1. Old Duck

    So multicrew doesn't provide any exploration rewards?

    I'm confused - I thought multicrew allowed copilots to share the discovery tags and rewards from universal cartography, but that's not what happen when I just tried it. Am I doing something wrong, or is only combat and trading rewarded? If the latter, while ignore one out of the three major rank...
  2. Dlljs

    Release Exploration Progress

    Greetings Commanders! I'm proud to share what I've been working on recently. It's a plugin for Elite Dangerous Market Connector that allows explorer players to see their progress from one star system to another. Enter where you started at and where you want to go in the Settings, and the plugin...
  3. Samroski

    [Expedition] The Black Hole Hunt, Departing July 5

    tl;dr Am taking my FC to this area rich in undiscovered black holes, about 18k LY from Sol. A 2-3 week trip. Commanders are welcome to join and use FC services for free. Itinerary Departure: Sunday, July 5th. 2000 hrs. Arrival at destination July 8th (or 9th). Return: Sunday July 18th. 2000 hrs...
  4. Flimley

    Fleet Carrier and Cartography Data. Reasoning for higher payouts...

    As fleet carriers are effectively mobile travelling stations, and to aid their future navigation. It’s in the best interests of that fleet carrier and its crew to amass as much cartography data as possible. (For realistic pretend gameplay reasons) Isn’t it a good idea for the FC’s cartography...
  5. The Golden Knight

    Around the Galaxy

    "God, this is taking FOREVER!" Commander Golden-Knight had gone for about a hundred or two lightyears out of "The Bubble" before the first day was done, as far as the trip around the galaxy was going. The pilot lost count of how many worthless ice balls had to be scanned with a fine-tooth comb...
  6. Jackie Silver

    Glorious HIPs - 3306

    Since the development of the fast frameshift drive opened the galaxy to independent CMDRs a substantial proportion of stars from the Hipparcos (HIP) catalog have been visited and surveyed in detail. However, a significant minority (roughly one in six) of the approximately 120,000 stars in the...
  7. Kiffin Rockwell

    Bread Crumbs

    It would be useful to have a "bread crumbs" feature on the SRV's scanner, so you can easily see where you have been. It feels like it would be a relatively common navigation software feature for and exploration vehicle like an SRV.
  8. Old Duck

    Rent your FC for AFK credits!

    I don't know if I'll ever be able to afford a fleet carrier; I hate grinding and the nerfs are coming! Thing is, I don't need to own a fleet carrier to do what I want. I would happily rent a FC from another player, but this means that player would need to actually "give" me their carrier for a...
  9. Silv3rDragon

    DSSA Ronin - Operation Restless End

    Operation Restless End Logo WIP Fleet Carrier Name: DSSA Ronin V1Q-95G Fleet Carrier Owner: AEtherial Samurai Destination Region: Galactic Centre Destination System: Phipoea WK-E d12-1374 4 B (Crown of Ice) Launch From: LP-547-159 2 (D2EA/TEAC home system) 18 July 3306 Comms Platform...


    Welcome CMDR o7 My name is CMDR MIKE RK Leader of the GSC. I am in my own small squadron with only a few members however, I am putting together a small expedition to a set of stars the you can only get to via a carrier. My carrier the Exodus Pryor will be departing from “NUENETS” which is one...
  11. King_INF3RN0

    DSSA King's Pass Information, Biography, and Visitor's Guide

    Hello, commanders! The DSSA King's Pass is humbly a part of the Deep Space Support Array Initiative and we are destined to Nuekea RP-M D8-161 (nicknamed Delacor) in the Norma Expanse! I wanted to take the time to give a nice guide for visitors of this amazing system! As a young...

    Exploration in a wing when bodies have already been discovered

    Hypotetical : Let's say I scanned a whole system with fss, then sell it. Then make a wing with my buddy. Does he see the system as undiscovered? Can he/we still scan it for him to then sell? Trying to understand how "already known" data is shared in a wing. Thanks!
  13. S

    A Moment's Rest is stationed in the Bubble Nebula.

