1. Bounder

    In The Black

    ..anyone else following this? Looks like they made a game specially for me! https://intheblack.gg/ • you get to pilot your own ship for real (not just canned FX like ED) • obeys all 3 laws of motion with full 6DoF (unlike ED) • devs understand that flying spaceships is fun because it's...
  2. Gernot

    Open FFED3D thread

    Disclaimer: I don't like to counteract i just like to keep other threads clean. Reasons why i started this: - I'm very generous about topic because i'm known for posting often off topic anywhere i'm present in the web, post whatever you like which might be even only losely related to FFED3D...
  3. Gernot

    Elite / Frontier FFE and Gravis Ultrasound

    I didn't found something here i didn't found something on vogons and neither in the web, but FFE didn't recognizes GUS properly maybe some dude knows how to fix this? Sure using a a virtual midisynth and a recent soundfont sounds better as GUS but i would like to use it for completeness, some...
  4. AndyJ

    The FFED3DAJ Thread

    Welcome Commander! So what is this FFED3DAJ thing then & how to install it? First of all, FFED3DAJ is not a stand-alone game that will run 'out of the box' - it's a continuation of the FFED3D project and aims to stabilize it, fix the outstanding issues and to add further enhancements. The aim...
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