federal corvette

  1. Herlev

    PvP 2v1 in Deciat with commentary

    Source: https://youtu.be/_r53x5NAz-k
  2. D

    Maybe buff the Corvette a bit? (Small hardpoints have no business on this ship)

    I was a bit surprised to find that my big grind and my big financial and engineering investment lead to a ship that, while still is great, is a tiny bit lacking. After making my way to be able to buy and max it out with the best equipment and fully engineered, I find that there are two things...
  3. 4


    since odyssey is rendering npcs... can you guys please render the npc crew member into the ships co pilot seats. because as it is right now, where is that npc flying the fighters from? doesn’t make any sense. i get that the npc is using tele presence... but come on guys... let’s put the npc in a...
  4. M

    Can't find 8A power plant for Federal Corvette

    Like it says I can't find an 8A power plant for Federal Corvette, even though I have seen it is possible to obtain an 8A power plant for the corvette. Using eddb and roguey I have not found a single 8A power plant but plenty of other 8A components at the same stations. What is going on?
  5. KG_Jedi

    Ship Builds & Load Outs Ships Corvette C3 hardpoint options?

    Good day, Commanders. Looking for an advice on what weapon would be a good complement for my following weapon loadout: "Corvette Build". That build is designed for PvP mostly, but being lazy I am, I will also use it for PvE. Initial idea was to put APA in large slot, engineered with G4...
  6. Fosdyke

    Border patrol in Elite Dangerous (Fan Art)

    Breaking formation, keep your eyes open guys!
  7. F

    PvP L'Eggo my EggOmont - Part of a balanced breakfast!

    YouTube Video _ _ Today on MEGA is the META: Scharnhorst comes under attack From 13th Legion. Who will prEvail? _ _ Scharnhorst Vette build used in the video: https://s.orbis.zone/4v7t (Scharnhorst will be renamed to Prinz Eugen soon.) _ _ Song(s) used in the video: Kubbi / Compass...
  8. F

    PvP TT Snek

    YouTube Video Top Tier Snek This time on MEGA is the META: Shinobu Oshino, Scharnhorst, and Relentless take on the TFCB squadron and hEr wingmates. Who will come out on top? _ _ _ Song(s) used in the video: Warhammer 40K: Mechanicus OST - Millennial Rage...
  9. Tiermagath

    PvP Federal Corvette Build Advice

    I need some outside opinions to settle an argument in my head. https://s.orbis.zone/4b3b If the link works, this is my ship and what I'll be doing with it. I designate it as a multi role Combat Vessel able to do anything I need it to; including landing and exploring on planets, haul minor...
  10. F

    PvP FalterXV89 Presents: Chronic Wake Syndrome

    💀 What do you get when a group of "pirates" attacks the, lone 'Gneisenau?' (Thumbnail is Gneisenau, and not Shinobu. Same 'shipfu' as the ship's namesake.) - - - Biweave PVP Corvette used in the video: https://s.orbis.zone/3ma1 - - - Song(s) used in video: Destiny:The Taken King - Last...
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