1. V

    [INDEPENDENT] Diablo Syndicate: A new and lucrative Mercenary Group

    "Diablo Syndicate" is a new Mercenary group. We welcome players both new and experienced with Elite Dangerous. Our group is relaxed, and we do all forms of gameplay, both PvE and PvP. Our members are also keen to mentor those who wish to learn about the game. Members are not required to assist...
  2. UberMeg

    [INDEPENDENT] AFTER EARTH STELLAR ALLIANCE - Players Needed for Expansion into New System

    We are a new and relatively small player faction looking to increase our ranks for future expansion into new systems. Within just a short time, our small player group has obtained our own in game faction and taken control of our home system. Thanks to some incredibly hard work from our...
  3. UberMeg

    WANTED: Battle Ready Pilots - the After Earth Stellar Alliance is at War

    This is a call for pilots of all skill levels to join the war effort of the After Earth Stellar Alliance [AESA]. We have recently acquired a faction in game and we are at war to take control of our system. After we've won the war we will be concentrating our efforts to take control of our first...
  4. BigGreenWaterballoon

    New Minor Faction Application Tips

    o7 all 🖖 My squadron recently went through the process of submitting the paperwork for a new faction and I thought it would be worth sharing a couple of really useful notes we picked up on the way. I'm sure a number of cmdrs already knew this type of thing, but if anyone out there is applying...
  5. TheGooseGod

    [ALLIANCE] The Order of Siduri

    A new democratically managed server for Elite Dangerous faction players who would like to have a little fun playing as a cult that wishes to spread its dominion through crusades against heretics, but particularly against the evil Thargoids. Discord You enter the port's temple, a repurposed...
  6. TheGooseGod

    [ALLIANCE] [INDEPENDENT] Revolutionary Municipal Republic

    A new democratically managed faction for Elite Dangerous faction players who would like to support a free society. Our goal is to establish an emancipation force in support of communist, democratic, and cooperative governments, free governments. While fighting the social poison of...
  7. Papa Nomad

    Knights Of The Aether (Recruitment PC)

    Good morrow to you, sirs, I the Grand Master of the Aether Knights wish to speaketh to all those who wilt hark. I has't a grand dream of ridding the galaxy of the xeno threat. To erase the line of our fractured bubble and to bringeth order to the galaxy. I wish for thee to join me on this noble...
  8. R

    New squadron. WEYLAND YUTANI CORP

    Recently started a new squadron "WEYLAND YUTANI CORP" cause who doesn't like a bit of Alien, there are Thargoids after all. Tried recruiting CMDRs through Xbox groups, but is almost completely dead. Only four people have marked they are interested, one player has joined the Xbox Club i created...
  9. Tolmir

    [INDEPENDENT] Wanderers of Witch Space are recruiting, BGS, PvP, PvE, anyone is welcome

    Welcome to the Wanderers of Witch Space. The Wanderers are an in game faction that has one main focus The BGS system Taking over systems and how that is done is up to the skills and preferences of our pilots, the Wanderers do not discriminate pilot types as long as you don’t harm any other...
  10. ChocoMcShreddy

    [INDEPENDENT] The Federated Commonwealth of Systems - A new RP and BGS community for everyone!

    Greetings Commander, and welcome to the Commonwealth! The Federated Commonwealth of Systems is a brand new group that has several goals in mind: - To create and facilitate a safe space for players familiar with solo play to make friends and familiarise themselves with the open play experience...
  11. Nexgan

    [INDEPENDENT] Empyrean Navy is recruiting - PvP | PvE | BGS | Roleplay

    Empyrean Navy is recruiting We are a friendly group of honorable players that performs every kind of activity - from piracy to mining. We serve our faction, the Empyrean Realm (home system: Segestani). Joining our Discord server is highly recommended, even if you don't want to join the squadron...
  12. Vurrath

    remove the arbitrarily-added, no-effect of kills against factions at megaships drop-down map zones.

    sigh ... i went to the megaship LHS 1348 1 Sanchez-class researcher ... to see if it might be owned by the Brotherhood of Terra Mater ... i find it is... great! there should be a concentration of their ships i can blast away at, and get lots of kills at, when sometimes they're a sneaky...
  13. Daniel Klimchuk

    [INDEPENDENT] Join the Zinra Operations today!

