orbit is way too close. Surely not realistic?.. Source: https://imgur.com/gallery/4kU5T4v (ignore previous post, its duped)
  22. Wayward Goat


    Wallpaper? I think so.
  23. Shinkaze

    Is the Exclusion Zone of a Black Hole some multiple of the Schwartschild Radius?

    So I'm watching this rather interesting video on Photon orbits around black holes (i.e. what does a Blackhole actually look like anyways) So this brings me a question. Now that I've visited Sag A* and also visited smaller mass Black holes as well I am beginning to wonder what the "Body...
  24. BongoBaggins

    Wow, that's a big one.

    A blue/white class A supergiant - 472 solar radius. Safety boundary is 1,500ls - in the image (as you can see) the star is shown from 20,000ls away.
  25. T

    Allow use of pre 3.3 Advanced Discovery Scanner

    Dear community. I do realise that such topic has already been done to death. But please, hear me out. I've ben reading forums for a while and found quite a group of those like me, missing the old method of carrying out exploration. To put things simple : jump, honk, glance at the system map...
  26. Envisitor

    CMDR Envisitor's astronomy album

    Hello guys, I often write exploration-reports in a German language forum and now I want to share some impressions of my discoveries here. In this thread I want to show some pictures, which were taken outside of expeditions. Hope you like them;) Fly safe, Envisitor
  27. publicstaticvoid


    Look.... I know you are hard at work playing with dinosaurs at the moment and all but I think we need a few bread crumbs, a mystery, something. A hint to undiscovered content, a lead in the direction of anything, you have that power! Isn't it great? I'm not saying I am bored or anything, I mean...
  28. Old Duck

    Router Plotter Bias

    I'm a beachcomber, meaning I like to look for undiscovered worlds close to the Bubble. I'll find a section of space I'm interested in and then perform a volumetric search pattern in that area. This means I'm manually picking the next system to jump to via the galaxy map, no routes. In this...
  29. Old Duck

    Are Research Limpets just for Thargoids?

    I'm wondering if Recon Research Limpets have been successfully used on anything besides Thargoids, like these various things found in the CODEX.
  30. Old Duck

    First Discoveries In The Age Of The CODEX

    I was originally going to call this "Carrier Pigeon Limpets" with the idea of giving us a new limpet to allow explorers to send exploration data back to civilization from deep space in order to get First Discovery & Map tags (but not payment) without having to come back to the Bubble, when it...
  31. Commander JC

    Galactic Research videos

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gOc1TORYxA&t=3s Storyline videos to watch Mamba
  32. OldSchoolPlayer

    DCO VII White Dwarf - Rarest in the galaxy!

    I give you the DCO VII White Dwarf... It is simply beautiful ! Location: Mylaifa CB-X D1-2814 PS. Don't forget your sunglasses! :cool:

    Remove grid overlay on planets when not using DSS

    While the grid overlay is super useful and makes sense while you are mapping with the discovery scanner, it makes very little sense afterwards to have the big blue overlay on afterwards. It might be nice in the niche case that you want to map a lot of bodies right next to eachother and don't...
  34. Swizzy o7o7

    New Codex Statistic for Exploration!

    Hi, there. My name is Swizzy o7o7, and I've killed over 100 people in DG2 already! Judging by an average exploration mission, from my current range at a rough 6,000 LY, which is an estimated total of around 100,000,000 credits lost per person, I can rightfully say I've harvested around 10...
  35. Shinkaze

    Mostly Harmless Elite; So Long and thanks for all the Fish.

    Just wanted to drop a note here that today, after 4- years of committing to a non-violent playstyle, [wacko] my tribute to Douglas Adams is complete, :D I made Mostly Harmless Elite! :cool: Presently I am "So Long and Thanks for all the Fish"-ing my way out of the bubble on #DistantWorlds2...
  36. CMDR Woland92

    All The Really Good Stuff

    My goal here is to start a thread that is just a persistent outlet for all positive reflections on your experiences playing elite dangerous. We have plenty of forumss focused on improving, or complaining about, existing game play elements. Well how about a forum dedicated to strictly to...
  37. J

    Expedition proposal - The four corners Expedition (not for the faint hearted)

    I was just looking at the expeditions list on EDSM and saw that you only need 9 fellow commanders' interests to register an official expedition and get it tracked so, here is an expedition I have been planning for quite some time (and actually already attempted, but died on about half way...
  38. aries_four

    New Colonia Based Explorer Squadron

    Hi! Are you an Explorer based in or around Colonia? The brand new Colonia Galactic Survey squadron is seeking members!
  39. B

    "Speak to me" heard Through FSS?

    https://soundcloud.com/user-438479622-967913457/speaktomegeo/s-oEFZH#t=0:04 Has anyone else heard this through the FSS when looking at geological locations on planets? We were just curious to see if this is a new thing or not. I did enhance the audio a bit so you can hear the voice clearly.
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