1. tokachy


    Cordial saludos amigos se que muchos de ustedes tienen pasión por contar historias, al igual que mi persona, me gusta narrar historias, por eso traigo una propuesta, ya que en el pasado intentamos contar historias en el proyecto de pleyades radio, el cual se dio por concluido, debido a la falta...
  2. F

    Latest From The Fuel Scoop - The Butcher Of Upsilon Aquarii

    After a shady meeting with one of the most groundbreaking driectors in the galaxy, The Fuel Scoop can finally bring you the chilling and salacious story surrounding the controversy of Upsilon Aquarii...
  3. Camisade

    Heroism in HIP 17692

    Dateline: The Galactic Enquirer. January 15th, 3304. Blackmount Orbital, HIP 17692, Pleiades sector. “War,” Winters once famously said, “brings out the worst and the best in people.” Nowhere today is that more evident than in the space around Blackmount Orbital. The heroism and...
  4. Camisade

    The “Thargoid Threat” is Fake News!

    The “Thargoid Threat” is Fake News! The Galactic Enquirer. Dateline: January 4th, 3304. Agricola's Ascent, Pleiades Sector DL-Y d65. The Agricola's Ascent orbital is crowded these days. One can’t walk anywhere without bumping into packs of feral billionaires who have flocked to the Pleiades...
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