1. B

    Grizzlys Fighting due to overcrowding

    I hope someone over here can help me. I play a sandbox game (to not play with money) but i would like to keep things as realistically as possible. I don't want to disable certain animal behaviours since it is just part of what they are. Coming to the issue. i have made a Grizzly habitat, with...
  2. P

    Dinosaurs Could we have the majungasaurus fight to kill members of their species if their food need is low?

    I think the majungasaurus is the only dinosaur in the game that has been noted to show traces of cannibalism from fossil recordings. To make this late game dinosaur more interesting, could we have it that the majungasaurus to initiate death fights if they are in the red in their hunger meter...
  3. Shyrahja

    Alpha and Matriarch fights are too extrem

    Hiya, Love the AI and the amount of detail that went into it, I just wish the game wasn't as harsh when it comes to animals getting more than 1 male/female in their habitat which makes them fight. My biggest issue are species that only allow a single male with tons of females, especially with...
  4. M

    PvP Duck Hunt: Dangerous

    For countless generations, once a year, clan tradition dictates we gather together for the annual Wilderness Duck Hunt. The custom is alive and well in the year 3304... This one's for Grandpa. o7
  5. M

    Immersive Comms (Flight Assist Off)

    u/an_angry_gippo (on reddit) posted a great concept of radio chatter in a conflict zone that really adds to the sense of immersion. This inspired me to share an inside look into the highly professional comms chatter between members of the Screaming Eagles during a recent wing fight... Link to...
  6. Kari

    PvP Masters of escapes!

    I hate combat logging. In all games. I always fight until the end :) Combat logging = no skills, no spine, no reason .. always lose. Death is honorable ending of pvp, retreat is tactic and winning is satisfying reward.. i've never had a draw :) So .. enough of combat logging - that's why i...
  7. Nithingale

    An important civil war is coming, and we are looking for players ready to fight !

    Greetings Commanders, I come to you on behalf of the faction Foyama Novingo Startourism, from the system GD 140. Tomorrow will be an historic day for us, as we are going to conflict the leading faction of the system. We were waiting this moment for about a year, and it will now happen. We are...
  8. T

    Question about fighting Thargoids with multiple wings

    o7 xbox Cmdrs, I have a problem during fight with Thargoids : - When we fight Thargoid (threat 5) in the Pleiades with 1 wing of 4 pilots = All is working as intended. - When we fight Thargoid (threat 5 or 6 and 7) in the Pleiades with 2 wings of 4 pilots = The Thargoid dosn't take all the...
  9. M

    PvP Letter of Marque - Powerplay Mercenary Work (Flight Assist Off)

    Not long ago, the Screaming Eagles were offered a "Letter of Marque" from an Imperial group to get involved in a bit of Powerplay activity. Tonight, we took our first engagement as I joined two of their members for a fun skirmish in the Miroman system. Great fight to pilots on all sides. o7...
  10. BennyBoyW

    The Death Thread

    OK - so I was a bit miffed yesterday when I launched from station for the first time only to find the station disappear on me and my ship crashing into the (invisible) letterbox - obviously I had no idea what the rotation of the letterbox was at the time as it was invisible. So - I went into my...
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