    Greetings CMDRs, I wanted to inform any explorers that I stationed my FC, A Moment's Rest, within the Bubble Nebula to support any explorers passing through. It is located in Bubble Sector LX-T B3-1. It will stay there indefinitely, or at least until Odyssey comes out depending on what new...
  14. TransTechGirl

    DSSA Mandy's Rest

    Operation Mandy's Rest Last October I did a 24 hour game stream to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, at the time my aunty was fighting cancer and despite knowing it was going to be terminal she continued to live and enjoy life as much as she could. On June 3rd she lost her fight with...
  15. HAMM3R

    Key toggle for Map/Orrery view. And pinned tabs for Sys Map

    A bit of a QoL improvement for the exploring kind. And why not others, as well. But yeah, like the title says. A bindable key one can press to switch between Map and Orrery views while perusing the System Map. It's kind of jarring at the moment as the view selection buttons hide inside the...
  16. boppa_

    Taking priority bookings from console CMDR's first: Carrier Trip To Cupid's Arrow

    Please do not consume food and drink on the carrier. Tea & Coffee available. Air Conditioning. In flight entertainment includes Bingo and Compere. Travel in relative style. Curtain windows provided for your comfort and privacy. Driver with 25 years experience and hardly any points on pilot...
  17. boppa_

    Fleet Carrier Trip To Cupid's Arrow - your chance to mine and explore this beautiful location!

    The booking office is now open, please leave your name and 25 Tritium deposit below. Please do not consume food and drink on the carrier. Tea & Coffee available. Air Conditioning. In flight entertainment includes Bingo and Compere. Travel in relative style. Curtain windows provided for...
  18. Shinzo Shikimira

    The Rabbit Hole Expedition: Bubble > Colonia > Sagittarius a* > Bubble

    o7 Greetings, Commanders! I am Shinzo, a newbie in Elite who is eager to explore the whole palette our beautiful galaxy can offer. Inspired by other expeditions, I decided to try and make my own. Ever since I started playing space games, I always made sure that I try to explore it as much as...
  19. Old Duck

    Borann is the WORST thing to happen to ED in a long time!

    To contrast my other thread of mine about the lovely pirating opportunities that Borann brought to the game, I'm now encountering one of the major flaws of Borann (and perhaps mining in general) - the devaluation of credits. Things that used to make feel like I accomplished something no longer...
  20. C

    International Toad Party - Internationale Krötenpartei

    Greetings to you, Pilots! We merrily announce our new political fraction "Internationale Krötenpartei" (International Toad party). Mining, exploring and friendly playing together are our attitudes. Do you feel the risk during the flight while carrying over a hundret diamonds with you? Tired of...
  21. Ragnar Black-Mane

    [DSSA] Bifrost Initiative Expedition

    The newly founded Norse Exploration Corp. is recruiting CMDRs to help with the deployment of the NEC Fleet Carrier "Huginn" in the Odin's Hold Sector, halfway between Colonia and Sagittarius A* as part of the Deep Space Support Array. About the expedition The Bifrost Initiative Expedition is...
  22. Old Duck

    A question about UC on FC

    Here's a simple question that would potentially make a huge difference to a poor explorer like me. Will carrier owners make any credits when another player uses their UC? Is there any way to "trade" this data, where the carrier owner can pay a lower fee and then sell that data at a higher price...
  23. TransTechGirl

    Community Event / Creation Operation Peacebringer - Supporting the Deep Space Support Array

    The galaxy is big, or so I'm told. As a species we must continue to grow to survive, we have the space and we have the technology, what we need now is find suitable worlds, identify new resources, search for advanced technology and find safe harbour from the Thargoid threat. The Independence...
  24. C

    Summer In The Darkness 3305 - Exploration Film

    Hello cmdrs! Check out my exploration film I made on a trip across the galaxy: O7 cmdr akerstache
  25. ReXxX

    What am I doing wrong/not doing?!?

