1. Old Duck

    F2P Arena Royale

    Didn't Frontier once offer CQC as a separate game called Arena? Well here is an idea - Frontier should modify that game code to offer a Battle Royale mode (it's all the rage) while keeping the team mode, and release it as free-to-play. Frontier would make their $$$ with the ability to purchase...
  2. H

    CQC Scenario and BGS integration (Or f2p?)

    I think a great way to expand upon CQC and the idea of 'telepresence' is the ability to join a scenario/war/skirmish/combat zone as a sort of 'hired' pilot for one of the factions. From the mission board of a station in war or neighbouring system there could be a call to pilots to takeover...
  3. Yamiks

    [video] Should Elite Dangerous go FREE TO PLAY ?!

    https://youtu.be/BBE8AakhKIg P.S. Instead of just saying NO and ending it there, add some of your thoughts & reasoning..this is made for discussion after all!
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