1. Swizzy o7o7

    New Codex Statistic for Exploration!

    Hi, there. My name is Swizzy o7o7, and I've killed over 100 people in DG2 already! Judging by an average exploration mission, from my current range at a rough 6,000 LY, which is an estimated total of around 100,000,000 credits lost per person, I can rightfully say I've harvested around 10...
  2. Gavin786

    Fix Materials Please!

    Dear Frontier, It is really ludicrous, there is no easy, consistent way to get certain materials. Now it is just impossible to find pharmaceutical isolators and improvised components. The farming of HGE has now been 'nerfed' (3.3.02) without a corresponding balance patch. After the removal...
  3. Swizzy o7o7

    Quadruple Healing Beam Rate!

    Right now, healing beams are under-powered. We can see this, because even with a fully A-rated, engineered Cutter, you can still lose shield generation percentage, EVEN WHEN BEING HEALED. How absurd is that? I should be able to farm engineering materials, merits, credits, SLF pilot rank...
  4. A. P. Samorost

    No material drop from destroyed ships

    o7 CMDRs, does anyone know if it is a feature of a bug that destroyed ship (CZ) do not drop any materials? Important to say that I am not aligned to any side and do not attack anyone. I just wanted to farm some manufactured materials and thought that CZ would be great for that.
  5. Swizzy o7o7

    Engineers Important: Healing Beams Patch Upcoming Update?

    Just checking in with you, Sandro. I'm verifying the fact that FDEV are currently working on a solution for this blatant balance and mechanic exploit. You mentioned your team had plans to apply a fix to healing beams; (regeneration sequence, and concordant sequence), in order to balance it for...
  6. Vendra

    Again - Exquisite Focus Crystals nowhere to be found

    Hey folks and commanders, I am currently farming for my G5 Charge Enhanced Power Distributor and I got everything I need in big loads.. except that damn EFCs. For the past two days I fly around with my Anaconda with passenger cabins or part-time cargo racks. I am driving around several systems...
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