    Hi, all, I hope all of you are doing well? I seem to have bumped into somewhat of a problem today: I'm currently in the Inner Scutum-Centaurus Arm, farting about around Colonia, and a couple of days ago, I came up with the "great" idea of trying to "complete"/"fill" the Codex, by going to the...
  26. DGBaley

    Fleet Carriers need to use more existing game play mechanics.

    I'm amazed at how few of the existing game play mechanics are used by the fleet carriers. Fleet carriers could make use of existing game play loops that are already familiar to players. I believe the following mechanics would significantly enhance the capabilities of the carriers and make them...
  27. JonathanBurnage

    Community Event / Creation Voyages to the galactic limits - The Great Escape of Trieneou AA-A h2

    Last year I had the great privilege of collaborating with a group of fellow explorers for an epic voyage to the depths of the galaxy - I have finally finished a video recounting the adventure, and a little history of the galactic limits. Fleet Carriers will soon push these limits out even...
  28. Sysmon

    Fleet Carriers: Expand the upkeep management game for explorers

    Fleet Carriers seem to come with quite a few benefit as well as close-to-crippling costs. This is especially the case for explorers that will have to seriously top up the onboard credit account to be able to take them anywhere for prolonged periods of time. One solution often suggested is to...
  29. E

    To Boldly Go

    Hey all, I'm a very new Elite player (I just started 2 days ago) and, as an avid Star Trek fan, there is nothing more in this game that I would like more than to be to the person who discovers a whole new system, the person who travels the furthest ever travelled in this game. I understand that...
  30. C

    [Fleet Carriers] Exploration Fixes/suggestion

    OK, so, there's a significant uproar from the Exploration community (myself included) about carriers. They seem, at the moment, literally useful for miners, minor combat applications, traders aannnnndd...... that's it. So, what do we get out of it? Well, nothing, other than a 5 billion credit...
  31. A

    Fleet Carrier changes. (Feel free to add your own)

    Couple things need to change: More jumps per full tank, maybe four. Time spool-up and cool-down needs to be half an hour, not an hour. (maybe if exploration is speced into only) my engineered ship can do 500ly in about 2~ hours if I push it with guardian FSD Boosters. Fleet Carriers should be...
  32. The Chairmaker

    Fleet carriers able to purchase exploration data, store it then sell it to universal cartographics.

    My proposal would be for Fleet carriers to have an exploration data secure storage utility. The fleet carrier commander would set a percentage figure which would be a cut of the value that would normally be received by a commander on sale of exporation data to universal catorgraphics. Data...
  33. Valcain

    Where Do You Want To Park Your Fleet Carrier?

    This is not meant to be a post on the costs or upkeep of an FC. I want a more optimistic ideal about them. Something we know is that FCs can jump 500ly at a time. And they can be modified tailored to Exploration, Mining, Bounty Hunting. Etc. Where do you want to park yours? I’m thinking of...
  34. R

    General Exploration and scanning

    After exploring and scanning 1000's of planets I have stopped even looking at resources on the planets. There are no surprises as each resource is always within a very limited range. Just once I would like to find a planet that is abundant in something that is rare elsewhere in the galaxy or...
  35. Badmiker

    Draw back the curtains?

    I would like to suggest that the ‘high wake’ jumping animation is revised. The galaxy of Elite is just quite incredible; to be able to go and explore a 1:1, astrophysically accurate simulation of the Milky Way is amazing. The number of screenshots and shared stories created by Cmdrs shows just...
  36. H

    Best Exploration Ships!

  37. C

    Inner Scutum-Centaurus Arm

    Anybody out here?
  38. H

    What inspired YOUR playstyle?

    What got you into doing the part of the Elite Dangerous, that you love the most :)
  39. C

    What are the 2 closest separate systems close to the bubble that have been found?

    The systems have to be separated, and cannot be visited using SC.
  40. Old Duck

    Mysteries, or just bugs?

    I sometimes discover things in this game that are mysterious, especially when the rumors of Raxxla and The Dark Wheel dance around in the back of my head. Yet when I investigate these things, nothing comes of them, making me think these are just bugs in the game. Here are a couple of examples...
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