1. Pontus Frykter

    I've made a redesign of the game launcher

    Hello, Commanders! As the title says, I've made a redesign of the game launcher... I've tried to bring the design as close to the game interface as possible (along with the beautifullness I hope). I hope that you will enjoy my vision! ^_^ Fly safe! 07
  2. C

    Elite Dangerous YouTube 3D Animated Mini Series

    Hi everyone! I'm Creating a 3D animated series for youtube set in the Elite Dangerous Universe; In a similar style to Rooster Teeth's GEN:LOCK to cut down render time. Source: It will be a mini-series of three or four episodes 30 to 45 minutes each...
  3. C

    Elite Dangerous YouTube 3D Animated Mini Series

    Hi, I want to create an Elite Dangerous mini Series for YouTube, I'm huge Fan of the Game and want to create an animated series; I would like it to be in the Elite universe. I will be creating my assets from reference images (If that's ok), the sound and score will also be made by me; as I do...
  4. tokachy


    Cordial saludos amigos se que muchos de ustedes tienen pasión por contar historias, al igual que mi persona, me gusta narrar historias, por eso traigo una propuesta, ya que en el pasado intentamos contar historias en el proyecto de pleyades radio, el cual se dio por concluido, debido a la falta...
  5. Yes i am here

    Fan-Made Dinosaurs (IDEAS)

    Hey, so... i've made this discussion to see what people would answer.. So... Type as many dinosaurs you would like to have in the game, i'm just curious (ONCE AGAIN) For an Example : Basic Dinosaurs : - Therizinosaurus , (Put comment right after the "," to explain why you'd like to have him in...
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