1. Qildail

    Tilting At Windmills: A Circumnavigation Travelogue

    On 2 March of this year I arrived in Kojeara for the completion of Lost Worlds 2. Soon after, I decided my next adventure was to (finally) complete a circumnavigation. And so, after fixing some blueprints and shedding some weight, the Beluga Liner Quixote of La Mancha set out from Colonia on 5...
  2. I

    Some new rides ?!?!

    So I live In the uk and we get funfairs now i have seen many rides and i will be posting YouTube links to ones I think should be added to the game. These rides are good and would be good for the game. 1. Oxygen Source: https://youtu.be/HqTBSUId-oY 2. Extreme Source...
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