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  1. Drakov Yerno

    Cinematics Fan Arts By a very fanatic player

    Hello commanders o7, i am Yerno Drakov, i am a 🇫🇷 French Commander and i started playing Elite Dangerous for 8 months ! I really fell in love with this game which for me is hands down the best of all :love: I'm also very interested in video editing, and I decided for a while to try to...
  2. Fosdyke

    Perimeter Breached! - Elite Dangerous Odyssey (Concept Art/Fan Art)

    We are under attack! Perimeter breached! Send reinforcements on the double!
  3. Fosdyke

    Border patrol in Elite Dangerous (Fan Art)

    Breaking formation, keep your eyes open guys!
  4. Fosdyke

    High skies : Interception In Elite Dangerous (Fan Art)

    Back story : This time the cargo hold is full of gold partner! Let's intercept him before he leaves the atmosphere! Let's boost! Version fixed! Thanks to the eye of Commander Gibbon!
  5. CMDR Outsider GFX


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