1. V

    Fed Rank Grind Status?

    Is station rescue missions still my best bet? I know Sothis and Ceos kind of work still but are incredibly slow because the board flipping, or lack there of.
  2. Cmdr_Ajay31091

    [FEDERATION] 'Vanguard Initiative' CG And Open Escort baattle wing.

    The "Vanguard Initiative".. (squad tag: VNGD) Currently ranked in squadron combat as ( 57th ) this season 😊 We Will stand by to protect and serve all those that seek protection from the 'Vagrant's, theives and lowlifes' that assail all honest and hardworking Pilot's federation members...
  3. CruxMundy

    [FEDERATION] Adnovi Security Holdings - Recruitment Open to All CMDRs

    Fight for the very survival of humanity. Fight for your brothers and sisters. Fight for the Federation. Join the fight alongside Adnovi Security Holdings and the Federation against all threats to the civilizations of the Merope Bubble. Be it domestic, international, or even...
  4. Ratlord74

    rank not recognised

    I have a fed rank of petty officer, but when I go in to some stations it says I don't have the required rank to purchase an assault shop or a drop ship. is this a bug or am I missing something?
  5. D

    Interdicted by federal Navy ship.

    Ok. So I just got back from a 1,000 ly exploration trip, headed to wolf 397 to the trophy camp, and suddenly I was notified by the federation Navy ship that I was being "interdicted under military rules of engagement." My first question is; what does that mean? My second question is; I am allied...
  6. Cmdr Ivo Janssen

    Need help with a Corvette build

    Hi everyone, I am saving (and grinding) for a Federal Corvette. Want to use it PVE and was wondering what is a good built to start with? Was thinking for these few: 1. Class 4 MC and Pulse (or Beam) rest MC turrents 2. Class 4 Pulse and Cannon Class 3 MC rest pulse turrents 3. Two Class...
  7. C

    Fed Rank progression slowing down by 50% - why?

    Hi all, I'm out at Ceos/Sothis doing the grind for a Corvette. I'm Elite ranked explorer and only broker trader, and so I found that the passenger missions to Sirius Atmospherics were more lucrative than running data/cargo trade between stations - going from Lieutenant Commander and Post...
  8. Titler

    Ships Complete My Corvette; Suggestions for PvE Build Please

    Hey folks; I'm currently looking how to finalise my PvE build after the endless engineering changes, and I was wondering what people would suggest...? Here's my current build, and money is no object when buying new parts... A few pointers on what I'm thinking right now. 1.) Missing are a...
  9. Xavi Mendoza

    Corvette Build Advice/Feedback

    Hi. I have just bought my Corvette after a loooooong grind and trying to start another one now (Engineering) :o But before that, I need to decide my builds. I have tried to make some with exp. effects for buff/debuff but need advice/feedback before to start run. Just one wish; trying to make...
  10. Grey Seattleite

    Fix the Federal Corvette

    The Federal Corvette needs a fix, and now is the time to do it. This sounds strange. The ship is big. The ship is shiney. The ship is incredibly popular to grind for. What could possibly be wrong? The game evolved, and the Corvette didn't. Bear with me, or skip to the TLDR at the bottom. The...
  11. A

    Corvette large hardpoint useless?

    Okay so I got the Corvette yesterday after grinding out the rank and all that. I have it fully armed with 2 Class 2 beams, 2 Class 1 beams, 1 Class 3 MC, and 2 Class 4 MC's. But I'm seriously doubting the usefulness of the Class 3 MC because it's on the bottom of the ship, and I don't know what...
  12. CMDR Vic

    CQC - Immersion/Overhaul?

    I've once posted this as a reply to a different post, but thought I'd add it here officially. I haven't gotten to play it much because of how sparsely populated the lobbies are, but I'm a big fan of CQC and believe it's got a lot more potential than people give it credit for. Without going...
  13. ItsDustyBro

    Federal Corvette Combat Build.

    Hi, as the title states I'm looking for advice on what the current best federal corvette combat build would be for bounty hunting npcs. I haven't been on for probably about 8 months or longer so I'm just curious what the new beat builds May be. Also I'm playing on Xbox so I'm not sure how much...
  14. R

    Ships Fer-de-Lance Vs FAS

    I currently have an A-Rated FAS. I really enjoy it as a full on fighter. It was the first real expensive ship I ever bought and I used it extensively for bounty hunting and undermining in power play. I was thinking about selling it and upgrading to a Fer-de-Lance, but I worry it wont feel like...
  15. S

    Please help with planetary landing missions?!?!

