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  1. PrimetimeCasual

    Community Event / Creation Announcing SpeedBowl 3 - Chasing Sanderling 9./10. November 3305

    CMDRs Halo Jones and PrimetimeCasual present Powered by EDSM.net In cooperation with The Buur Pit And Paradox Wing Event artwork by CMDR Rheeney Original artwork by Allcrowsareblack What is a SpeedBowl and why should I care? SpeedBowl I was conceived out of CMDR PrimetimeCasuals find that...
  2. StuartGT

    New video from Isinona: "Elite:Dangerous v3.3 - Hostile Environments (Flight Assist Off)"

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZHuwPCE8yk
  3. Frillop Freyraum

    What was your closest low Fuel incident?

    Here's mine, almost saw myself calling the fuel rats - which would have been the first time ever for me about 5 years playing. Well, almost... Source: https://youtu.be/qsjCh3iWSj8?t=170
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