federal corvette

  1. Fosdyke

    Border patrol in Elite Dangerous (Fan Art)

    Breaking formation, keep your eyes open guys!
  2. F

    PvP L'Eggo my EggOmont - Part of a balanced breakfast!

    YouTube Video _ _ Today on MEGA is the META: Scharnhorst comes under attack From 13th Legion. Who will prEvail? _ _ Scharnhorst Vette build used in the video: https://s.orbis.zone/4v7t (Scharnhorst will be renamed to Prinz Eugen soon.) _ _ Song(s) used in the video: Kubbi / Compass...
  3. F

    PvP TT Snek

    YouTube Video Top Tier Snek This time on MEGA is the META: Shinobu Oshino, Scharnhorst, and Relentless take on the TFCB squadron and hEr wingmates. Who will come out on top? _ _ _ Song(s) used in the video: Warhammer 40K: Mechanicus OST - Millennial Rage...
  4. Tiermagath

    PvP Federal Corvette Build Advice

    I need some outside opinions to settle an argument in my head. https://s.orbis.zone/4b3b If the link works, this is my ship and what I'll be doing with it. I designate it as a multi role Combat Vessel able to do anything I need it to; including landing and exploring on planets, haul minor...
  5. F

    PvP FalterXV89 Presents: Chronic Wake Syndrome

    💀 What do you get when a group of "pirates" attacks the, lone 'Gneisenau?' (Thumbnail is Gneisenau, and not Shinobu. Same 'shipfu' as the ship's namesake.) - - - Biweave PVP Corvette used in the video: https://s.orbis.zone/3ma1 - - - Song(s) used in video: Destiny:The Taken King - Last...
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