    Hi all, I hope I'm posting in the right area for this, I don't use forums in general much. I took out my first mission that involved landing on a planet and deploying the SRV. I had to scan something in a base. My friend told me that I had to disable gun turrets to get anywhere near the thing I...
  16. n13L5

    Whats the laziest ship to use for staying in CNB's for an hour or so to bounty hunt?

    I looked at a bunch of threads why Python overheats for no apparent reason, which gave me some clues, but some questions remained unanswered... (I haven't played since reputation decay got added to the game. 1.4, I think?) Issue: fighting a single Cobra for 1 minute in a CNB (pretty close to...
  17. S

    Multi-Crew Questions and Issues (With FGS advice appreciated)

    Hey everyone, I just bought a FGS and was trying to multi-crew with my two friends who play ED. I have a size 6 SLF hanger and two SLFs, but I could only invite one person to my crew. Reddit threads from the 2.2 beta prior to SLF release mentions you can have two humans pilot your SLFs. Did the...
  18. I

    Ships Viability (and fun) of a stealth/sniper ship?

    One thing that I'm somewhat disappointed in with Elite is that there isn't any deeper stealth mechanics in spaceflight. There have been some great books that cover this; Cloak of War is the most recent one I've read that handles stealth SPECTACULARLY in space. I recently got my end-game goal...
  19. G

    Ships 2.4 Corvette Build advice/doubts

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening fellow Commanders Since short I have a Federal Corvette. For the most part I got no problems to build it. But I kinda am doubting what to do depending on it's purpose how to build my shields and Armour. My Clan has given me decent advice, but I decided to listen...
  20. ebbrell

    federal corvette jump range

    I have mentioned the range before when i wanted a corvette. since i have managed to buy one. This is when it gets silly. i bought one in LHS 28 to get 15% discount, but the default equipment and jump range is so low i couldn't jump out of the system in a direction i wanted. i ended up...
  21. M

    A Hypnotic Twilight (Flight Assist Off)

    After a few months away from the game, I decide that the best way to knock off the rust is with some canyon flying, FAO, external camera action. This approach was only somewhat effective... but made for a relaxing flight either way. Apologies for the few random "signal loss" faded camera...
  22. M

    upgrade Iperial Cutter and Federal Corvet

    Today it is not comfortable but getting requires a lot of work. A small change which will make the ships more pleasant For Imperial Cutter -improve maneuverability to level Anaconda For Federal Corvet - remove one optional slot 7 replace one optional slot 7...
  23. M

    Elite Dangerous Mac

    Hello Ive just downloaded Elite Dangerous Standard Beta. It is only a windows version. The website says the mac version will be released 3 months after the windows version release. It will be a native app or a wine/crossover based solution. Anyway, if the developers need any beta testing the...
  24. Profster

    Can Elite be played Bootcamped Mac Air?

    I have a 2013 Mac Air with 4GB RAM and was wondering if anyone out there has had any luck running the Alpha via bootcamp with one of these. I thought I saw a thread somewhere a while back where someone said they'd managed to do this. If anyone did, how was the expierience? Any tips on...
  25. A

    Mac Version of ED

    Apple Mac just a quick question not sure if it been covered sorry if it has. Q when the mac version comes out will you be able to mix with pc players? see as now days there basically the same thing with different os and you just get charged more for a pretty case lol
  26. M

    Cloud Saves / All OS one purchase

    I did a search but couldnt find an answer on the second part on the forums I have two very powerful Mac's which run.. pretty much everything in Bootcamp. So I could buy ED early and play on the PC.. but my preference is of course my chosen OS, MacOS If I buy ED when it comes out does that...
  27. Asp Explorer

    The Joystick/Controller discussion thread

    Joystick waggling! My X52 Pro and pedals arrived today - woo! I am fairly impressed with the hardware, it's solid and seems well made. Unfortunately it doesn't click, and the old trick of holding the base and waggling the joystick has got me absolutely nowhere in Daley Thompsons Decathlon :(...
  28. yeehi

    Hardware & Technical Your Ideal Operating System for Elite: Dangerous

    Elite:Dangerous is going to run on Windows and Mac, for sure. One hopes that it will be able to run on other operating systems, too. Were it possible for Elite:Dangerous to run on any OS, which one would you mainly use? Please answer the poll. Some games, eg Battlefield 3, can be played in...
  29. S

    The FFED3D Thread

    UPDATE: Download for current version here: Official Russian pack. FFE D3D (1.12b+) (v.1: 04nov2009) 150Mb: http://www.elite-games.ru/conference/viewtopic.php?t=50657 NEW DL Link - 3 part archive 24/05/2011 http://www.elite-games.ru/conference/viewtopic.php?t=54998 This looks like something...
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