1. O

    [FEATURE REQUEST] Add new coaster features! (Shuttle, Switch track and Drop track and Free-Fall Drop Section)

    Hi, I love playing Planet Coaster and love re-creating real life rides. As we move on coasters and rides are becoming more advanced all the time. Introducing new features such as Shuttle, Switch Track and Drop Track and Free-fall Drop Section. Just look at Expedition Everest or TH13TEEN. It...
  2. Bier00t

    Would love to see that with Odyssey also comes major update/redesign for already existing features

    These are some major setbacks and let downs from the past that could actually be finally finished/fixed. The list is done from my head so please let me know what you think. That would be: possibility of mixing wings with multicrew possibility of using SRVs in multicrew and also for owner of a...
  3. D

    Lack of features

    I recently got the game and yes it's amazing but I feel it lacks a lot compared to RCT3 shops designs are horrible, staff rooms are horrible I get you can customise them but if you want something quick it's not the case. Rollercoasters are also crappy in terms of features I think in every RCT...
  4. GrimCamel

    Promised trailer features

    I've been trying to find out any information about features that seems to be "scrapped" or similar that was promised in trailers and videos prior to release such as the seamless growth but I have not been able to find any developer statement only consumer speculation. I am very dissatisfied with...
  5. Nemesis1

    Interesting thread on Reddit regarding Frontier's current attitude to the game and updates/DLC packs

    Not saying I necessarily agree with everything here, but it certainly does some up a lot of the feelings people have towards Frontier at the moment regarding communication, updates, and the adding of requested features. The game currently has no (just to name a few): -Gerstlauer Infinity...
  6. MAD-7

    Hide local NPC chatter

    Is it possible to do, or possible for on the next update to be able to hide local NPC chatter in comms? Tour vessels, wedding barges, npc's talking to security, etc.
  7. P

    Galnet news

    I love the galnet news. It’s one of my favorite parts of elite. I downloaded a third party app on my phone so I can read the galnet when I’m not online. The only thing I dislike about the galnet is that we only get new news every 2-3 days. The galnet is serving more than 6.6 trillion people, I...
  8. E

    Frontier add EDDB to the game

    I think is about time that Elite made its own EDDB, I'm really surprised that they haven't add it yet. why they haven't done this at this point is beyond me.
  9. E

    [B]Nobody asked for it but we keep getting it.[/B]

    why is it that we keep getting more guardian/thargoids that nobody for the exception of a select few actually like; the whole personal narrative that they keep saying is just a pretty word for GRIND. i think that frontier made a poll asking the players what they would like to see in the...
  10. Yamiks

    [video] The need for more "CONTENT"

  11. A

    Jurassic Safari, 1993 JP theme, missing JP: OG features and some QOL changes.

    I really love JW:E and I can see it was made with a lot of passion and love for the JP franchise, and it's amazing what Frontier did in such short time. During my playthrough however, I found a few things that could be improved/changed, keeping in mind what is actually doable and what could be...
  12. D0lphin

    Quality of Life: When Themes and Mechanics Collide

    JWE has clearly had a lot of love poured into it to make it operate the way it does. The attention to detail is impressive in every respect. Jurassic Park was the reason I started drawing, and later started modeling in 3D. It's my favourite film, and in a roundabout way, it got me into the games...
  13. CMDR Spadino

    QOL Comprehensive Suggestion List

    Why So, I have some features I would like to suggest to improve our overall experience. I know that's almost every serious player in the forum as requests and suggestions so maybe we, as players, should redact a comprehensive list of ideas and suggestion, to be further discussed, to politely...
  14. Phoenix_Dfire

    Race Tracks Anyone?

    Hi All, What do you think of this idea. You'll have seen in some bases (especially the big cities on the planetary surface) have roads which allow SRVs to drive around the city. What do think of creating a few planetary bases which consist of nothing but a large of circuit of this road. It...
  15. Anubite

    What is a Military Interdiction supposed to accomplish?

    I have wondered exactly what the navies are trying to accomplish by pulling you over. They don’t do anything afterwards. Anyone have an idea?
  16. Alphacenturion


    I've seen many posts hoping for what was known in Jurassic Park Operation Genesis (JPOG) as Site-B. For those who don't know what this is its meant to be JPOG's version of the Site-B in the Jurassic park films. In other words you can create an island and watch your dinosaurs roam free and...
  17. Manfriest

    CMDR owned assets management

    Suggested feature - a tool in ship where you can look at all of the ships, modules and assets you own. I think this would be very useful, particularly for CMDRs who have been playing for a while and have collected a lot of stuff. I know you can check in outfitting to see what modules you have...
  18. C

    The Problem with Notoriety (and how to make it work)

    The idea behind notoriety, to allow for player killing to have tangible consequences, is good. Unfortunately, the actual effect of this system is more often than not, less than desirable. The problem with notoriety comes from the fact that the actual system for detecting bounties in the game is...
  19. Sentar

    Tobii Eyetracking features

    Hello everyone. I'm using Tobii Eyetracker 4c for Elite: Dangerous and it's very awesome experience. But it's functionality is very limited in this game in comparison with other games that fully support this device. We can only look around our cockpit. While this device can allow us to search...
  20. B

    Dear Dev's: What's the Long-Term Vision?

    Please don't make this into a "I love/hate Elite" thread. This also isn't meant to be a suggestion thread. Just asking questions and praying that Frontier answers them. I'm currently recovering from my rage quit, but I'm curious about where this game is headed. It seems that I'm not alone...
  21. Giyari

    Exploration, variety, and adding some excitement to the wider galaxy.

    Exploration is fairly monotonous. Jump In > Honk/Scoop > Scan > Jump Out. Jump In > Honk/Scoop > Scan > Jump Out. So on and so forth. It lacks any real variety in tasks despite the huge variations available in ships, and with engineering, module set ups available to Commanders to perform tasks...
  22. CMDR_StarShadows

    Feature request- Ship Thievery

    I had the idea of adding a new feature to the game; ship thievery. It would only be limited to being able to steal NPC ships, and you'd have to steal them by using an SRV while on a planet (Find a ship, drive underneath it, and dock as normal). After stealing the ship, resulting in you leaving...
  23. V

    Long Term Ideas for the Future of ED

    I am unsure if ideas like these have been suggested (or are publicly known as being planned to be added), I thought that they might be interesting ideas that would bring some good gameplay and interactions to Elite Dangerous. I am going to reference Eve Online (even though I did not play the...
  24. T

    Newcomer / Intro My problems as a beginner with ED.

    I really want to like ED, and I have spent good amount of time on it. But I don't have hours and hours and hours to spend doing nothing. As I see it, there is very little value whatsoever to long travel. Once you go from once system to another is the same thing again and again and again...
  25. G

    Ship Interior Exploration/Mechanics & Additional Areas/Account Love

    I've been listening to some of the Elite books on audio book (completed reclamation and currently on tales from the frontier) and they have just been filling my head with ideas for Elite Dangerous! One of the things thats apparent in the books is how vast your ship actually is. Just the other...
  26. F

    Elite Dangerous Friend List - Brasileiros e Portugueses

    Olá pessoal, Por mais que eu queira usar o jogo como ferramenta para melhorar o meu inglês, nada melhor do que conversar livremente na língua nativa. Agora com a possibilidade de criar Listas de amigos dentro do jogo estou fazendo este Post para encontrarmos o maior número de pessoas que...
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