1. ZaCLoNe


    Can we get a focused/definitive answer into the purpose of grinding out rank besides for ships/system permits? Specifically, the point of grinding to King/Admiral? Is there a team/focus group looking into addressing this, currently, arbitrary feature? Proposed ideas upon gaining/maxing rank...
  2. Aasgard

    Fed rep decay too fast?

    Has anyone else had their Federation rep decay faster than they can run missions? I ran 12 missions today for Federation factions and my Fed Rep went from 83% to 82%, over approximately 1hr of play today. The same happened yesterday, 20 missions over 2hrs of play = 84% to 83% rep. Anyone else...
  3. S

    Federal Ships a let-down?

    Maybe I'm just missing something, maybe there are folks in agreeance with me... or maybe people vehemently disagree... but here's my gripe: I've acquired a Fer-de-Lance (FdL), way before I even bothered to put effort into advancing through the Federation Navy ranks. However, recently I've...
  4. D

    RCT 3 PC Help please

    I have recently purchased the rollercoaster tycoon deluxe edition from M.A.D and when installing it asks me for a hey code which i cannot find anywhere.
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