    Welcome to Zinra Operations! We are an independent organization which specializes in intensive combat - assassinations, bounty hunting and anti-xeno combat. We accept Commanders from all factions and powers. We regularly provide our members with missions and tasks. Have fun and meet new people...
  14. Z

    Legionem Ethicam Needs recruits! Join us today!!

    Attn: Legionem Ethicam is seeking talented and versatile CMDR's wishing to expand their skills and fill a myriad of roles. As a Squadron, we are looking to establish a presence as duty-bound mercenaries to fulfill any need in the galaxy. Looking for both new and veteran CMDR's to enlist in our...
  15. Del Maximum

    Arbor Caelum is recruiting!

    The ancient peoples of Old Earth once braved the deathly unknown and set out to expand their horizons. In vessels made by their own hands, they faced unspeakable hardships and fear in the hope that they would wake up in a new day and a new world. Millennia have passed, but that intrepid...
  16. P

    [EMPIRE] Imperial Wraith Battalion is looking for new members!

    A brand new squadron the Imperial Wraith Battalion [IWBT] is looking for members that are loyal to the Empire and have over 50 hours on Elite. If you want to join you will have to go to this discord link and fill out all the requirements! I am currently the only member but I am hoping I can find...
  17. Daniel Klimchuk

    Player Minor Factions

    Hello Commanders! I have a few questions regarding the player owned minor factions: 1. If a squadron has a lot of members, does the owner need to pay Frontier for it to be turned into a minor faction? 2. Does the owner of the minor faction get to choose it's government type and where it is...
  18. Maiar

    [INDEPENDENT] The Galactic Archive

    Formed to serve as the military arm of The Galactic Archive Faction in Kuntae, our mission is to safeguard the collective wisdom of humanity, for a time in the future when all hope has been lost. Whether the threat be from within, and humanity capitulates to self destruction, or from external...
  19. X


  20. Bonsaipanda

    Player Faction application random rejection

    I'm just writing this because I really don't know what to do next. I govern a player faction "Arms of the Panda" that is currently in a jam (because of my poor choice for a starter system). So I asked Frontier if it would be possible to move it to another system. Answer is no. When a faction is...
  21. Crimson Echo

    Trying to get allied with 'The Shunned' minor faction

    "The Shunned" is a non-player faction located in the asteroid base "New Growth" in the pencil nebula. This minor faction controls no stations, has no normal missions available , but strangely has passenger missions. However these missions are reputation locked, and therefore are not available...
  22. D

    Faction based weapons

    I just recently found out about faction specific weapons. I am allied to Felicia Winters for over 6 months now and am a post Commander rank. Where do I find the pulse disruptor for Felicia Winters group? I've read posts and they all say that as long as you qualify, they can be found anywhere but...
  23. T

    Infinite Corperation is recruiting ! ! !

    We are a group that does everything the game has to offer: minor faction, thargoid hunting, pvp, bounty hunting and so on. With the new updates that are comming we are looking for new and veteran players to expand our group. If ur new to the game than this is a good opportunity for u because we...
  24. NewkTV

    The Forgotten Initiative: Hunt for Raxxla!

    ALL REPORTS/PROGRESS UPDATED ON THE BOTTOM After today's big announcement, it is clearly confirmed by Frontier that Chapter 4 will bring amazing Lore in the Codex including Raxxla and The Dark Wheel. The Forgotten Initiative has decided to take lead on this new insight and send their Scientific...
  25. NewkTV

    A Full Explanation of Elite: Dangerous' BGS

    A Full Explanation of Elite: Dangerous' BGS Version 2.0 - 17OCT2018 Guide by: CMDR NewkTV - Founder of The Forgotten Initiative. Reference Links are included. If you would like to download the .pdf, please visit: http://alturl.com/r3ikk If you are interested in joining The Forgotten...
  26. T

    Looking for an active group? Join Infinite corporation!

    Are u new to the game or a veteran tired of flying alone? Join Infinite corporation! We are a fun bunch of people that love elite and are active on daily bases. Doesnt matter where u from US,EU,aussi or asia everybody is welcome! We believe everybody should play the game how they want to play...
  27. Bionic Bytes

    No option to dock

    So a little background first. I've been engaged in powerplay for the last few weeks and have become hostile in Federation space...and as I understand it it's just a powerplay thing meaning that the super power hates me, not specific local factions. Anyway, my latest activity whilst I wait for...
  28. Commander BigVein

    Recruiting for New In game faction

    The Guardians of AeSir Platform: PS4 | Xbox | PC Timezones: International Comms type: Discord | PS Chat | PS Messenger App Links: https://inara.cz/wing/3502/ | http://www.guilded.gg/r/zzXjBqw8aE Welcome All Commanders. Beginner to Elite players. The Guardians of AeSir are...
  29. ebbrell

    Faction stats view

    Could you introduce a way of showing a faction overview screen. It would be nice to look at a faction and see all the systems they have a presence in along with the current influence levels. Along with the influence percentages show the state and pending state in the system At the moment you...
  30. Ulysses Drake

    Player faction for Explorers

    I may be completely wrong, but wasn't there at one point a player group or faction focused on exploration? I vaguely remember one but now that I want to join one I can't find it. It could be the space madness getting to me though. Thanks Commanders o7!
  31. GN_Abbude

    suggestion of fun-oriented game mode to add in the ELITE universe.

    my suggestion is a PVP mode accessible through a station located at a point near where the territory of the 3 factions converge (regardless of who is in power), a combat mode where you must bring a faction vessel (federation, alliance or empire ) medium-sized (including the imperial clipper and...
  32. Riverside

    Well that sucked the wind out of my sails

    I had a big day today, I flipped a system to my favoured (NPC) faction. ED Bucket List Box ticked, it was months of work and I'm pretty pleased with myself. Or I was, until I met a Pledged player. No, no PvP was involved, they just came to investigate the change & happened to meet me, we had a...
  33. [ERR]CrescentMage


    EXPOSE. RESIST. RISE. ERR is an anti-Aegis player faction, whose goal is to expose the corruption behind Aegis, and in the long term, dwindle their numbers, and possibly eradicate them as a whole. We intend to do this through relatively, and hopefully, peaceful means. But in the situation that...
  34. Commander BigVein

    Flight Club is Recruiting for The Guardians of AeSir

    Flight Club's Faction &The Guardians Of AeSir are looking for mentors and leaders in the following aspects of the game Exploration, Military, Security, bounty hunting, PVP & PVE matches, Event... REGISTER TODAY http://flightclub.clanwebsite.com https://youtu.be/wmpm39_zZ7M...
  35. Justinian Octavius

    Powerplay Faction: Zemina Torval Official Zemina Torval Powerplay Group Discord

    Official Zemina Torval Group Discord https://discord.gg/01208H0qcjUPFPbm6 The official Zemina Torval Powerplay Group is on discord and this is where we coordinate supporters' actions & socialise. Thus, if you are interested in learning more about the Empire's Trading & Mining Power than...
  36. Commander BigVein

    Newcomer / Intro Flight Club is Recruiting for The Guardians of AeSir

    Flight Club's Faction &The Guardians Of ÆSirarelooking for mentors and leaders in the following aspects of the game Exploration, Military, Security, bounty hunting, PVP & PVE matches, Event Organizer, Trading, Mining, ....We are also actively recruiting all positions. Join us on Inara...
  37. D

    Looking for Symbiotic Evolution Cybercollective - SEC

    Hello. we've tried to make contact in game to no avail. We are looking to speak with the player wing that supports the PMF Symbiotic Evolution Cybercollective - SEC as we would like to open a line of dialogue between our two factions, if anything to merely establish communication between us...
  38. G

    Any Chance for Player-Created Rare Commodities?

    Any chance of having player-created rare commodities? If not, any info on how commodities are/were generated to the game? I am also curious.
  39. Winged Gecko

    Player Factions

    Is Frontier going to start adding new player factions soon? Seems there has been a freeze.[blah]
  40. O

    Remnants of the Code

    o7 Commanders. We're a Player Group based on Xbox One. We have Members located on PC and Ps4 as well but we host Events and such on Xbox One. Our Main focus is Research and gathering players of all origins and Experience and do stuff together. We plan on doing CQC Events, Exploration Voyages...
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